A Complete Review On NFC Tag Ideas

Are you looking for the best NFC tag ideas? Well, lots of people believe, the use of these NFC tags that are limited to Apple Pay, Android Pay, and small automation tasks such as modifying your mobile settings. I believe that it depends on the creativity of a person. Therefore in this article, I have made a list of the best uses of NFC Tags. Come let’s have a look:

Before we start

If you know about NFC tags then dive down below or skip this section. But if you don’t, it’s important to know that technology to use it effectively.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a technology that is used to share data between two NFC compatible devices. They preferably kept at a distance of 4 cm or less. It’s quite identical to Bluetooth, however, besides Bluetooth, there is no pairing process and you can then use NFC for Mobile Payments (such as Android Pay).

If you like to find out whether your mobile is compatible with NFC, you can either do an easy Google search or look up your mobile specs on GSMArena.

Another amazing app of this technology is NFC Tags. They are commonly available in different sizes, shapes, and memory. However, these Tags are not bigger than a coin and can hold a few KB of data. Also, they are rewritable which means that you can use the same program or tags them to do whatever you want.

NFC Tag Ideas

Automate Sleep Mode Via NFC

Automate Sleep Mode Via NFC

Using Apps such as NFC Tools, you can simply program the NFC Tags to disable Wi-Fi, disable Bluetooth, enable silent profile, and then open the alarm app for the sleep mode. You can then put the ‘NFC tag’ near your bed.

I use this for two reasons, first, it stores battery and secondly, it ensures the best night’s sleep. If you want, you can then program the NFC tag to toggle the setting in the morning. So whenever you get up, you can then reverse the modification with a single click. Not only that, there are lots of other apps that you can use on your mobile to use NFC tags to their full potential.

NFC Tag Ideas – Set Kitchen Timers

I love to cook in the kitchen and the most important thing is the timer function on the iPhone. You can use an NFC tag in the kitchen to simplify the process. I just want to click the iPhone on the tag and the timer begins right away.

Run Siri Shortcuts On iPhone Via NFC Tag

Run Siri Shortcuts On iPhone Via NFC Tag

Siri Shortcuts is one of my most favorite features on the iPhone as it opens up the gate to so lots of new possibilities that are otherwise, out of the question. You can also execute those shortcuts automatically. Just use an external trigger like NFC and it would run the command flawlessly. For example, you can also use or set a shortcut to execute and play your favorite film on Apple TV whenever you click on the NFC tag that you’ve stuck to the TV cabinet.

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Use NFC to Plug Bluetooth Device

After the loss of the headphone jack, Bluetooth accessories are very common. But the issue with Bluetooth devices is the hard pairing process, which kills the mood. However, lots of Bluetooth devices these days, offers inbuilt NFC, in case yours don’t, you can resolve that with NFC tags.

Apps such as BT tag writer can save the pairing information in NFC tags and then put the tags near speakers. Now when you like to play music just click the tags and you are easily plugged within seconds.

Pay Bills Via NFC

Pay Bills Via NFC

Although bill payment is the big function of NFC it still deserves to be added to this list, as it’s essential. You don’t need to carry your purse, with NFC PayPass you can also pay directly from your NFC enabled mobiles. However, the merchant can’t access your bank account or credit card.

There are lots of Stores in Japan, the US, and also India, that are now accepting NFC payment.

Track Your Car mileage

You can also monitor your car mileage and then calculate your budget with the help of the MyLog mileage logbook. This application work with NFC tags, which you can put in your car and calculate your daily mileage or cost of your vehicle.

Use NFC In Your Car

Simply program NFC tags to open Google Maps, enable the Bluetooth, plug your mobile into your entertainment system while disabling the Wi-Fi. And similarly, move back to the modification before you leave the car.

Use NFC To Use Smart Alarm

Use NFC To Use Smart Alarm

If you try to get out of your bed, then try this. Using applications such as Sleep as Android you can then set an alarm that can only go OFF whenever you scan an NFC tag.  However, it’s a good idea to put NFC tags away from your bed such as in the living area or bathroom. On the other morning when the alarm goes off, you simply get up from your bed and walk all the way to the NFC tag to disable it. Another benefit of using the application is a smart alarm, which wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleep phase (after tracking the phone’s accelerometers).

Emergency Call/Text

If you have kids at home who can’t even type yet or if you just like to know if your kids reached home safely from school while you are at work. Then simply program NFC tags to send you a Mail/SMS on your mobile number and then teach your child to just click their home phone on the NFC tag. There are many apps that you can use to program NFC tags.

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Use NFC To Call Mom

Use NFC To Call Mom

Well, you don’t need to wait till mother days to call her. Just program NFC tags to make calls to your friends and family members and then keep the tag near the Fridge or Photo Stand or something. So the next time you view their picture, just wave your mobile over it, and there you go.

Foursquare Checking

Wouldn’t it look amazing when if your customer can update foursquare check-ins by just clicking their mobiles to your menu card or the reception desk? On the other hand, if you own a small business, you can then use NFC tags to ask your customers for Google Maps reviews.

NFC Tag Ideas – Leave Secret Message

It is essential whenever you leave a note to your loved ones but don’t want to make it public after writing it on a piece of paper. Just, program your NFC tags using your ‘secret message’ via apps such as NFC Writer and then share the NFC tag, with your friend or hide it someplace private. You can then record your voice message and save it in your NFC tags.

Organize junks via NFC tags

Organize junks-NFC Tag Ideas

If you have lots of boxes in your house and you don’t like to open each one of them to view what’s inside, you can then use NFC tags to save its index and then stick it on the box. Of course, you can also write it on a piece of paper, but then everyone can view it and it won’t be as much fun. However, this can be very essential when you are moving houses.

Connect/Disconnect Wi-Fi

I can use it while working on projects that need concentration, and I don’t want to get distracted by Facebook or WhatsApp notifications.

Well, I’ve programmed my NFC tags to toggle Wi-Fi so when I want to focus on some task. However, I put my mobile over the NFC tag to disable Wi-Fi, and when I complete my tasks. I put it back again to come back to normal mode.

NFC Tag Ideas – Share Wi-Fi Without Sharing Password

Similar to iOS, the new Android Q will allow you to share your WiFi without sharing the password. But until then, you can use NFC tags for your guests.

Apps such as InstaWiFi allow you to share your Wi-Fi password via NFC. Or if you don’t like to ask your friend to install or download an app then you can just write down your internet password on the NFC tag and put it near your Router. Now at least you don’t need to tell them the password.

Start Tasker task

Start Tasker task

It is an Android app that allows you to automate Android’s task-based on profile, location, and apps. It’s so robust that it allows you to create your own app with Tasker without doing any coding. And later you can just trigger these tasks with NFC tags using the trigger app.

For instance, you can simply create a tasker task, to pushes your current tab in google chrome to your PC. You can then set the trigger using the NFC tags. Just walk to your PC, click the tag, and resume whatever you were searching for on your mobile to the bigger screen.

Unlock Your Door

NFC can be put to great use for tasks like locking and unlocking your door. For instance, you can simply use Lockitron to unlock your door by just clicking your device on it. The best part is, it doesn’t want wiring your works and door with home internet and want an AA battery for power.

Initiate PC With Your Mobile

Another cool app of NFC is booting your computer using NFC (Wake on LAN). Just, wave your mobile on your laptop both under the same network. It can be done by sharing data packets from mobile to laptop using NFC over the LAN.

NFC enabled loyalty cards

NFC loyalty cards - NFC Tag Ideas

You can sue NFC loyalty cards to monitor customer preference, offer him discounts.

And they know customer’s purchasing schedules, we can use this to serve better promotional or Advertisements offers. It not just made customer life better but also advantage the advertisers.

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Use NFC to Control Your Surrounding

With a handful of software, some NFC tags, automation hardware such as WeMo you can hack your room lights to work on voice command. You can disable/enable light from anywhere within the same Wi-Fi network. Another best example is the Philips Hue system offers its own HTTP server executing.

NFC in Smart posters

Smart posters are integrated with NFC tags to make them more attractive or interactive for the users. A user can simply watch the trailer after placing his mobile to the smart movie poster. Also, it’ll directly take them to the YouTube trailer or to their Facebook page where he can leave his review.

NFC Tag Ideas In Smart Cards

NFC Tag Ideas In Smart Cards

It can make life simpler for those who often forget to take their business cards with them. Using NFC smart cards you don’t need to fret about carrying your cards with you. You can also share your name, website URL, vCard, or company Fb page with a single click.

A company can also provide smart cards to their employer. As it contains their access codes or personal data. You can then use the free app known as NFC by MOO for writing information on your smart card.


Like I said at the starting of this guide, with NFC possibilities are endless. After using a microcontroller such as an Arduino, you can then control any electrically operate machines such as a heater, toaster, also your coffee maker using an NFC radio shield.

For further queries and questions let us know below. Or else, if you find it helpful then share it with others.

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