Add Fade in & Fade out to songs in GarageBand

GarageBandWell, the disappearing of a song is an entity that we hear constantly just when listening to our favorite tunes. Though just as the song starts in order to come to an end, so then you will hear it slowly diminish. Whether you are making your own songs in GarageBand, so then you are also able to add this effect especially.

Whilst fading into a song simply is not as too used, here we will display you the way to perform that on Mac as well. Similarly, open up the GarageBand just on Mac. Or iOS & you have to abide by our tutorial in order to add fade out to your songs.

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Add automatic fade out in GarageBand on Mac

You are able to also use the automatic fade out feature only for the straightforward method to add this effect. So guys when you do, so then the app will make four-volume points just at the end of your song beginning at 10 seconds out. However, you are also able to locate these points whether you like.

For adding the automatic fade out, you have to head to your song & then follow these steps.

  • First of all, you have to tap the Track > Show Master Track just from the menu. So then you will see the Master Track included at the bottom of your tracklist on the left.
  • Now you have to tap Mix > Create Volume Fade Out on Main Output.


Here you will view the Master Track simply with the fade out and also those four-volume points present at the bottom of your viewer.


Whether you guys are desiring in order to adjust those points, only you have to tap and drag each one where you like it.

Add fade-in on Mac

There is recently no automatic fade in aspect. But you are able to still add one manually. Confirm that you have the Master Track available in your tracklist just as explained in Step 1 above.

Now in the Master Track header on the left, you should choose the Volume in the drop-down box, but whether not, so then move ahead and then choose it.

You are also able to add volume points at the starting of your song. Tap on the volume line in yellow for the Master Track in order to add the points where you like them. Next, you have to drag each one in order to make a fade-in.


Well, you are able to also add a fade-out simply to your song the exact way whether you guys prefer in order to do it manually in spite of the first set of steps in the guide for adding it instantly.

Add automatic fade out in GarageBand on iOS

Alright, you are now also able to add an automatic fade out on iPhone or iPad. Only like on Mac & it just takes a few clicks. At a time when you add the effect, so than the last 10 seconds of your song will disappear

  • You have to head to the Song Settings. Then on iPhone, you must click the gear icon and select Song Settings. Simply on iPad, click the wrench icon on the top right.
  • Now you have to move the slider to turn on Fade Out.

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Closing words

Well, guys Adding a fade-out at the end of your song creates its sound just as it was made in a professional studio. Whether you select in order to use a fade-in, so then that is much easy to do on Mac too. Alright guys I hope you like the guide. In case of queries, you can feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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