3D Tweak: Few 3D Touch Jailbreak Tweaks You Should Try

3D Tweak

Here are some of the 3D Tweak that is used to jailbreak. The 3D Touch is also a flagship of the new feature of Apple’s iPhone 6s handset. So, this is also a part of the display that is capable of capturing forceful touches. This can also perform the actions that are based on how firmly you are pressing. Also, Apple has done a great job in creating a range of features. So, this is throughout iOS that take advantage of this display technology.

This is for those that also feel iOS and leaves a lot to be desired. Now, the jailbreak community has also come up with a variety of new uses for 3D Touch.  Did your iPhone supports 3D Touch or not? So, in this roundup, we are also going to show you there are several tweaks. After that, we also think really help and compliment the 3D Touch experience on a jailbroken iPhone.

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3D Tweak: Few 3D Touch jailbreak tweak

So, These won’t use any of the specific order. In this case, these are my personal favorite jailbreak tweaks. This can also utilize the iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch display that is in creative new ways.

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Tether 3D Tweak – $0.99

So, When I first saw Tether then it was something of creative genius. At that time I wanted to try immediately. Due to this, I use the 3D Touch display then it can also let you configure an alarm. The reminder or calendar event is based on the time you choose. If you can also use the 3D Touch anywhere on the Home screen. So, you can also drag around to select a time.

3D Tweak

In this case, the tweak is also very unique and original. This is also having a very distinct and simplistic interface. So, that this can also draw the eyes and in your mind’s curiosity. However, the function of the tweak is relatively simple. So, we have found the user interface of the tweak that is intuitive and fun to use.

The Tether 3d tweak is $0.99 in Cydia’s BigBoss repository. So, goes over how the tweak works and how to use it.

Snakebite 3D Tweak – $0.99

The Multitasking tweak is always interesting from the day I started jailbreaking also if Snakebite came out. In this case, my response was not different. This is also very unique about Snakebite and this is how to utilizes the 3D Touch display on your iPhone 6s. It will also let you quickly get to all your favorite. So, the recently-used apps on the left side of the screen.

3D Tweak

The Snakebite does not require 3D Touch. In case, if you don’t have a 3D Touch display. So, you can also use a different gesture. Apart from this, the point is a really good tweak that takes advantage of the 3D Touch display. Now, I would also recommend this by giving it a try if you haven’t already. Also, the Snakebite, which is $0.99 in Cydia’s BigBoss repository. Then we take you through how to use it and what it can do, so check that out too.

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The 3D Touch Notifications – $1.49

If I stumble upon the 3D Touch Notifications then I was amazed to realize that Apple didn’t have this feature implemented in iOS 9 already. Then after installing it, I was sure that this was something Apple needed to, or would. You have to add this in a future iOS 9 update. Now, the tweak also lets you peek and pop your incoming notifications that are from the Lock screen or Notification Center. After that, you can also press this firmly on your screen. You can also drag up slightly to reveal a whole conversation history for Messages, Mail, and other supported apps. After that, you can also perform actions, such as replying, marking as read, and more.


In this case, the tweak will also work on non-3D Touch iOS devices. Then you have to use a tweak called reveal Menu to do this. So, for more information on how the 3D Touch Notifications work that is free in Cydia’s BigBoss repository. This can also require you to purchase a $1.49 license.

The Forcy 3d Tweak – Free

So, the Forcy is a must-have jailbreak tweak. This is for anyone who has a non-3D Touch iPhone. Now, this also wants to take advantage of 3D Touch Quick Actions that are from the Home screen.

Now, these tweaks also make it to tap and then hold on to the app icon. You have to reveal the Quick Action menus that you would normally only see. In case, if you had a 3D Touch display. This could also press firmly on individual app icons on your Home screen.


Also, the Forcy app incompatible with a wide variety of aftermarket 3D Touch jailbreak tweaks. So, we will also discuss this in the post and if you don’t have a 3D Touch display. Then this is also having a great way to still take advantage of those features.

More information about Forcy is that it is a free download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

The Other important notices to check out:

Moreover,  there are also some of the other good jailbreak tweaks in Cydia. So, that can utilize the new 3D Touch gestures that are built into new iPhones. Then here are some of the additional tweaks, apart from my personal favorites. This is also possible that it is interested in taking a peek at:

3D Tweak to Clear Notifications – Free

The 3D Touch tweak to Clear Notifications is a tweak that brings the Apple Watch-like functionality. By using the 3D Touch gesture in Notification Center. You have to clear all of your notifications to the iPhone.

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The Appendix 3d Tweak – Free

The Appendix also allows you to use the 3D Touch on folder icons that are from your Home screen. You have to reveal a Quick Action menu full of the first four apps within the folder.


The Calculator Copy – Free

The Calculator Copy also brings the ability to press firmly on your Calculator app icon. So, that you can reveal the Quick Action. This is for copying your last result to jailbroken devices. Also, this feature launch with iOS 9.3, and is currently in the beta releases.

A Cam Touch – Free

A Cam Touch is also a tweak that also uses the Unlim Shortcuts tweak. You have to provide you with the additional camera options in the 3D Touch Quick Action menu. If you press firmly on the Camera app icon using your Home screen. Then those options also include this by taking a panorama and also recording video in time-lapse mode.


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A Grams – $0.99

A Grams is also a tweak that also lets you utilize your 3D Touch display. You have to measure the weight of light objects weighing up to 385 grams. Now, the tweak also requires the use of a capacitative object. As such as a spoon can also give you accurate weight amounts for certain items.

The Point-And-Shoot 3d Tweak – Free

A Point-And-Shoot is also a tweak that uses the 3D Touch Quick Actions menu of the Camera app icon. This is also available on the Home screen to act as a viewfinder and make it very easy. You have to snap photos or record videos that are without having to actually launch the app.

point and foot

The Reveal Menu – Free

A Reveal Menu app is just like Forcy. This is a jailbreak tweak that is capable of bringing 3D Touch-like functionality to older iOS devices. So, you don’t have a 3D Touch display. Also, this means to enable the Quick Actions and then Peek-and-Pop functionality. Now, throughout the iOS with the use of touch screen gestures instead of firm presses.

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A Tactful – Free

The tactful app also allows you to use the 3D Touch on the Cydia app icon. You have to reveal the Quick Action options. This is as refreshing all your sources, by adding a new source, viewing your recent Cydia installations. Now, this is even searching the Cydia Store for new packages.

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So, there is a lot of 3D Touch jailbreak tweaks in Cydia. These tweaks are worth checking out. Also, there are some of the paid and some are free. Then see that how third parties can also take advantage of features. Now, Apple would otherwise have a lockdown on a non-jailbroken device that is not only inspiring. You have to hopeful in one day Apple will also add some of these features to iOS themselves for everyone to use.

So, were there any of the great 3D Touch tweaks that we missed that you enjoy? If so then share us in the comments!

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