Best Free Roku Channels You Can Watch

Well, Roku has long been the leader in free video channels; but, along with so many channels to select from, finding the best can be difficult actually. Along with many new Roku Players and Roku TVs sold at the end of 2019 recently many have been asking for recommendations for the best free services on Roku. Let’s discuss Best Free Roku Channels You Can Watch.

If you’ve owned a Roku device for a while, or also you just bought a new one, then you should know that Roku channels are up to date all the time. Staying on top of the best free Roku channels make sures that you have access to a nearly unlimited number of movies or TV shows to binge-watch actually.

If you guys are ready to start sifting via everything from old TV classics to the latest famous series or blockbuster movies, then let’s start!

Find Free Roku Channels

Well, if this is your first time using a Roku streaming device, then you should know where to look for additional channels actually. When your Roku first opens, it’ll then start at the Home screen, which you can see below.

Well, in order to find additional channels beyond the ones that are installed by default on your Roku actually. Use the Roku remote to scroll down in order to Streaming Channels. Tap on OK on the remote to choose it. On the Channel Store, you’ll see the Featured menu where some commonly used channels are listed actually.

You can see the most famous free channels through choosing Top Free Movies & TV. This is where your channel-hunting adventures begin actually. There are hundreds upon hundreds of channels filled with content you can watch actually. Much of it is free, however, there are certainly lots of channels you have to pay for, or already have a cable subscription for as well.

Best Free Roku Channels You Can Watch

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is basically your home for free, live, and premium TV as well. Watch an ever-changing selection of hit movies, TV shows, 24/7 live news, sports, and famous kids’ movies and TV shows all totally free actually. You can also Easily add 30+ Premium Subscriptions from HBO, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME®, STARZ, EPIX, and much more! It’s subscription streaming made easy along with one login, one bill, and one place in order to stream the TV you love.

Start watching on your Roku device at home and also pick up where you left off with the free Roku mobile app. Enjoying your favorite entertainment has never been easier you know that. Premium Subscriptions and Kids & Family on The Roku Channel are available in the US only actually.


Well, Netflix isn’t technically “free”, because you need to pay a monthly subscription. But, technically if you watch many hours of content on this channel each and every month, the value proposition is almost zero. Log into your Netflix account on this channel in order to access the original Netflix series and movies, binge watch the entire seasons of TV shows and sitcoms. Or find documentaries about things that you care about.

best free roku channels

The nice thing about the Netflix channel is that Netflix mostly updates its offering, so you are rarely hard-pressed for something good to watch actually.


Hulu is actually another subscription-based service however, does offer a limited free account. The hulu is well known for the place to watch entire seasons of old and also new TV shows that you might have watched, or want to watch again. On the Hulu channel, you guys will also find exclusive original shows and movies. Plenty of kids shows, and many of the more famous movies that you might not find on other channels.

Pluto is also an interesting take on free streaming content. The content is laid out in a TV Guide-style grid along with streaming selections listed by the time frame.

Some of the TV stations that you’ll find here include CNET, IGN, Nick, Comedy, CMT Westerns, and many others. All specifically tailored for Pluto TV viewers actually. So sit back and channel surf just like you used to when you had cable right!


Watch hundreds and thousands of hit movies and TV series for free. Tubi is 100% legal unlimited streaming, with no credit cards and also no subscription needed. Select what you want to watch, whenever you want to watch it, with fewer ads than regular TV. Tubi is actually the largest free streaming service that features award-winning movies and TV series. Well, there is everything for everybody; from comedy to drama, kids to classics, and niche favorites such as Korean dramas, anime, and British series as well. Just download now and start streaming entertainment for free, today!


Crackle is well-known to cord-cutters actually. It basically offers free TV, some old movies, and even some original content. The exact shows you can enjoy varies between countries as well.

You can stream free Hollywood movies, TV series, and originals on your favorite devices actually. Wait what, free? Yes, free, always, and forever as well. Watch premium TV shows and movies from a full library of new and iconic hits as well. All on-demand, without even a subscription. Set up a free account in order to see fewer ads and to pick up where you left off on any device.

Adult Swim

If you guys are an adult who has never really stopped watching cartoons actually. Then you know that Adult Swim was a channel for you actually.

Well, adult Swim shows are essentially evening cartoons on the Cartoon Network. The target audience of these shows that mostly feature sexual themes, strong language, and most violence, is clearly the crowd over 18 years old. This Roku channel features famous adult animation series such as Rick and MortyThe Venture Bros, and Robot Chicken.

The block has mostly aired adult animation features, mockumentaries, sketch comedy, and pilots as well. The block’s shows are known for their sexual themes, frank sexual discussion, nudity, strong language, and also graphic violence.


The CW channel is actually the official Roku app from the American television network of the same name. It’s entirely free to use so that no cable subscription we need. It also offers the last five episodes of a given series on-demand. Shows are generally available 24 hours after they air on TV actually.

best free roku channels

Some of its biggest hits, and shows you will find on this Roku channel, are include RiverdaleNancy Drew, the DC Legends of Tomorrow series, SupernaturalCharmed, and many more than that.


The Public Broadcasting Station gets its funds from a really wide array of sources. A large component of that is from the public itself actually. That includes individual donors and whole private foundations. So, it’s surprising that how much of its programming is so professionally made that it’s built a significant audience of fans.

On the Roku channel for PBS, you will find PBS’ top shows such as NOVAFrontline, and many Masterpiece original movies. Best of all, whenever you add the channel you’ll then need to register online (for free) and include your zip code. With this information, the Roku PBS channel will serve up your local PBS station content, which also include news.

Freebie TV

The Freebie TV channel on Roku has centered around movies that TV shows that basically offer something for everyone in the family.

Each genre does not have a lot of titles, roughly a couple of dozen each, however, overall you guys will find a few hundred titles. Plus, there are even famous YouTube video channels to stream. Keep in mind that much of the content here is ad-sponsore actually.


This is actually one of those Roku channels that when you start watching you won’t be able to stop.

best free roku channels

Vice programming is really different. Think documentaries across all sorts of topics. That includes crime, celebrity, culture, fashion, and subjects that don’t even fit into a single category. If you have ever wanted to find content in order to stream online that will make you feel both enlightened and entertained at the same time, this Roku channel is definitely for you.


Filmrise is another service that does not need a subscription to stream all of the free content found there. Best of all, the library of content is extensive and it includes both awesome movies and TV series. You’ll find famous comedies, romances, horror films, action movies, documentaries, and much more.

FilmRise has up to 10,000 free movies. You won’t find the same number of recent releases as on The Roku Channel, however, it’s a great place to watch B-movies and classic films.

Indie Rights

Well, not all independent films are really worth watching, there are quite a few that are surprisingly good in order to watch. In fact, some are shockingly good as well.

At the Roku Indie Rights channel, you guys can watch award-winning independent films and series as well. Judge these films for yourself actually. Pick from horror films, drama, comedy, and also quirky films that you won’t forget for long after the end of the film.


You are good to go. If you have any queries and issues related to this article then let us know in the comments section below.

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