Anonymous Chat Apps: 10 best apps to Talk to Strangers

Anonymous Chat Apps

By using anonymous chat apps you can talk to strangers. When you get bored of talking to your friends on Facebook and any other apps. If you are looking to spice things up a little by Talking to complete strangers. It can be really healing if you hit it off. You will Live in the Digital Age and you have its own perks. So, if one of these is the ability to chat with random strangers anonymously using your smartphone. After reading this article you will come to know about the list of the best anonymous chat apps. Here are the 10 best anonymous chat apps that help you to talk to strangers.

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Some Anonymous Chat Apps:

1. The Slowly Anonymous Chat Apps:

Anonymous Chat Apps

This slowly app is best for connecting with strangers if you prefer the old school way. But you just have to remember that the old days are those when letters used to take time to reach and could sometimes take days. In case, if you love to have that curiosity to receive someone else message then back unlike instant messaging. The Slowly app nowadays might be perfect for you. But the main concept is to connect you to users all around the world. Then you can exchange messages with them just like a pen pal and mail exchange. The changes depending on the distance between two users. The more the distance is the more it takes time to reach it. If you are using the Slowly app then you just have to pick a nickname and avatar to keep your identity safe.

This Slowly app has two options to match you anonymously with other users. The first one is auto-match that is a no-brainer. And the second one is a manual that you can apply filters like age, zodiac sign, topics, gender, etc. You can use this app free but if you want to up your game. Then you have to the pro version. You have to buy the pro version at $3.5 per month. The slowly anonymous chat apps can give you more search filters. So that you can enhance media sharing, double the friend limit, and many other options.

2. The Wakie Anonymous Chat Apps:

Anonymous Chat Apps

The Wakie app is the best app if you want to request strangers to wake you up with a call. This app was introduced as a non-traditional alarm app.  Also, this app offers calls from strangers to wake you up. Although, it is more than just that and also functions as an anonymous chat app. Then you can also ask for opinions, suggestions, and even request for some company. In case, if it is an option to listen to other people. Then all of these requests are posted on a live feed board and the people can tap to join.

The Wakie app is not fully anonymous so that you can choose to show your original profile but that’s optional. In case, if you want to hide then you can do that in settings. Then you can hide your picture, name, and other personal details. This app works well and has an active community of awesome people.

3. A Chat App:

Anonymous Chat Apps

The chat app is the best app if you use them for Chatting anonymously with people near you. In the app, it is another one of anonymous chat apps. Due to this, it can heavily be inspired by Instagram and Snapchat. When you open the app then it shows you a bunch of profiles that are nearby you. Then you can easily chat directly with the nearby user. Because of this, it has stories from its users then it is just like you see on Instagram.

After that, you don’t need to create a user account to send or receive messages. Although, you will need one to create stories. In this app, there is also a unique Shuffle feature that can connect you with random users. The random user is online and available for chat.

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4. The Whisper Anonymous chat apps:

Anonymous Chat Apps

The whisper anonymous chat app is best for Chatting anonymously with people that are based on what’s on your mind. The whisper app is one of the most popular anonymous chat apps out there. They also provide a huge user base with a thriving community. In this case, if you are looking for meaningful discussions other than the adult-related chats. Then the Whisper is for you. Many of the users claim that they have had meaningful conversations. So, in this case, they had some kind of positive impact on their minds and behavior.

When you can whisper your deepest desires then innermost thoughts with total strangers. So, if it can be done without having to reveal your real identity. Then you can find people based on topics of interest and location as well. It will help you to converse it because you know the other party is also interested.

5. The Meet Me anonymous chat apps:

Anonymous Chat Apps

The meet me app is one of the best apps. This app is Best for people who just want to casually chat with strangers. If the MeetMe app was originally intended to be a dating site. Then it is destiny that they had other plans for the team. Nowadays,  MeetMe is one of the popular anonymous chat apps with a user base of more than 100 million. Most of the users use this app. Besides meeting amazing new strangers. They also provide you features such as counting profile views you have received. So, the number of admirers you have, and the gifts you have received.

This meets me app also features some arcade and casino based games. So, you can enjoy yourself with your new-found friends. On the other hand, it has a dating touch to it. Meet me the app is an amazing app to meet new people and make new friends. We hope you will like it.

6. The Frim Chat app:

Anonymous Chat Apps

The Frim chat app is an iOS exclusive anonymous chat app. It allows you to text strangers. Many of the features also include asking questions, share, and secrets. The firm app also discourages users from revealing their personal information. This app is very useful if you are looking for privacy. Its company also claims that there are no bots in the system. So, it is a frequent occurrence in this genre.

7. Chatous Anonymous chat apps:

Chatous app is Best for Chatting with strangers all around the world. And if you are looking to chat with strangers and random people on specific topics. Then the topics that you are passionate about and interested in the Chatous can help you. Also, if it happens that your friends are not interested in discussing things that you are interested in. You can also leave you wanting more. This Chatous app works like Twitter whereas you can find topics using hashtags. If you can choose the hashtag then you will enter a chat room and you will be able to chat with people. The people who are also interested in the same topic that you chose.

It will also happen anonymously and you can exit the chatroom if you don’t want to continue it. This app is the same as the Yahoo chatrooms but only better. The Chatous will allow you to share audio, video, and images, and also share YouTube videos from right inside the app that you are using. The main thing is this app is the best anonymous chat apps for Android users.

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8. The Rave App:

The rave app is the best to Discuss movies and YouTube videos with strangers. Also, the Rave app will let you watch Netflix and YouTube with your remote friend. One of the main reasons that you can include in the Rave app is the public chat room feature. In this app, it is not totally anonymous though. When you install the Rave app then you need to create a free account and login to your Netflix account. After that, you will see some of the various public chat rooms. It is full of people that are watching popular Netflix and YouTube videos. Now you can simply join a room and start texting while you watch. In case, if you can create your own chat room for the movies. Then you like and other people can also join you. Rave app having the chatting feature that includes basic text chat with symbols and emojis.

9. The Telegram Chat App:

The Telegram chat app is synonymous with the word privacy.  Many of the users have moved from WhatsApp to Telegram after Facebook took over the reins.  There are many differences between these two apps. This app can maintain the privacy of the user. Then you can search Telegram chat for groups by names. In case, if you don’t know them. Then you just use the search bar that works like Google Search. Now you will see search results in real-time as you type. Then you can choose to use your real name and a number and chat with people you know or stay anonymous and use a nickname.

The telegram chat app has millions of users and is growing very rapidly. Also, there are plenty of groups whose public links are shared freely on forums and on social media. The other people can easily share their views and opinions here. Then each and every group has moderators that will help bots. So that can dictate the rules of the group and adult talks depending on the group rules.

10. The Anonymous Chat Rooms:

The Anonymous Chat Rooms can offer exactly that. It is the place where you can talk with strangers about random things in life. You can also see the room for dating. In case, if you are looking for that but most people are here for chatting. Then there are plenty of other apps for dating. You can also date so that can never be anonymous.

By using the uber anonymous chat app that has a policy that says no bots, no names, no ads, history, spam, and violence in it. It is one of the good policies to have which means the conversations are more friendly. Then the nature leading to genuine people looking for genuine chats. If someone is going against the limits then you have the option to report bullying or other forms of suspicious chats.

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In this situation, if you are looking for complete anonymity, chat apps, video apps, or meeting people in real life, Then we have to take care to showcase different types of apps. So, that they can cater to different types of people that are again with different needs.

So, this is all about the Anonymous chat apps. Hope you liked it!. If you have any questions ask in the comment sections



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