Android Firewall Apps To Turn Off Wi-Fi For Some Apps

Are you looking for the best firewall apps to turn off Wi-Fi? In Android, you can easily toggle between WiFi or mobile data or also disable it fully as and when required. However, Android won’t offer any options to better manage what apps can and can’t connect to the Wi-Fi or how they connect. Also, it doesn’t mean you can’t vet and control how your device is connecting to the Wi-Fi. So, you don’t need to fret, there is an app for everything.

Turn Off Internet Access For Some Apps In Android?

Turn Off Internet Access For Some Apps

If you are executing Android N or higher, you can then block apps from accessing the Wi-Fi in the background from the app settings. All you need to do is to move to Settings > Apps, choose the app you like to block background internet access. You can then click “Data usage” and turn on “Restrict app background data”. Now, no apps can use the Wi-Fi while they are executing in the background.

However, whenever you open the app, it will use the wifi. And this is where Firewall applications come into the picture. So, here are some of the amazing firewall apps to manage Wi-Fi access to the applications on your mobile device.

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List Of Best Firewall Apps For Android

NoRoot Firewall

NoRoot-Firewall Apps

When we talk about firewalls for an unrooted mobile device, NoRoot Firewall is one of the best chocie in terms of features and the control you get. With the help of NoRoot Firewall, you can control what applications can and can’t connect to the Wi-Fi. For finer control, you can limit apps from connecting to the net over WiFi or mobile data with just a single click. Rather than that, you can also block access to the sites and IP addresses of your choice.

Well, NoRoot Firewall not yet supports IPv6 addresses. So, it probably not work on LTE connections. Also, the app can be complex for beginner users because of all the filters or options. So, take some time to configure NoRoot Firewall on mobile.

Price: Free, ads-free, and no in-app purchases.

Download: NoRoot Firewall


NetGaurd is quite similar to NoRoot Firewall in that you can easily block individual applications from access the internet through Wi-Fi or mobile data. If we compare to NoRoot Firewall, the things that you note about NetGaurd is that it offers a much cleaner or user-friendly interface, good settings management, and also it is open source. With just a single click, you can either block the whole network traffic or on a per-app basis. Also, you can also block addresses for particular apps. Rather than that, NetGuard offers advanced options such as log internet access, the ability to filter IP packets, manage Wi-Fi access to PC apps, app blacklisting/whitelisting, etc.

If you are searching for an open-source or free and feature-filled app then NetGaurd is the best chocie for you.

Price: Contains ads or free of cost. Some best features are locked by default and you can then unblock all of them or an individual feature using in-app purchases.

Download: NetGuard

AFWall+ (requires root)


If you want to successfully root your mobile device and searching to better control your device’s Wi-Fi activities then AFWall+ is the best for you. With the help of AFWall+, you can easily control Wi-Fi access on a per-app basis, be it installed apps or system apps. The app is very easy to use and has lots of choices to configure it the way you want. Some of the notable features of AFWall+ are:

  • Safeguard or lock AFWall+ settings
  • Export preferences, rules, and profile settings,
  • Compatibility for tasker and Xposed modules
  • Hide apps
  • Support for LAN
  • VPN or tether
  • Support various profiles
  • Widget to instantly switch between profiles
  • Detailed logs or statistics
  • etc

Price: Free of cost, ads-free, and no in-app purchases.

Download: AFWall+

Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall

Mobiwol app allows you to block individual apps from accessing the internet either through mobile data or WiFi. The Mobiwol appeal is that it is very straightforward, simple, and easy to use and there are no hard settings to deal with. All you need to do is to choose the app you like to block the Wi-Fi connection and you are good to go. You can also block both installed or system apps.

The thing that I really like about this app is that you can view how much data each app is consuming and you can also limit the individual app from using only a particular amount of mobile data. When the app reaches the limit, it can’t access the internet through mobile data.

So, if you don’t like to deal with all the advanced options you can then block some apps from accessing the internet.

Price: Free of ads and contains ads.

Download: Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall

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NoRoot Data Firewall

NoRoot Data-Firewall Apps

NoRoot Data Firewall offers a neat or clean user interface. By default, the app is configured to alert any app that wants to access the internet. You can aslo choose either to allow or block internet access. Not just this but also you can control the access that is based on individual applications, default behaviors for internet and mobile data. The other best thing about the app is that it logs the network interactions of all the applications. Just click on the app and choose the “Analyze” option to view what websites or IP address a specific app is connecting to. rather than that, you can also block individual domains or IP addresses, block pictures from loading to store data, change DNS server, throttle bandwidth, take packets, and password-protect NoRoot Data Firewall and its settings.

Price: Free, can’t support ads and in-app purchases.

Download: NoRoot Data Firewall

LostNet NoRoot Firewall Pro

LostNet NoRoot Firewall is a very easy to use and feature-rich firewall application for your mobile device. With the help of this app, you not just block apps from accessing the internet over WiFi and/or mobile data but can also limit apps from connecting to any region or country. Similar to all other non-root firewall apps, this one uses a local VPN to manage network traffic. Also, it blocks ads and safeguards your device from any harmful activity or domains or sites. One of the good things about LostNet NoRoot Firewall is that you can also configure it to block all apps automatically from accessing the wifi while you are sleeping.

The application also offers some essential features such as the ability to analyze network traffic, take packets, support for various profiles, quick notifications, block unwanted networks, etc. If you are searching for an easy yet robust app that needs no-root then you must try LostNet NoRoot Firewall.

Price: Premium app and you can get it for $0.80.

Download: LostNet NoRoot Firewall Pro

NetPatch Firewall


Similar to many other apps on this list, NetPatch Firewall lets you manage or block Wi-Fi connections to individual apps. Also, you can control both the WiFi or mobile data individually on a per-app basis. Besides many other apps, NetPatch Firewall allows you to configure whether the apps can connect to the network while the screen is off. This feature is very essential when you like to tame an application from connecting to the Wi-Fi when you are not actively using your mobile. Whenever you unlock your device, apps can easily connect to the internet.

Many other interesting features of the app include but there are not limited to the custom DNS server. They offer the ability to create IP groups or domains, detailed logs, block particular IP addresses or domains, etc.

Price: The app is totally free and has in-app purchases.

Download: Netpatch Firewall

Kronos Firewall

Kronos is another new and easy firewall app for smartphones. If you don’t like to deal with confusing settings and many other notable features then this application is for you. It offers a unique or simple layout and with just a single click you can either allow or block an app from connecting to the network. Also, you can block all the applications from connecting to the network.

However, one thing you must know is that the app offers no option to manage WiFi or mobile data separately. You can also block the app from connecting to the Wifi or allow it. After using the app, it successfully logs all the traffic. You can also access the traffic logs by moving to the Settings menu.

Price: Free of cost, contains no ads and in-app purchases.

Download: Kronos Firewall

NetStop Firewall


A time comes when you want to block all the Wi-Fi activity on your mobile device. NetStop Firewall is built for these cases. Simply install the app, then enable the firewall and you are good to go.

Price: Free of Cost,  contain annoying ads, and no in-app purchases.

Download: NetStop Firewall


That’s all for now. If you really think I missed any Android firewall apps that you like it then share it below. Also, for further queries and questions let us know below!

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