19 Advantageous Mac Startup Keyboard shortcuts you should know

Mac StartupWell, Guys! Just for those of you who also have pondered about the too many ways you are able to also start up your Mac. However, here is a list of the Mac startup keyboard shortcuts that you are able to also plead with in order to access difficult macOS features. Similarly, they are just available at the start time.

In most instances, your Mac only works—till it refuses in order to start up accurately due to an unexpected system error, also a misbehaving application, a broken system component & whatnot. Far off system errors, various people have various needs when it comes to booting up their PC.

19 Advantageous Mac Startup Keyboard shortcuts you should know

Like you could be just a pro user who dual starts b/w the macOS & Windows routinely. Further might be pondering about booting a Mac simply from a disk other than their designated startup disk. Probably you are also looking for isolating the cause of a software problem in the macOS Safe Mode. Or start simply straight into Recovery OS as the last option?

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Mac startup key combinations

For starting your Intel-based Mac just into any of the macOS incorporated startup modes, so then you must have to press & hold more keys that are detailed below after enabling the PC. You have to just press the keys instantly just after hearing the startup sound, though unless on the other hand specified.

  • Standardly reboot: Power (⎋)
  • Start from CD/DVD: C
  • Startup Manager: Option (⌥)
  • Single-User Mode: Command (⌘)—S
  • Target Disk Mode: T
  • Verbose Mode: Command (⌘)—V
  • Safe Mode: Shift (⇧)
  • Recovery OS: Command (⌘)—R
  • Internet Recovery OS: Command (⌘)—Option (⌥)—R
  • Apple Hardware Test: D
  • Apple Hardware Test over the Internet: Option (⌥)—D
  • Start from NetBoot server: N
  • Start from the NetBoot server just by using the default image: Option (⌥)—N
  • Put out the removable media: Media EjectF12, mouse button, or trackpad button
  • macOS Startup Volume: X will boot up your Mac from a macOS startup volume when it would on the other hand start from a non-macOS volume, such as a Windows partition
  • Stop Login Items from the opening: In order to override your recent settings and also stop the Login Items & also Finder windows simply from your last session only from opening when you log in, you have to then hold down the Shift (⇧) key after tapping the login button. Simply in the macOS login window till the desktop visible.
  • Stop the automatic login: Whether you guys turned on the option to concurrently log a specific macOS account each and every time your Mac boots up. You are also able to override this setting just by holding the left Shift (⇧) key after the macOS start progress indicator appears.
  • Reset PRAM/NVRAM: Command (⌘)—Option (⌥)—P—R, you have to now disclose the keys just after you hear the startup sound for a second time
  • Reset SMC: Here you must close your Mac, next press, and also hold the left-side Shift (⇧)—Control (⌃)—Option keys just through with the Power (⎋) button. At the time, till the PC. enables. Now you must have to release the keys and then enable your Mac back just by using the power button.

Further keyboard shortcuts are also available simply after your Mac has boot up.

Well, guys our proceeding tutorial series also has covered too many Mac startup modes thus far. In order to learn furthermore about many of them.

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Startup key combos not registering?

On definite Mac notebook models, similarly, the startup key combos probably fail to register in definite conditions. For example, whether you own an early-2015 twelve-inch MacBook model & also have the Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard connected to it. So guys then these key combinations won’t work on your wireless keyboard.

However, the solution could not be simpler: in order to use the MacBook’s incorporated keyboard in order to get to Startup Manager, Recovery Mode, Single User Mode, Safe Mode & further features that are also available at the start time.

Some other options: Well, hook up any standard USB keyboard just to your Mac through a USB-C adapter.

The startup chime as a troubleshooting aspect

Well, guys, you should not change the volume all the way down just before rebooting your Mac.

However, hearing startup tones excluding the familiar startup chord simply are the first step in discovering what probably be causing hiccups, however, that your computer is encountering.

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Well, guys, I hope that you like the guide. If you have any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below. I will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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