Best Image Optimizers & Compressors – Review

Are you looking for the best Image optimizers? With Full high-quality screens now a working minimum standard and also cheap mobiles packing minimum 5 MP cameras. It is quite simple to forget the image size. When a person creates a website, it’s very important to take bandwidth into account.

While one large, high-resolution picture probably not pose an issue to a modern broadband connection. However, if you try to email some pictures to someone, the size of the email might come as a shock when you have to mail more than 20 photos. That is the reason an online image optimizer is your best companion when you like to upload, share, or host pictures.

These were some of my favorite online image optimizers. Come let’s take a look at them:

Image Test Setup

Before we move into each image optimizer, I want to use or show how we did our test. It’s just like a series of compressions by various compression engines and that’s it.

If you like to show the difference that the file format makes in terms of compression. Then we used a PNG image and a JPG image. Certainly, you can compress your snap much better if you save it using another format. JPG images suites your pictures of “real” people, places, things, etc.

PNG images are good for text, icons, screenshots of windows on your PC, etc.

Online Image Optimizers:’s provides us an excuse to yell “release the Kraken!” whenever we use it. But rather than that, it’s one of the quickest fixes we’ve tried and very simple to use.

There are many paid tiers of the product, differing by total gigabytes of data you can process per month. However, the free quick web interface doesn’t let you resize pictures or use other “Pro” features. But it is quite easy or simple to drag and drop tools we can figure out in a few seconds.

Best of all, you can queue various files for instant batch processing.

Also, you can easily import pictures from Dropbox or Google Drive with a tap. In our test, Kraken restricts the size of our JPG image by about 15% (78 KB).

But there is a loss in quality, but the picture still seems pretty good and your website will be more streamlined thanks to the optimization.

The compressed PNG quality is quite similar to the original. That is why I love using the PNG format due to its ability to be heavily compressed without any loss in quality.

The compressor is another amazing file size reduction. “Up to 90%” in some situations. However, some pictures won’t get that type of performance, Compressor is the best option if you favor absolute file size over fine picture detail.

The interface is simple or attractive and can easy to use. It’s also good that you can store an image directly to your Dropbox or Google Drive without first installing it to your PC. One drawback, however, is the fact that only one picture can be processed at a time. You can process many pictures at the same time.

After using the Compressor on our test image, there was a 28% reduction in picture size for the JPG image (66 KB).

if we talk about the PNG image, it restricts the size of the image by about 67%. This site is very close to Kraken.

Also, you can add a significant amount of noise to the image. So it’s good to file size, but with minimum quality. You’ll try your images on various sites to search for one that strikes a perfect balance between image quality or substantial size reduction.

However, the PNG image from the compressor looks like the one from Kraken, so I’m not adding it here.



Optimizilla gets quick attractiveness points also it offers a balanced approach to picture optimization. Not just this but also you can line up to 20 images. Optimizilla provides a very robust interface.

Optimizilla allows you to set individual quality levels for your pictures. You can also adjust this with a slider and can preview the resulting picture as compared to its original.

This means you don’t need to repeatedly install the finished file until you are satisfied with the quality.

Well, by default we got a 23% limitation in file size for the JPG (70 KB). The JPG size is bigger than the compressor. But it is smaller than the Kraken. The image quality is better than the compressor and comparable to Kraken.

The PNG size reduced by 64% and can nearly indistinguishable from the real one.


ImageSmaller is another amazing online compression tool that generates good results. Not just this but also you are limited to only processing one picture at a time.

In our situation, we got the best reduction size i.e 54% for our JPG with the best amount of quality loss. The picture is still workable if you’re online posting it for any purpose.

An Offline Option: RIOT

Radical Image Optimization Tool

Well, all four image optimizers need a Wifi network, that’s not always possible. So it’s a much better idea to have an offline app as a backup or under any condition that makes online optimization minimal than ideal.

Perhaps you want to process a huge number of pictures or don’t like to upload some pictures for privacy purposes.

So you must try Radical Image Optimization Tool. It is a completely free tool that can virtually do it all, while being easy to use.

It provides the best automatic suggestion mode. Just drag the picture in and it will suggest a perfect level of compression.

After we use the auto setting, we get a reduction of 28% in picture size (66 KB). Another interesting thing about RIOT is that the tool comes with a batch converter mode. So you can line up lots of pictures as your PC can manage and then just leave it to get on with business.

JPEG Optimizer

JPEG Optimizer is another bet optimizer to check out if all you want to compress JPEG images.

Many of us should be fine using the default compression of 65, though the site can compress pictures anywhere between 0-99. After using the default setting, I was able to trim the file size by 66%.

If you want, you can then view EXIF data and resize your picture. And then move on to add effects like borders, captions, or shadows. When the tool compresses the picture, you can install it and use it anywhere you want.

Image Optimizers – Tiny PNG

Tiny PNG

Tiny PNG is another trusted tool that manages compression of both PNG or JPEG image formats very easily. Also, it allows you to bulk upload up to 20 pictures in one go. However, every file size can reach 5 MB.

After compression, pictures can be downloaded to your PC or stored in Dropbox. Tiny PNG also makes it quite simple or easy for WordPress users with a free plugin.


If you’ve got pictures in various formats to optimize, you’ll then find ImageRecycle to be the best option. Not only PNG or JPEG but this tool also compatible with GIFs and PDFs. You can also drag and drop your pictures onto the site and install the optimized pictures with a tap.

One essential thing about ImageRecycle is that it provides you a free report about your site with details of pictures that want optimization. You just type in your website’s URL to get this report.

If you like to access features such as URL or Page Optimizer, you’ll opt for their one-time payment plans. You can also choose your different price points. There’s also 15 days free trial with a cap at 100 MB to helps you to make up your mind.

Image Optimizers – Ezgif

As its name suggests, Ezgif is an online image optimizer. You can also use it to work on your PNGs, GIFs, and JPGs.

From the department of GIF, Ezgif uplifts the bar to a higher level. It allows you to tinker about a lot with GIFs. Like resizing, creating, trimming, or optimizing them. You can also create GIFs via JPEG, PNG, and other pictures. Also, you can upload up to 2,000 files.


With the help of these image optimization software, you’ll get your sets to load quicker or save some stage on your web server or email manageable pictures to loved ones.

It’s easy or fast to slim those pictures down to something more palatable. So I hope you like it if you really like it then let us know below!

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