Best Free Apple TV Games You Can Play Right Now

Apple TV has its problems as a game console, however, there’s no denying that it has a ton of potential too. And right now is actually the most interesting time there will ever be to check it out. Developers are still working out how can you use the Siri Remote, others are actually hoping that you will pick up a controller. Such as the semi-official Steelseries Nimbus, and many others still are finding ways in order to get around the Apple TV’s unusual storage system. Let’s now discuss the Best Free Apple TV Games You Can Play Right Now.

Apple devices are actually more rigid and robust smart devices. It also has the ability in order to run everything that is thrown into it. Apple TV has also the same App Store that iOS devices use to install apps and games as well. Although the Apple TV is a streaming device, you guys can play games along with it. A lot of games in the Apple App Store are also compatible along with Apple TV. Some of the games can be controlled via using Siri Remote and some require a joystick controller. Here are also the best Apple TV games that you guys can play in your leisure time.

Best Free Apple TV Games You Can Play Right Now

Apple TV is more than just a TV console, not only it streams Netflix, Amazon Prime. And when it comes with some amazing utility apps, then you can also play many games on your Apple TV. Along with so many titles to select from, it can mostly get a little overwhelming in order to find a perfect game. So, in this article, we’ll actually have shortlisted some of our favorite Apple TV games that you can play for free.

Crossy Road

Yes, Crossy Road is also available for iPhone and iPad, but, it’s actually a lot more fun on the big screen! The graphics are simplistic, however, absolutely gorgeous and the gameplay on the Siri remote is surprisingly great too. You guys can also play in multiplayer mode, via an iPhone or iPad as the second controller! Multiplayer is hilariously fun as you’re basically just trying to screw the other person over and then leave them in the dust.

best free apple tv games

You guys can also unlock all sorts of fun characters, such as robots, barnyard animals, and more. All in the pursuit of getting as far as possible without even getting nailed by a tractor-trailer. Yeah, it’s Frogger, however, it’s Frogger reimagined for today as well.

Download – Crossy Roads

Asphalt 8

Well, the Asphalt game series can never be missed in the racing games category actually. Developed by Gameloft, Asphalt 8: Airborne is actually the best racing game for any device and hence for Apple TV too.


best free apple tv games

However, speed is the name of the game (not literally), it is not the only exciting and fun thing about Asphalt 8. You guys will also have to focus on some stunts and big jumps and airtime. In order to get ahead in the races with your favorite cars actually. In Asphalt 8, you’ll also be able to take your pick from Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti, Mercedes, Audi, Ford, Chevrolet, and much more. No matter what kind of car you guys are into, you’ll definitely find it in Asphalt 8.

The game has more than 50 tracks, multiplayer action, limited-time special events, and much more. There’s also a ton of single-player content if multiplayer isn’t your thing. And considering that the game is free to start with, there’s a lot to do actually.

Download – Asphalt 8

Into the Dead

Into the Dead is an FPS along with stunning visuals and intense gameplay for a mobile game. It actually comes with metal support so rest assured your app won’t have a hitch working along with the Apple TV. The objective is just to stay alive and kill zombies in an apocalyptic world. You gain XP and rewards when you level up the game or you can also purchase additional stuff with in-app purchases.

best free apple tv games

Download – Into the dead

Modern Combat 5

MC5 is a really fast-paced single-player FPS, that offers a campaign along with excellent multiplayer action. You can select from a variety of specialist classes, and also unlock awesome weaponry.

best free apple tv games

This first-person shooter from the mobile game developer Gameloft also shows that the company might have a hit on its hands actually. This is the fifth installation in the Modern Combat series, the game provides the sophisticated graphics and precision controls we have come to expect from a console game actually. Players can also pick from nine customizable classes, also including assault, heavy, recon, sniper, support, and much more. Then jump into the online multiplayer action as well. When you advance through the game, you can also pick up class skills and new rewards that help make sure you become the master of the battlefield.

Download – MC5

Rayman’s Adventures

Well, the craziest part of Rayman Adventures is that it is free. Sure, there are in-app purchases in order to help you progress more quickly. However, if you don’t want to pay, then you don’t have to. And there are more than 1,000 adventures to be had in this charming and ridiculously fun platformer. (You can also turn off in-app purchases so the little ones don’t rack up your credit card.

best free apple tv games

You play as Rayman, of course, that makes your way through countless levels, defeating enemies and collecting Incrediballs, however, facing fearsome boss battles along the way. If you guys love a good platformer with some gorgeous visuals, then don’t think twice actually and just download Rayman Adventures. Come on. It’s absolutely free, but there are some interesting in-app purchases too.

You guys don’t need a game controller for this one actually, however, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to play.

Download – Rayman’s Adventures


Well, you’re out running an exploding star in a spaceship that is falling apart along with teammates who are really stupid. Welcome to Spaceteam, your aim is basically to play the game along with your friends and try to fix the ship before it is engulfed via the supernova. Well, the best part of the game is that everyone can use their own iPhone as a controller and get in on the fun too. You will also receive instructions on how you can fix your side of the ship on the phone and you will also have to coordinate with your friends. It’s ridiculously entertaining, and even more, if your friends can take some criticism as well.

best free apple tv games

Download – Spaceteam

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is actually a non-ending snowboarding game that you can play on Apple TV. It is one of the peaceful game that basically helps you to relax.

Alto’s Adventure is also an incredible game. So much more than an endless runner. You basically play as Alto, snowboarding down slopes, catching llamas, collecting coins, and also doing tricks. And it’s stunning as well. Such as stunning, stunning. The soundtrack is lovely and though everything is do-or-die, then you don’t really feel that pressure such as you do with Temple Run or even Super Mario Run.

best free apple tv games

Time passes when you go, and the landscape changes, as you snowboard via mountain villages at sunset, grinding bunting lines, and rooftops as well. This is actually the most relaxing time you guys will ever spend playing an endless runner. And you won’t even be that choked whenever you inevitably land on your head trying to do a backflip as well.

Download – Alto’s Adventure

SongPop Party

SongPop Party also lets you play with more than five other folks using the iOS remote app. That makes this the perfect party or family game. All you guys have to do is just swipe to answer the questions about music. The faster you guys are, the more points you get. It’s absolutely free to play, although you guys can make in-app purchases to speed up the unlocking process if you so want.

songpop party

There are also a bunch of genres to select from, so there’s something for everyone, and there’s also a cast of cute characters to select from.

Note: Some songs do have explicit lyrics and there is also no way to turn this off, so beware when you guys are playing along with little ones. The game is also rated 12+ on the App Store too.

Download – SongPop Party


Shadowmatic, the name itself tells the type of the game actually. This game is based on shadows and light actually.

Shadowmatic is basically a puzzle game where you guys have abstract objects. That must be rotated around in a spotlight unless they begin to form recognizable silhouettes in the shadows. Your clues are actually the environment that each and every stage has. As the shadow silhouette will then form something that is related to the overall theme. There are more than 10 different rooms and themes, and it’s really relaxing to play. There is also more DLC content if you guys finish the main game.


Download – Shadowmatic

Badland 2

Badland 2 is actually an award-winning adventure game that has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars as well best free apple tv games. The game has a user base of up to 65 million.

Badlands 2 basically offers the same great adventure-puzzle experience. That made its predecessor great whenever adding on new in-game mechanics to expand gameplay. Flap around the forest as a little black, ball-shaped creature, through your wings, to maneuver via stages. Just be sure to prevent obstacles like water, fire, and frost. For replayability, the developers have also included three different playable modes.

best free apple tv games

That including survive the longest, save the most clones or reach the end fastest. If you guys haven’t already picked up a Badlands game in the past, starting along with this well-tuned sequel is a really great place to start.

The aim of the game is basically to survive the level with minimal deaths. You have to endure flamethrowers, magma, liquids, frost, burning light, and much more than that. Just like Playdead’s INSIDE, it needs the utmost concentration to finish the level. The game has also a single-player mode and global online challenges. The graphics quality is the highlighting feature in this game. Badland 2 occupies only 129.2 MB of your storage actually.

The game basically costs $0.99 on the Apple App Store.

Download – Shadowmatic

Lumino City

Well, Lumino City might just be the coolest mobile game ever. The premise is really simple; your grandfather, the caretaker of Lumino City has been kidnapped, and it’s actually up to you, as Lumi. in order to explore the city and figure out the mechanisms that make it work. Collecting items and then bringing them back to where they complete a circuit or mechanism actually.

lumino city

The real treat here is the scenery actually, which is all handmade from cardboard, paper, miniature lights, and motors as well. The handmade stuff was then scanned and digitized to be animated in the game, and it is freakin’ B-E-A-Utiful actually. The soundtrack is fascinating as well because it stops and starts and then sort of pulses in and out. It makes for a unique gaming experience that really turns the entire platformer/adventure/puzzle game on its head as well.

There are actually tons of different kinds of puzzles, so things never get stale and keep you thinking at each turn. It’s overall a really relaxing game, and if you enjoy Little Big Planet at all, then definitely check it out.

Download – Lumino City


You are good to go. If you have any queries and issues related to this “best free apple tv games” article then let us know in the comments section below.

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