Anonymous Blog Sites You Can Use for Free

Free blogging sites have come a really long way in recent years, and it is now easier than ever in order to create a professional-looking blog. In order to share a hobby along with like-minded people, express your opinions, and establish an online presence as well. Let’s now discuss Anonymous Blog Sites You Can Use for Free.

Blogging is a really great way to express yourself as a writer. But, there are times when you guys don’t want other folks to know that you’re the one behind the keyboard actually. Well, in a world where the political environment is becoming increasingly polarized. There’s actually a very real risk that things you publicly post online can have an impact on your real life also. This has made mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook less famous for sharing sensitive opinions actually. However, if you want to talk to folks about what you guys really think, where else should you go?

These free blogging sites are basically aimed at hobbyist bloggers – blogs are created and also managed online and hosted on the blogging platform’s own servers actually. If you guys want to create a self-hosted blog, the downloadable version of WordPress is an excellent option as well. Along with total flexibility, support for third-party plugins, and as much storage as your hosting plan allows as well.

Anonymous Blog Sites You Can Use for Free



  • One of the best website builders on the market actually
  • Good SEO options in order to achieve high rankings on Google
  • The drag and drop interface makes it really user friendly and easy to learn
  • There are more than 500 customizable templates in order to choose from
  • The Wix App Market makes it really possible to extensively customized your website
  • Ecommerce is actually affordable and ideal for smaller online stores


  • The blog feature not robust enough to handle really large amounts of content
  • The free plan has a really large Wix ad displayed on the website and the URL you get is very long
  • Wix sites generally don’t load very fast as well.
  • The templates are not fully responsive, however, do offer a mobile version
  • Personal support can also be hit and miss (even though they have a decent knowledge base)

Wix has a wide range of paid-for subscription plans, however, also a free offering, although it’s best to note upfront that this has some caveats as well. With this free product, your site will have Wix branding, and also you’ll be limited to 500MB of data transfer per month as well. So it’s not for heavily-trafficked sites actually. You also only get 500MB storage, too, so bear that in mind as well.

anonymous blog sites

Then | anonymous blog sites

There’s also a lot of flexibility in the way you guys can schedule posts, and neat touches such as being able to set up things. So that posts are automatically pushed to Facebook whenever they are published. For instance, there’s also a feature called Wix Bookings. That permits customers to schedule appointments and classes right on your website actually.

There’s also commendably diverse support for many different types of media, and quality customer support in order to boot (yes, even on the free plan). The Wix Turbo feature is also on hand, and this basically increases the speed and performance of websites considerably as well.

Whenever you guys consider what you are getting for nothing, the bandwidth and data limits don’t really seem like such a heavy set of shackles. And you can always upgrade at a later date if you guys want to break free of them in the long run as well.



  • No login needed
  • Lets you upload images in order to complement your blog
  • Do not appear in search results on Google


  • Advanced blogging features locked behind a paywall

Well, as we mentioned earlier, the main drawback to is that it is perhaps a bit too minimalist actually. There’s actually no support for multimedia such as videos or images. This means that you guys are forced to depend on just text. Along with Vlogs and rich content becoming more important in the blogging space. It’d be really nice to have an anonymous platform that lets you put up more than just text as well. Then Notepin is great as it does everything Write-as does and then some more too.

anonymous blog sites

You guys get to pick a username, which then becomes part of your blog’s URL. Adding a password is actually optional. After this, you guys take straight to the posting screen. You can also type what you want and also add images too. Strictly speaking, Notepin permits you to upload any arbitrary file, however, non-image files just show up as placeholder text. This is actually a small, however, critical benefit: your anonymous blog post doesn’t just have to be text actually.

Notepin has also a paid subscription option, too. If you opt for the higher-end $19 per month offer, you also get extra features such as Google Analytics tracking and the option to use a custom domain, rather than Notepin’s own.

Check out Notepin



  • Really easy for audience members in order to search and find your posts
  • Users can connect along with each other and chat
  • Do not appear in search results on Google actually


  • Email verification really takes away one layer of anonymity because Vent knows who you are

The vent has taken the idea of public venting and combined it along with anonymous blogging.

anonymous blog sites

The previous two options have also a major constraint in terms of audience-building. However, the only way in order to access your blog with either of them is for users to visit your blog’s URL. It’s really not easy to just search for it. The vent is basically a mobile app (available for both Android and iOS), though. It permits users to keyword search for both users and vents that they can relate to as well.

This basically makes your posts much more visible to the wider public. The idea is to get you emotional support from folks that are interested in what you’re venting about. However, Vent needs email verification, you have the option of setting your user ID to whatever you like, protecting your anonymity as well.

Download Vent (Android | iOS)



  • It is pretty easy to use and doesn’t require any technical skills
  • Provides you the option to test the services before buying them
  • Contains many kinds of templates
  • Its setup is fast and simple.


  • Has limited features and no option to add new ones
  • The integration with third-party platforms is limited
  • The free version contains adds
  • Exporting the site can be really difficult
  • Support over the phone is not available to free, only for Pro plans and up.

Weebly takes a modular approach in order to blog building, along with a drag-and-drop editor. That also lets you choose which elements to add to your site, and where as well.

anonymous blog sites

Pick a basic template, then plonk many types of content onto the page. That includes social media links, text, images, maps, and sections of code as well. It’s a refreshingly simple way to build a blog that feels unique to you however, doesn’t need any messing about with menus.

Further | anonymous blog sites

It’s worth noting, but, that certain content blocks can only be positioned in certain areas. It isn’t a total free-for-all actually. This basically makes sense – forcing you to stick within the confines of your chosen template stops the page from looking messy – however, you might find it limiting as well.

Blog posts are made in the same way: drag text boxes, picture frames, buttons, and page breaks into position, then tap to edit them. One particularly nice feature is the ‘secret draft link’, which lets you preview your unpublished post, and also even share it with others through email before releasing it into the wild.

Weebly has some other interesting tricks up its sleeve, also include an area for pasting in Google Analytics tracking code (although it doesn’t offer analytics itself).

You’re only given 500MB for uploaded content so that the photographers might want to look elsewhere. Weebly also puts an ad in your site’s footer, however, it does not obscure any of your content actually.



  • Doesn’t explicitly emphasize the emotional support aspect–promotes itself as a general anonymous posting platform actually


  • The community still mainly puts out confessional content as well.

Lyfster is a really good alternative if you like the anonymous posting functions of Vent. However, are put off through the emotional support aspect. What if you just want to anonymously discuss things that actually matter to you, without even the need for a pat on the back? Lyster lets you put up text posts and images along with a username of your choice. (You can pick to post anonymously, too).


Functionally, it’s just the same as Vent: your posts and content are published in the name of the alias you pick and the material is searchable via other users.

However, the aim of the Lyfster is to have less confessional material, in practice the community is really similar to Vents. We found a lot of folks discussing heartbreaks and other emotional life events. Along with other users giving them the support they want.



  • It is flexible, permitting you to run anything on it, from a make-up or fashion blog to an e-commerce store selling all kinds of products
  • Has a wide range of customization tools, which means it is perfect to create plugins and custom themes
  • It’s reliable as it receives constant updates for its software and security
  • Last, but not least WordPress is absolutely free and you only have to pay for servers and domain hosts.


  • You must host it on your own server and it needs a long term investment in domains and hosting if you are planning to make money online
  • There are times when customization requires some coding, which is a little inconvenient actually

Unlike some of the blogging sites, WordPress isn’t a drag-and-drop affair, and you guys will have to familiarize yourself with its system of menus. Doing so is well worth the effort, though, and turns you on to create something truly personal. The editor also permits you to create static pages – such as a writer’s biography, for example.


What’s more | anonymous blog sites

The post-writing interface is just like an ordinary desktop word processor. (Although some options present in a toolbar at the top, however, others are in a menu at the side, that can be a little confusing at first). Again, time spent getting to know the interface is rewarding along with advanced features. Such as customizable social media sharing buttons, geotagging, and the ability in order to pick a custom style for individual posts.

Most of the time you might want to create a photo gallery, for example, and other times a more text-focused style would be more appropriate. You can also view and edit the HTML source.

Your site is hosted on WordPress servers, with an address in the format Users of the free service don’t get an email or live chat support. However, the WordPress community forums are really active and questions are normally answered within a few minutes. Plus, privacy protection for domains that are registered at is free.

WordPress displays ads on free blogs, however, provided you can live with that, it’s a top-notch solution for a free blogging site as well.

Open: WordPress


You are good to go. If you have any queries and issues related to this “anonymous blog sites” article then let us know in the comments section below.

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