Best Craigslist Alternatives to Buy and Sell Your Things

Well, for many years, Craiglist is actually the king of local classified ads. When it was founded in 1995 by Craig Newmark, it was based solely on the San Francisco Bay Area and was a really simple website just filled along with links as well. No graphics, no fancy widgets, and also no ads. About 25 years later, the site is virtually unchanged. Let’s discuss Best Craigslist Alternatives to Buy and Sell Your Things.

But, the principle behind keeping the site simple and uncomplicated made sense years ago actually. Along with all of the modern web design advancements it no longer makes a lot of sense now.

Well, with the gap left by an ugly, painful-to-use Craigslist, there are a lot of local buy-and-sell sites that are filling the space as well. The following are the best alternatives to Craigslist actually. Each of these list local items for sale from folks who live near you actually.

Best Craigslist Alternatives to Buy and Sell Your Things

If you are looking for sites just like Craigslist, here are many Craigslist alternatives that you can consider. Check out the details of these sites. You guys might find them a better way in order to sell your stuff online.


You guys might think of Facebook as a place to read the latest status updates for your friends or also watch viral videos. What you might not realize is that Facebook also allows you to buy or sell locally too.

Because nearly everyone has a Facebook account, Facebook “for sale” listings can be really numerous. In fact, you might be surprised at the large number of items that you see listed for sale on Facebook as well. If you are having a hard time selling something on Craigslist instantly, consider listing your item on Facebook actually.

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Just simply type in the name of your local city and online yard sale in order to find your local selling groups. Or tap on the “Buy and Sell Groups” button in the Explore menu actually. Or, tap on the Marketplace tab on the left sidebar of your Facebook page as well.

You can also search for particular keywords within the group if you guys are looking for a certain product to buy. If you do not submit any search criteria, then the results will look like your regular Facebook news feed. They will be displayed in the order of posting as well. Make sure to read the group’s rules before listing a product to sell actually. Some groups are actually more restrictive than others. Similar to Craigslist, you cannot sell firearms along with any of the Facebook Yard Sale groups. Selling on Facebook is free of cost.


You guys may have seen the literal “cliffhanger” TV commercials for Letgo (the actual site’s spelling) a year or two ago actually. Well, in addition to Facebook,  Letgo is probably the most famous Craigslist alternative.

Well, Letgo does a little better job than Facebook at grouping product listings actually. You guys can search for specific keywords or general categories such as Fashion and Accessories. This makes Letgo easier to search for items in some ways actually.

Also, the Letgo site is a bit more attractive actually. As soon as you guys get to the site’s home page, you will see pictures of recent items listed for sale actually. You can also easily see additional items for sale from the same seller when you tap on a product listing.

Well, Letgo can be a little safer than Craigslist. You have to verify your Google or Facebook account in order to create a Letgo profile. However, Craigslist has a very simple and clean platform, Letgo also allows sellers to get a bit more detailed. Such as, you can also post videos with Letgo in addition to pictures.

Finally, Letgo is also convenient. You guys also communicate through their app when interacting with a potential buyer or seller as well. As a result, you do not need to list your phone number or e-mail address actually. This feature helps some of the buyers and sellers feel more comfortable about conducting a transaction along with a stranger.


Swappa basically helps you buy and sell a huge variety of electronic items, for example:

  • cell phones
  • cameras
  • watches
  • video games
  • tablets

And much more. They even help you to buy and sell smart home equipment like voice assistants, streaming devices, and thermostats. As a seller, you won’t pay any fees in order to sell on Swappa. Buyers basically pay a small fee when buying on Swappa, as Swappa helps assist along with the sale to make sure all goes smoothly. The fee is refundable (typically) if the buyer is not happy when they have received the product actually.

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Unfortunately, Swappa Local is really new so it will only be useful to you if you live in one of the major cities listed in its Swappa Local selection page actually. The listings in many cities are not many at the moment, however, they keep growing in volume. Typical products include phones, laptops, video games, and much more.

Product pages are mostly filled with a good number of pictures and a decent description. Many sellers are willing to ship if you like, however, there’s always a safe, local, public space that is chosen by the seller where you can meet to do the swap as well.


Well, what’s the better way to avoid sending trash to landfills than letting your trash become someone else’s treasure? That’s exactly what Recycler is all about.

The first step in using recycler in order to find products near you is typing the town or city where you live and searching across whatever category you like actually. The Recycler listings seem to be really plentiful all across the country.

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On the listing pages, you will see features that actually let you:

  • Adjust the distance of listing results from your location
  • Assign one or more categories or subcategories as well
  • Apply price limits
  • See photo only listings

You guys will see the item title, location, a quick preview of the description, and also the price of the item. Individual listings are mostly pretty brief, along with just a single picture and a quick description. However, there are quick links in the listing that allow you to email the seller for more information or also to set up a sale location.


Well, Locanto is probably one of the best organized Craigslist alternatives than any other. This is due to all of the advanced site features that Craigslist should have included a long time ago actually. These features basically include:

  • A modern, interactive menu system for drilling down into subcategories
  • A tagging system that basically lets you fine-tune your searches
  • A subcategory tree system in order to narrow down the browsing
  • Number of results are listed in the location string at the top of the page
  • Alphabetical category selection

The site is actually most useful currently if you live near large population centers. This is where most of the newest and the most frequent listings are.

craigslist alternatives

Individual listing pages may show an image and a detailed description. On most ads, you’ll notice a Buy now via partner button at the bottom of the listing. This is because in most of the cases these are aggregated listings from external websites such as Best Buy, Target, and many other major retailers. These listings are from local businesses with the item in stock and available actually.

It’s a somewhat different take on local buying and selling actually. However, if your only interest is finding good deals near you regardless of who the seller is, it’s actually a good option.


As far as Craigslist alternatives go, Offerup is really small actually. However, it still has a lot of product listings and has become more famous recently with 23 million app downloads. It was also awarded the App of the Year by Geekwire as well. Sellers and visitors can also broadcast their listing on Facebook as well.

craigslist alternatives

Both the buyers and sellers can receive ratings too. This can also help make the sales process feel more secure and keep scammers to a minimum as well. In order to live up to its namesake, Offerup also allows you to accept the seller’s listed price or make your own offer as well. You can also add listings to your watch list if you are not ready to buy all at once.


Oodle has a slightly different take on helping you to buy or sell locally actually. With all the other sites, you guys only see listings that sellers physically posted on that marketplace. With Oodle, some listings are posted directly to Oodle, however, they also comb other Craigslist alternatives in order to expand their listings.

As an example, you might see vehicles listed from in addition to vehicles sold by actual Oodle members actually. Oodle can also be a good way in order to buy or sell antiques because they will also list products from eBay for local pickup. It also allows sellers in order to advertise listings through Facebook as well. Oodle has a wide array of categories that include pets, personals and services as well.


Gumtree is actually the most popular classified ads site in the U.K. The company even also claims that one out of three adults in the country uses Gumtree each and every month. It’s generally not available in the U.S., but, so you have limit unless you live in the U.K.


Most of the ads on Gumtree are free to post, but you may have to pay a fee in some cases. Such as if you are posting as a small business or for many types of items. You can also choose to pay a small fee and promote your ad as well. Well, gumtree has many of the same categories as Craigslist, such as automobiles, household goods, and community events as well. Unlike Craigslist, but, you guys can use Gumtree to buy and sell pets and many other animals.


This site is entirely free to use, and you guys can buy or sell just about anything as well. has a very simple layout and is reminiscent of the classified ads that you would see in a newspaper except along with pictures uploaded. As with many Craigslist alternatives, you guys will have the most success via if you live in a large city. Although, they do have boards for many smaller regions all across every state as well.


There are plenty of ads updated on the site for not just merchandise, however, also real estate, rentals, jobs, and also even community events. Individual ads mostly include a fair amount of information like a good description, pictures, and an overview template of specifications. There’s also an on-page form you can use in order to communicate with the seller.

The listings do not update quite as frequently as other sites, and also you do have to deal along with quite a few more ads as well. But, it’s worth a visit because there are lots of great local deals to be had, buried among the many listings actually.


You are good to go. If you have any queries and issues related to this article then let us know in the comments section below.

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