A Few Best Builds For Kodi 17 Krypton _Guide

Best Builds For Kodi 17

By using this guide we are going to tackle the best builds for Kodi 17 Krypton. Also, we have narrowed down the list of options. This is out there to a top ten list, and we will also walk you through each one of those. You have to help pick the right one for you. Also, We will confirm that they all work and can be installed at the time of writing. Then urge you to leave a comment at the bottom of this article. In case, if anything isn’t smooth when you try to install these builds.

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What is Streaming with Kodi? How Should You Use a VPN?

As you guys know that Kodi is completely legal. You can download and use some of its third-party add-ons. This may also allow users to access the restricted content. As a result, ISPs and copyright holders have taken a rather dim view of Kodi as a whole. This may also get levy warnings, fines, or more extreme measures that are against its users. It is even if their activity conforms to the letter of the law.

You can also reduce this legal liability, so we will also recommend just making use of a virtual private network. This will also anonymize your traffic while streaming with Kodi (or doing anything else online, for that matter). So, there are indeed and also has many services available on the market. Then we have narrowed down our pick for the best using the following criteria. A fast connection, no logging, a large network of proxy servers, and also a wide software availability across devices.

A Best VPN for Kodi – IPVanish

Best Builds For Kodi 17

So, as a Kodi user, you will also need a premium VPN with top-notch security and speed. Also, it is for this purpose, we will also recommend you the IPVanish wholeheartedly. Then this will also provide offers best-in-class speed. It is along with un-crackable 256-bit AES encryption. Moreover, an IPVanish never keeps logs, so your activity can never be used against you. Then you will also love using their massive network of 850 servers in 6o countries. You have to bypass geo-blocking and then ensure a strong connection at all times. In the end, IPVanish software is available on all major operating systems. So, this is even found on niche devices like the Amazon Fire TV stick.

An IPVanish also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. It means you have a week to test it risk-free.

Explain What Is a Kodi Build & Best Builds For Kodi 17?

A Kodi can be a little complicated to get up and running. Most importantly, this is for a new user. Just Because of this, Kodi builds are also rising in popularity. Then, After all, an idea of a Kodi build is to offer a full-fledged Kodi experience. You can also complete with all of the best add-ons. This is about the same amount of effort as it takes to install a single Kodi add-on. An Enough people you have to find this idea attractive for pre-made builds to enjoy significant popularity in the Kodi community.

Having a build that will often ship with custom wallpapers. Tasteful UI adjustments, and then everyone’s favorite streaming add-ons pre-installed. The user doesn’t need to individually track down and install each one. Having the main downside of Kodi that will build this and keeping them updated. You just have to ensure that they are compatible with your version of Kodi. It will also depend on the people who run it to keep it updated.

Sadly, all of the builds that are available on this list are confirmed working on Kodi Krypton. Then you don’t need to worry about any headaches that are beyond getting them installed in the first place.

Ways To Kodi Build Installed?

You have to install a Kodi build. Then your first need is to install its repository. When you have installed its repository. Then you have to install the program add-on from that repository. So, this will also contain the setup wizard for the build. Now after running that setup wizard and by relaunching Kodi. Then you will be able to use your latest Kodi build to its fullest potential. In case, if you already have a Kodi installed on your PC. Then we will highly recommend clearing your pre-existing installation before installing a Kodi build. Also, the add-ons within may interfere with each other. So, we can’t walk you through each of the individual installations that are for the builds. Also, we are going to link the appropriate repositories for each of the entries below.

Some Of The Best Builds For Kodi 17 Krypton:

1. Best Builds For Kodi 17: A CellarDoor TV

Best Builds For Kodi 17

  • So, What repo do I get this build in? N/A
  • Which file do I need to install? https://cellardoortv.com/wizard/
  • Which one is it best for? General variety streaming, constant updates

A CellarDoor TV is also an incredibly solid solution for general IPTV streaming. Also, it is praised all over for its interface. Now, this will also update fairly regularly. Also, it may well and be the best build for Kodi Krypton right now.

2. Best Builds For Kodi 17: A Smash 4K

  • Which repo do I get this build in? https://mediarepos.net/kodistuff/
  • What file do I need to install? SMASHWizard.zip
  • Which one is it best for? Streaming HD and 4K video

So, the close second is Smash 4K. The aka is the build from the developers. That made the great Smash Repository. A Smash 4K also has all you need for the general streaming. Also, its name may suggest and also specializes in 4K streams. This is certainly one of the best but is recommended for high-end systems only.

3. A Misfits Mods:

Best Builds For Kodi 17

  • Which repo do I get this build in?  https://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/
  • What file do I need to install? https://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/plugin.program.misfitmods-1.1.zip
  • Which one is it best for? Sports streaming and general

A Misfits Mods is also potent. The regularly-updated Kodi build that will also look to be a streaming powerhouse. You can also set add-ons that are particularly great for streaming live sports. Then the build can still do general streaming too.

4. The Kryptikz ZT:


  • Which repo do I get this build in?  https://repozip.teamzt.seedr.io/
  • What file do I need to install? ZTWizard.zip
  • Which one is it best for? General streaming and superhero-themed skins

A Kryptikz ZT is really just your typical streaming-oriented Kodi build. This is having one big difference. Then all of its skins are based on comic book superheroes! In case, if you are having this into that kind of thing. Now, this will also build that may be the right pick for you.

5. An Ares Build:


  • Which repo do I get this build in? https://ares-repo.eu/
  • What file do I need to install? Ares Wizard
  • Which one is it best for? General viewing, frequent updates

Now, the Ares Build is also maintaining just by the folks responsible for the Ares Repository. Also, this is one of the most well-updated/well-maintained Kodi builds out there. This is just Because of this, and this will also come highly recommended.

6. The Titanium:


  • Which repo do I get this build in? https://repo.supremebuilds.com/
  • What file do I need to install? Supreme Builds Wizard (within Program add-ons, after installing the repo)
  • Which one is the best for? Sports, kids, Spanish language content

A Titanium is also the premiere Kodi that will also build from Titanium Builds. Then generally solid, but especially for people based in Spanish-speaking countries who want non-English content. Also, this has plentiful add-ons for viewing kid-friendly content. Moreover, sports, which makes it a fine family-friendly Kodi build.

7. Best Builds For Kodi 17: A FireTV Guru


  • Which repo do I get this build in? https://firetvguru.net/
  • What file do I need to install? FireMC 17.3 With Wizard (on web page)
  • Which one is it best for? Streaming on the Amazon Fire TV

Also, The FireTV Guru build that is also optimize that explicitly. You have to make the most of the Amazon Fire TV. This will also be installed on other lightweight Android devices.

8. A Pulse CCM Build:

pulse ccm

Having the Pulse CCM that will build and also specializes in Live TV streaming. In case, if you are interested in watching as much live IPTV as possible. So, this is the build for you.

9. A No Limits Magic Build:

no limits

There is No limit to Magic Build that is not flashy. Also, it is a solid option that will earn its place on this list for its reliability and utility.

10. The Wookie:


  • So, Which repo do I get this build in? https://wookiespmc.com/wiz/
  • What file do I need to install? Click me – succumb to The Wookie.zip
  • Which one is it best for? General viewing

Having a Wookie that will build this occasionally and falls behind on updates. Then it is generally fairly well-made when it does update. Having A more lax update schedule means that more add-ons don’t work properly. Although, this will unfortunately land Wookie at the bottom of our list for now.

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These are the top 10 working Kodi Krypton Builds. Are you agree or disagree with our picks? Kindly Feel free to comment below and let us know about your reviews! Thank You!

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