Android Photoshop: Best alternatives of Photoshop

Android Photoshop

The Android photoshop can support layers. Because most of the apps do not support android photoshop. It is so easy to use and edit images. Due to this, it can make it not so easy to use. Especially, when you want to manipulate the photo to meet your needs. In this type of situation here are some of the best android Photoshop alternatives apps that support the layer. So, let’s started!

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7 Best Android photoshop that Layer Support and edit images:

1. Adobe Photoshop Mix:

Android Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best and popular image editors. You may know that Adobe has a mobile application called Photoshop Express. That application is capable of doing light photo editing. So, there is no support for layers. In order to deal with that, Adobe released another app called Photoshop Mix. The photoshop mix app also supports layers just like in the desktop version. In this, the app is mainly aimed towards photographers so that you can want to do some quick edits. Incase of enhancements before sharing it with others. Through this, you can adjust colors, contrast, add or remove filters, enhance an entire or a selected area, control opacity, blend, create masks, and many other things. From where the app readily supports layers. So, that you can cut and combine different pictures into one using different layers.

You just have to make the Photoshop Mix special so it is an easy-to-use user interface and layers. Although every option is easily accessible and adding layers. And it is as easy as tapping a single Add icon. Then you can easily add layers in Photoshop Mix. Now you are limited to five layers at any given time. Also, you need to sign in with your Adobe ID to use the app.

In case, if you don’t mind these two limitations. The given Adobe Photoshop Mix can try and see if it fits your need or not. This app is completely free but it also requires you to sign in with your Adobe ID. And if you don’t have Adobe ID then you can sign up for free right from the app.

2. The PicsArt Photo Studio:

Android Photoshop

The PicsArt Photo Studio is one of the most popular photo editing software for Android. This app is filled with features and has a huge community on YouTube. Also, the app also supports layers but being a mobile application. They can also approach the feature a bit differently from Photoshop Mix. And if you edit a photo then you can add additional photos, pictures, or text to it. Now, they are automatically treated as individual layers until you save the image.

If you want to properly use the layers functionality and get most of it. Then you need to select the Draw option. By using this you can create individual layers as needed. You can also turn on and off them, blend, create masks, and many others. But the good thing is that the app auto-saves your work. Then there is no limitation on how many layers you can create. After that, you can individually blend and then transform layers as needed. You will also see the other features of the app. It also includes but not limited to the ability to create stickers, clipart, and some others. They have the ability to create AI-powered Prisma-style effects, and more.

And if you are looking for a photo editor app that supports transparency and layers, give PicsArt a try. This app is free and ad-supported. Due to this, the app does provide in-app purchases for things like premium stickers, clipart, and many others.

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3. The Pixlr android Photoshop app:

Android Photoshop

Pixlr app is a popular online image editor app that supports layers. This app also supports multiple devices. Then you can download Pixlr Express on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

The Pixlr app is very similar to the previous app PicsArt. Then both apps have a lot of features hidden underneath a simple interface. They can also support layer editing. If you unlike PicsArt then you didn’t find the support for transparency in Pixlr. During the app, it doesn’t support the traditional layers format. They can use the layer of multiple photos and blend them together. If you get a unique look of using Double Exposure.

4. The Multi-Layer android photoshop app:

Android Photoshop

The users who are looking for a full-fledged photo editing app. Then that has good support for layers then Multi-Layer Photo Editor is for you. In case, if you can tell from the name itself then you can edit your pictures, photos, and other images in multiple layers. If the app’s user interface features rich then it is still being very simple to use. It is just like simple like the beginners.

With Photoshop Mix now you can easily add layers with just a single click. When you added it then you can move individual layers to foreground or background. Then by dragging and dropping them they manipulate individual layers with a selection of tools. The tool includes the frames, gradients, transparency, shadows, horizontal or background eraser, masks, and some others.

If you unlike the above two apps Photoshop Mix and PicsArt. Then you can either start with a blank canvas or with an existing photo or picture to start editing. The main and best feature of Multi-Layer Photo Editor is that it can import and save images directly from the local network and Wi-Fi.

The multilayer app is the base app that is free. It also contains ads, and some features like selection masks, blend modes, and custom output resolution. So, it is all that is behind the paywall. Then you can get rid of the ads. You can also unlock premium features with an in-app purchase that costs you around $7.

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5. The Byte Mobile Photo Editor:

The Byte Mobile’s Image Editor is another Android image editing software. This software also supports the photoshop layers. They make the app special so that it is very lightweight, straightforward, and easy to use. Also, this app is very similar to Multi-Layer Photo Editor. And this app is not feature-rich. Now you can add photo frames, stickers, drawings, images, shapes, etc., that are automatically added to a new layer.

It is just like the other app so that you can manipulate each and every individual layer with custom colors. The blending options, opacity, material, drawing, lighting, and many others. In case, if you want to do this then you can choose the Draw option and start drawing. Then you can still create and use layers as and when needed in the Drawing mode.

And if you are looking for lightweight image editing software then it can also support layer then try Byte Mobile. This app is completely free but contains ads. In case, if you don’t want to see the ad then you can remove the ads with an in-app purchase of $0.99

6. The Photo Layers android photoshop:

From all of the above apps, the Photo Layers is one of the simplest in terms of both features and user interface. One of the main things in the app is that it is mainly aimed at users. So, those who want to create quick yet detailed photomontages.

You can also create composite photography by overlapping, cutting, and gluing different photos into one. It is a very simple app with a focused target audience then you won’t get all the tools. If you see in the above apps. Although the Photo Layers does have all the basic options like layers, color correction, shadows, flipping, resizing, rotating, and many other apps.

One of the good things about the app is that it gives you access to simply get a detailed guide. You will get the right on the home screen that shows what you can do with the app. In this case, if you are into superimposing and photomontages then Photo Layers is one of the best apps for it.  You should try it! This app is completely free and is supported by ads.

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7. The Canva App:

The Canva is very different from all the apps shared on this list. This app is not your traditional photo editing software. This software is mainly aimed at creating gorgeous designs, posters, blog banners, social media banners for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Then can even design invitations, cards, and photo collages. It also makes Canva special is its huge library of stock photos. They also support typography and custom templates. Also, it does support layers so that you can manipulate them with basic tools like resizing and flipping.

The Canva is not for everyone but if you are looking to create posters, banners, and cards. In this case, the Canva is for you. If you are using the Canva app is free but it also offers custom backgrounds, templates, and many others. You can also in-app purchases then you can use the free ones or create. If you do not want to pay for this.

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It is so easy to use and edit images. Due to this, it can make it not so easy to use. Especially, when you want to manipulate the photo to meet your needs. The Android photoshop can support layers. Because most of the apps do not support android photoshop.

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