Fix Airpods Issues: Cracking Audio, Popping Sound, Buzzing & Static Noises

Airpods Issues

Well, whether you guys have noticed cracking audio and also static noise in your AirPods/Beats headphones, so then here we can say you that you’re not alone! So then don’t be a worry. Here you will learn the way to Fix Airpods Issues: Cracking Audio, Popping Sound, Buzzing & Static Noises Fix Airpods Issues: Cracking Audio, Popping Sound, Buzzing &

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iMovie Split Screen: How To Create Effect In iMovie On Mac

iMovie Split Screen

Here are the guidelines that will help you to create an effect in iMovie Split Screen. Then you can also create movies using iMovie. You can also use this tool on Mac and iOS. Then whether you are also using an existing video or by arranging the photos. So, that you can also tell that any type of story with the

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QuickTime Screen Recording Window _Record Part Of Screen

QuickTime Screen Recording Window

So, the QuickTime Screen Recording Window helps you to record the part of your mac screen. This is app is also comes pre-installed. Then QuickTime is one of the apps that come pre-installed that is in the macOS operating system. Now, the power of every Mac. Then sadly, it can also despite that how powerful it is. Then it can

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AirPod Pro Controls: Ways To Use Force Sensing Controls

AirPod Pro Controls

So, the AirPod Pro controls also offers more customization options. It can then get your non-pro AirPod earphones to thanks to a force sensor. This is to the built into each of the stems enabling physical control. Now, we are also going to teach you how to use AirPod Pro controls to navigate your music. This is as well as

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Why jailbreak Apple Tv? What Are The Benefits of Jailbreak?

jailbreak Apple Tv

Most people have no ideas that why to jailbreak Apple Tv. Also, Apple has always stated that the Apple TV is more of a “hobby” device. So, that it can then get a mainstream one that it is as its popularity level. Then it is not even on the radar that can also compare this to hits like the iPhone, iPad,

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Fix Crashing Apps on iPhone and iPad: Tutorial

Crashing Apps

However, iPhone and iPad applications are the application that is normally very stable. Occasionally you will experience an app that is also able to crash at random. So in iOS, a crashing apps normally presents as an app that just seems to quit itself instinctively. Returning back to the Home Screen of the device without utilizer purpose. Although an application

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Notes On Apple Watch: Some Of The Best Free Notes Apps

Notes On Apple Watch

Now, you don’t need to add notes on your mobile notepad because apple watch allows you to add Notes On Apple Watch. Here are some apps! This is by using your Apple Watch for taking the notes that make you perfect sense. The reason is that it is right on your wrist. It is also possible that jot down something

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Ways To Extract Audio From Video On Mac _Guide

extract audio from video on mac

You can now Extract Audio From Video On Mac devices. Did you ever record the video with your iOS device? So, that it can capture the sound. Are we not concerned about the picture? This may be that if you have a video that this is of something where the audio is just as memorable. Now, it would also like

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What Are The Best Clear iPhone 11/Pro Cases?

Best Clear iPhone 11/Pro Cases

Here are some of the Best Clear iPhone 11/pro Cases also the 11 Pro. This is with the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.  Also, Apple has introduced a redesign that it is for the iPhone lineup. In this such as most of the most popular case makers out there already have options in order to

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