About The Chrome Remote desktop vs Teamviewer

Chrome Remote desktop vs Teamviewer

Both, the Chrome Remote desktop vs TeamViewer are one of the most convenient options. It helps you to remotely access a device anywhere. But the main reason for being both of them cross-platform compatible. This is easy to set-up. Although, while there are lots of similarities that are amongst the apps. So, there are huge differences as well.

But the most basic underlying difference is that the Chrome Remote Desktop is built to remotely access your device. Consequently, you cannot use it to control a smartphone. On the other hand, TeamViewer is more flexible and lets you can easily remotely access any device. In case, if you are still confused between both the apps then here is a brief Difference between Chrome Remote Desktop vs Teamviewer and which one should you use.

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About Chrome Remote Desktop vs. TeamViewer:

1. The Cross-platform Compatibility between Chrome Remote Desktop vs Teamviewer :

In case of it, when it comes to cross-platform compatibility. Then both of the apps have a huge presence. If you begin with the Chrome Remote Desktop (CRD) which is a web app. Thus, it does not require any additional installation and this is more convenient to use. Although, if you want to host remote access then you will have to download the CRD host app. By Google that is shutting down the Chrome apps, the CRD will only be a web app. In the niche platforms like Raspberry Pi or Linux then you can use Chrome Remote Desktop via the Chromium-based browser.

In the TeamViewer, they also have a web and a standalone app. If you want to host the remote access then you will have to install the TeamViewer standalone app. Also, the app is available for a huge number of platforms like Linux, Chrome OS, macOS, Raspberry Pi, and some others.

Its Score is the: The CRD 1 – 1 TeamViewer

2. To Set up Process between Chrome Remote Desktop vs Teamviewer

By the Chrome Remote Desktop, it takes the cake here as it is completely convenient to set up. But if you want to remotely access a device. Then it is just to use the Chrome Remote Desktop web app. With Android and iOS, you will have to download the mobile app. If you want to establish a remote session with a smartphone you just have to log in with the same Google ID on both devices. You just have to post that and enter your PIN for connection authentication. Also, you are good to go. By using the one-off random system access. Now you can opt for a random access PIN instead. The Random access on Chrome Remote Desktop works only between 2 Laptops or Desktop computers.

On the other hand, TeamViewer also follows a similar process. Also, they found the TeamViewer app that requires a few attempts before it can establish a connection.

The Score is : The CRD 2 – 1 TeamViewer

3. The Features of Chrome Remote Desktop vs Teamviewer

By using this Chrome Remote Desktop it is a minimal app. So that it doesn’t provide any additional features that worth mentioning. Now both of the apps provide you the option to sign up. After that, you can register your devices under one account.

But the TeamViewer provides a whole cluster of features that would suffice the need of any user. In most cases, you can get a chat interface that often comes in handy. So that as you have to communicate with the client. Then the TeamViewer also provides the flexibility of annotation, file transfer, and many others. In case, if you register and sign-in then you can also monitor your remote devices and take remote backup.

The Score is : The CRD 2 – 2 TeamViewer

4. The Limitations:

Both of them have some major drawbacks. By using the Chrome Remote Desktop it is that you cannot access your smartphone via the desktop. Also, if you can want to remote control a random laptop you cannot use a smartphone. But random access also requires another laptop. But in the comparison of it, I didn’t find any such limitations on TeamViewer. Also, the only thing that is required that you can install separate apps. By using the mobile for remote control and host.

The Score is : The CRD 2 – 3 TeamViewer

5. In the Security Factor:

Its Security factor is also a major concern in remote access. But due to the recent scams. This process is in terms of that but both the apps use AES/RSA. They use both of these to encrypt the connection. With this, there are rare chances of data being sniffed in the network. In the same sequence, both of the apps require user-id and password authentication. It is this when initiating a random connection.

Although, what I liked about TeamViewer is that while you are in the screen-sharing session. Then the desktop wallpaper turns black. Also,  there is a dialog box at the bottom right-hand side of the screen-sharing session. It also makes you aware all the time. So, that you are in a screen sharing session so that It could not find anything similar on CRD.

But having said that if you have initiated a screen-sharing session. Then the person has unrestricted access to your files in both the apps. From this, it can personally come down to you to be careful while dealing with a random user.

The Score is: The CRD 3 – 4 TeamViewer

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6. About Pricing:

In the context of the pricing, the Chrome Remote Desktop is free by nature and there is no paid variant of it. Also, It was not able to find a limit to the number of computers that you can add to a single account. If the free TeamViewer account comes with an unsaid limit. Then on the number of devices with under an account. Then if you exceed the limit of your account will be flagged.

If you want to use it personally then the TeamViewer is free. Also, the only caveat is that you will get a pop-up after every session. That one is stating it is a free variant for non-commercial use. From this, if you are planning to use it for commercial purposes. Now you should opt for the paid variant instead. By TeamViewer, also offers multiple pricing starting at about $19/month. Now the paid services provide additional capabilities like establishing many parallel sessions. But in-depth remote device information, event logging, etc.

The Score is: The CRD 4 – 5 TeamViewer

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If the winner is TeamViewer then the conclusion is not binary. Also, if you want to manage your own or family devices. The Chrome Remote Desktop is an ideal option. Besides the remote file transfer, they also provide the necessary controls, So, that can get work done in most of the scenarios. Although, if you want to start providing remote support to multiple individuals. Then that they have different operating systems. In this case, the TeamViewer provides flexibility and a vast range of tools.

Hope this guide helps you to understand this topic! Share your reviews with us in the comment section.

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