Best Alternatives of Goodnotes for Android

Digital note-making is basically the new normal for professionals, students, and all others as well. Because of the pandemic, we are actually restricted to use software such as Goodnotes for the handwritten-like experience. Good notes are actually a premium application that will provide you a really close pen and paper type note-making experience. It has the added advantage of saving your data in the cloud and multimedia support. But, it has been designed exclusively for iOS users and if you guys are using Windows or Android, you need to look for some alternatives. In this article, we have collected the top alternatives for Goodnotes software for windows and macOS users. Let’s now discuss the Best Alternatives of Goodnotes for Android.

Best Alternatives of Goodnotes for Android

GoodNotes is actually an app that I wasn’t entirely familiar along with until I purchased my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. However, I’ve instantly realized that it’s one of, if not the most, complete note-taking apps available in the App Store actually.

GoodNotes is writing software that basically permits the users to convert their iPad into a digital paper where they can create hand-written notes easily actually.  Along with its OCR technology, it permits the users to search any word or item that they wrote in their notes. And they can also search for folders and PDF files in it too. we’ve actually covered the entire spectrum of alternatives here.



  • Tight iOS integration along with Apple Pencil and iCloud support
  • Handwriting recognition


  • Really expensive for a note-taking app

Notability and GoodNotes are just the same apps on the surface. And if anything, Notability feels slightly more polished and easier to use than GoodNotes as well. It also offers many of the same features as other handwriting apps. That also includes palm-rejection, pressure-sensitivity detection, and also the ability to insert images, charts, and even full webpages as well. That last feature is notable because it means you can import a webpage and highlight and mark it up when you go, something that’s necessary for working through research projects and the like.

goodnotes for android

One thing that’s, unfortunately, missing here and that will ultimately force me to stick with GoodNotes. But, is the ability to search handwritten notes. However, you can search PDF text, any notes you write via hand are not capable of being searched actually.

Well, on the bright side though, Notability is currently 33 percent off on the App Store. That makes it just $3.99 as of this post.

Download Notability

Xournal | goodnotes for android


  • Free and open source
  • Works on desktop OSes


  • No handwriting to text support
  • No cloud-based remote access

Xournal is actually an open-source application that works on Windows, Linux, and OSX. It has a simple interface along with a ruled notebook-like theme as well. The application is easy-to-use and gives a real-like handwriting notes experience as well. The written notes are customizable because it permits you to change the thickness, color, canvas color, etc. of your notes.

goodnotes for android

Xournal has a really simple interface that’s designed to look like a ruled notebook. Rather than a blank canvas, you can get notebook-like lines in order to write between as well. You can also use the interface to change the color and thickness of the written notes actually. A caveat is basically that Xournal doesn’t really support handwriting recognition, so your written notes stay as they are. But, you guys can also add text fields in order to type in. Another drawback is that Xournal doesn’t have cloud support actually. The notes that you take are saved locally. You guys can prints notes out and export them to PDF, though as well.

Download Xournal



  • Neatly designed interface
  • Easy to just start taking notes


  • Necessary functions are locked behind a paywall

Squid or Squid-Cache is actually a caching and forwarding HTTP web proxy solution that basically has a really wide variety of uses. For example speeding up a web server via caching repeated requests, caching web, DNS. And all the other computer network lookups for a group of folks sharing different network resources and aiding security via filtering traffic.

goodnotes for android

It consists of simple tools and services that automatically manage your web proxy tasks and also offer a compressive solution for both private and corporations as well. Although it is mainly used for HTTP and FTP, Squid also includes limited support for multiple other protocols, that includes SSL, TLS, and HTTPS, etc.

Further | goodnotes for android

Download Squid

Metamoji Note


  • Free to download
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Cloud note sharing


  • The slightly dodgy sign-up process

Metamoji Note is a really powerful application that works on Windows, Android, and iOS. You guys can add notes via the text field. The application permits you to change the color, thickness, and other aspects of the handwriting themed notes. You have to enable the cloud sync facility in order to sync your notes to the Metamoji Note server and store them for future use.

metamoji note

One area in which Metamoji Note has a leg up is in terms of cloud sharing actually. Turning on cloud sync will basically let you sync your Metamoji notes to the Metamoji server. You guys can then pick up and play on any of your devices actually. Metamoji Note Lite is absolutely free and there is an optional in-app purchase if you guys want what they describe as “advanced cloud features.”. However, We found the Lite version to be more than adequate.

Download Metamoji Note

Fiinote | goodnotes for android


  • Cross-platform between Android and Windows
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Intelligent formatting and alignment


  • Windows app not as robust

Fiinote is a really great alternative for Goodnotes and one of the best freemium applications for note-making. You can also expect a notebook such as an interface with handwriting texts and many customization features. In the Android version, you can also write anywhere on the screen and it will automatically scale it down within the ruling boundaries actually.


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