A Complete Review On Avast Secure Browser

What do you know about Avast Secure Browser? Chrome is one of the most commonly used browsers. Roundabout 60% to 65% of web users use Chrome as their default browser. So we can say that it the most targeted browser in the world by many hackers.

Well, there are many browsers that promised to be a “more secure” browser than others. Some examples include the DuckDuckGo, Tor browser, and many others.

Avast is a well-known browser for its trusted antivirus software app. Also, it offers its own secure or safe browser. But do you think it really provides a secure browsing experience?

What do you know about Avast Secure Browser?

Avast Secure Browser was designed by Avast on the Chromium platform. It means that the browser Avast provides you access to your bookmarks, Chrome account, and many other browser-based access features that are related to your Chrome account.

What it can’t offer are most of the whistles or bells that tend to fen down the Chrome browser. However, it means that the Avast secure browser is very secure and very faster than Chrome. In this guide, you’ll learn many things about the functionality of browsers and whether it’s as secure and private as they promised.

How To Install Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser

You can download or install the Avast browser for either Mac or Windows, and there’s also an android version available for Android.

You can install it after tapping on the link given above as a free standalone app. It comes when people buy other Avast security products.

When the setup completes, you can then keep all default settings by choosing Finish setup, or select Customize setup to fine-tune settings.

Setup preferences include:

  • Adding a shortcut on the taskbar, desktop, and start menu
  • You can make it default browser
  • Default language
  • Importing cookies, bookmarks, and settings from your default browser
  • Automatically launch when the PC starts
  • Check to view if Avast is the default browser on startup

You can also modify the Import bookmarks and settings browser selection by input secure://settings/importData into the given URL field of the Avast secure browser.

The browser that supports Avast is Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Also, you can import bookmarks from an HTML file if you want to.

How To Use Avast Secure Browser

After using Avast secure browser doesn’t feel different than using Chrome. Well, it is unlike other browsers that provide different experiences or user interfaces and based on the Chromium platform.

Avast menu icon location, bookmark placement, and also the settings and menu systems appear nearly similar to Chrome. The major difference is that you’ll check the Security & Privacy Center icon appears by default located near the addons menu.

Whenever you open the Settings menu, you’ll view everything there is similar to your Chrome browser settings as well. Besides browsers like Chromium-based Vivaldi where experts created their own customized settings menu, the developers of Avast can’t add a whole lot here.

The only difference you might check is the Security & Privacy Center launch item located at the top of the menu.

From the main browser window, you’ll check some features added by default.

  • Avast Ad-block:  Avast’s answer to the user’s requirement who dislike ads. This feature Adblock supports third-party filters, dynamic filtering rules, custom filters, and whitelists.
  • Hack Check: Uses Avast’s stolen emails database or Pwned Passwords technology to view the email addresses you use for potential password leaks.

The earlier versions of the Avast secure browser had some default extensions also installed by default. The new installation as of April 2020 has no extra extensions installed.

You can also confirm this after installation by input secure://extensions/ into the URL field.

Avast Privacy & Security

Avast Privacy & Security

It seems that the only major build on top of the Chromium platform is privacy or security features. Also, you find these by choosing the Security & Privacy Center icon located at the top right corner of the main window.

From the Security & Privacy Center, you’ll then view a list of features (some turned on and others turned off by default). You’ll also check turned off features that you can only turn on after installing free downloads.


  • Free Download Avast Antivirus: Install or download Avast’s popular antivirus app to your PC. The browser combines with Avast’s antivirus software or Avast SecureLine VPN (subscription-based).
  • Free Download Bank Mode: Opens an encrypted or separate browser session inside a virtual desktop to secure hackers that probably infected your computer from stealing login details. Good for logging into your bank or makes online purchases.
  • Avast SecureLine VPN (Free Download): It is a subscription-based service with a free trial of 7-day that makes a secure, encrypted, and anonymous connection to the internet.
  • Block Advertising Networks: It blocks advertising networks from detecting your browser and PC configuration and from viewing your browsing history.
  • Adblock: Secure ads from showing on web pages that you frequently visit. Also, it blocks any background scriptings lots of ads attempt to launch. This feature is turned on by default.
  • Anti-Phishing: Secures you from inadvertently tapping any harmful download inside a phishing email. If you try to tap on that link, Avast will secure the download from occurring.
  • Blocks tracking activities (Anti-Tracking): The features block tracking activities simply by web analytics scripts, advertising networks, and many cloud services that try to track internet user behavior.
  • Stealth Mode: Head over to your new browser window that can’t keep any browser history or tracking cookies whenever you browse.

Additional Security Features

If you move down in the Security & Privacy Center you’ll then view the following extra features.

  • HTTPS Encryption: It forces the use of HTTPS connections with different websites. Chrome normally displays a warning message when a site isn’t HTTPS encrypted also some online sites today are so this feature is not as essential as it once was.
  • Store Passwords: Saves your passwords in an encrypted form. This allows you to automatically log into any website and you only want to remember the one password for the password manager.
  • Extension Saver: This amazing feature will block you if you ever attempt to install suspicious or doubtful browser plugins or add-ons.
  • Privacy Cleaner: Scans and erases any adware you currently have on your PC. Also, it’ll block any extra adware.
  • Guard Webcam: Blocks any apps or viruses from turning on your PCs webcam without your confirmation.
  • Hack Check: The features provide you a report about whether your mail address has been potentially leaked by any third-party services or websites.

Ad-Block & Hack Check

Ad-Block & Hack Check

Two features that are the most essential in this browser are the adblocking or hack check features.

Hack Check is the most powerful tool that automatically displays a warning message whenever you’re logging into your accounts. But some interesting feature is the manual email search.

You can input in any of your email addresses and get a full “leaked” report. It displays a list of websites where you’ve used that email before and whether the password for those services was ever leaked. The browser uses a database that displays which email addresses display up on hacker lists in the dark web.

If you view a notification you should modify your email password quickly. Also, choose the tab See All Leaks. Use this list to identify or check sites where you should modify your password or remove your account if you no longer use the service.

In our testing, it did an amazing job blocking ads on some of the websites that are the terrific ad offenders. Those sites loaded within few seconds rather than minutes.

Secondly, the settings you use to customize ad-blocking behavior are extensive. You can also customize the ad-blocking in the following methods.

  • You can use placeholders where ads would normally be
  • Show total ads that were blocked
  • Ignore blocking context menu scripting
  • Block pop-up ads that block content
  • Turn on cloud support which keeps your settings saved on the cloud for use on other PCs

The Avast Adblock feature looks more user friendly or customizable than lots of the other adblocking services out there.

Avast Secure Browser Is Fast Or Not

Avast said that it is one of the fastest, specifically when ad-blocking and other security features are turned on.

But in reality, Avast might be one of the slower browsers. Conducting many browser tests using Speed Battle, Avast ran quite slower than Vivaldi, Chrome, and Firefox.

Is Avast Secure Browser Much Better Than Chrome?

Avast Secure Browser is the best performer when it comes to secure yourself against being tracked online. This is quite true once you subscribe to the VPN service.

Most browsers lack many unique features that Avast offers, such as anti-fingerprinting or bank mode. The feature anti-phishing is very powerful for those who are vulnerable to phishing attacks.

Well, with that additional privacy or security features, there are tradeoffs:

  • Slight performance reduction (likely due to extra security filtering)
  • You can’t uninstall default extensions built into the browser
  • It lacks access to the Chrome ecosystem, such as frequent Chrome patches and Chrome specific extensions

However, lots of the things you might miss from Chrome or other mainstream browsers is what makes Avast a more reliable and private browser. So when the folks at Avast maintain a frequent or consistent patching cycle, this is the browser that any security-minded users should take seriously.


Here is a complete review of the Avast Secure Browser. So if you want to share anything regarding this article then let us know below!

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