Alternatives To Wireshark For Android – Review

In this guide, you’ll learn alternatives to Wireshark for android. Wireshark is the most popular or top-rated open-source or free packet analyzer. It can view all the network communication moving in and out of all the PCs in the network. It means those who use Wireshark can view anything on your network that’s not encrypted. But unfortunately, it is unavailable for Android. But it doesn’t mean you can’t monitor, track, or capture network packets on your mobile smartphones. These were some of the best Wireshark alternatives for Android to analyze traffic and capture packets.

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Alternatives To Wireshark For Android:

Here are the best alternatives for Wireshark. Come let’s take a deep look:

zAnti (Root)


zAnti is not only a simple network sniffer, it is a full penetration testing tool for your mobile device. You can do full network testing and many other tests with just a click of a button. The things that you can do using zAnti include, but are not limited to, changing HTTP responses or requests, exploiting routers. Also, it can modify MAC address, hijacking HTTP sessions, and examining target devices for vulnerabilities. Rather than that, zAnti can also search security gaps within your existing network and offers you detailed reports on how to fortify the defenses to safeguard your network from possible attacks. Want more alternatives? Dive down below!

Download: zAnti

It a complete penetration testing tool. It wants root access to work. Also, for some advanced features to work, it will modify a few SELinux configuration settings and put your mobile into permissive mode.

cSploit (Root)

cSploit is quite identical to zAnti in that it is a professional penetration testing tool for modern users. In fact, cSploit offers a fork of dSploit that was bought by and merged into zAnti. If we talk about its features. It offers the ability to gather and see host systems fingerprints, map the local network, perform MITM attacks. Also, it has built-in traceroute functionality, the ability to add your own hosts, much more. When we talk about network-specific tools, cSploit lets real-time traffic manipulation, breaking connections, DNS spoofing, traffic redirection, take pcap network traffic files, and session hijacking

Download: cSploit

Also, cSploit offers a built-in Metasploit framework RPCd which lets you scan for known vulnerabilities and create shell consoles on required systems. Not just this but also the developer is actively working on the app and they try to add more features. Like decrypt WiFi passwords, install backdoors on a vulnerable system, and much more in the future.

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Packet Capture

Packet Capture

cSploit or zAnti are complete penetration testing tools with lots of amazing features for Android but not everyone wants them. So, here comes Packet Capture. It is a dedicated app to record or capture network packets. With the help of this app, you not just capture and record packets but also decrypt SSL communication via a MITM attack. However, Packet Capture uses a local VPN to record or capture all your traffic, it can execute without root permissions. If you are searching for a simple and easy packet capture app then give a try Packet Capture.

Download: Packet Capture

Once you launch it, a prompt appears to install an SSL certificate which is important to record and capture HTTPS traffic. It depends on your requirements, either click on Install or Skips to continue. Keep in mind that some apps might not be able to attach to the network when you are trying to use Packet Capture’s local VPN. However, you can always install or download the SSL certificate from the settings panel later. Want more alternatives? Dive down below!

From the home screen, click on the Play icon located in the upper right corner. This action will initiate a local VPN. After this, all your traffic will be monitored and recorded automatically. If you didn’t install or download an SSL certificate when prompted. Then you can do so after moving to Settings. From here you can choose Status under the Certificate section. Want more alternatives? Dive down below!

Debug Proxy

Debug Proxy is another proffered Wireshark alternative. It is a dedicated traffic sniffer. Similar to Packet Capture, it can capture traffic, examine all your HTTPS traffic, decrypt SSL traffic via MITM technique, and check live traffic. The best thing about Debug Proxy is that its user interface is very clean. Also, it captures all packets in native code that makes it very fast and responsive. Rather than that, Debug Proxy also provides access to other tools that allow you to throttle bandwidth.

Download: Debug Proxy

Just like earlier, a prompt appears to install an SSL certificate. Just install if you like to decrypt SSL traffic. From the main screen, click on the ‘Play’ button that you view in the center-right corner of the display to initiate capturing traffic. By default, Debug Proxy will capture traffic from all applications. If you like to capture the traffic of a particular app, then click on the ‘Android’ icon located on the upper navigation bar. Then choose the app you like to log or monitor.

WiFinspect (Root)


WiFinspect is also another free and robust packet capture and a network sniffer. If we talk about its features then it offers lots of amazing features. It includes network sniffer, Pcap analyzer, host discovery, port scanner, external/internal network vulnerability scanner, traceroute, ping, etc. Besides Debug Proxy or Packet Capture Wireshark alternative apps for Android, you want root permissions to work with some of its features in WiFinspect.

If you are searching for an app that does much more than capturing packets and not a complete penetration testing tool such as zAnti or cSploit then try WiFinspect.

Download: WiFinspect


tPacketCaputre captures your network traffic. It is similar to Debug Proxy or Packet Capture Wireshark alternative for Android app. However, besides both these apps, tPacketCapture will store the captured data in pcap file format. If you like to read that captured data, you want to move the pcap file to your PC and use a packet capturing app such as Wireshark. Rather than that limitation, tPacketCapture is best at what it does. So, if you don’t mind the restriction then you must try this one.

Pricing: The base app is free of cost and contains ads. However, if you like to capture app-specific traffic then you want to purchase the pro version for around $8.5.

Download: tPacketCapture


These were some of the amazing Wireshark alternatives for Android phones. cSploit or zAnti are closest when we talk about packet capturing and man in the middle attack. I hope you loved it. If you find it helpful share it with your friends and let us know your views in the comment section below!

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