Best iPad Keyboard App You can Use on Your Device

Well, Apple’s iOS, as we all know, is not the most user-friendly OS whenever it comes to customization. But, things are not as bad they used to be and you guys can now customize many things in the OS. That includes the default keyboard. The support for keyboard customization was first introduced along with iOS 8, which means there are actually a ton of different third-party keyboards that are available on the App Store. However, the question is – which third-party iOS keyboard should you guys use on your iPhone and iPad? Well, we have handpicked some of the best ones for you actually. So let’s now discuss the Best iPad Keyboard App You can Use on Your Device.

Whenever we hear about smartphones, Android and iOS are the first ones to come to our mind right! If we talk about the iPhones, these devices are really smart and dominating the gadget smartphones. If you guys are using an iPhone for a while, then you might know that the stock keyboard of the iPhone lacks a lot of essential features.

Fortunately, you guys can enhance your typing experience on your iPhone using the keyboard apps. There are a lot of iOS keyboard apps available on the Apple app store that will give you an unmatched typing experience.

Best iPad Keyboard App You can Use on Your Device

Well, the iPhone’s built-in keyboard may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s got a limited amount of GIFs, autocorrect can be hit-or-miss, and you can’t change the size of the keys in order to accommodate the larger and smaller iPhone models. Even with the release of iOS 14. The only advantage that comes with the latest software update is the ability to search for emojis — nothing else actually.

The stock keyboard app on your iPad basically comes with many amazing features such as flick gestures, multi-touch shift support, and the recently released ‘long press to move cursor’ etc. But, if you guys are coming from Android, then you might miss the useful features like swipe typing, GIF and gesture support, etc. Thankfully, iOS permits you to download third-party keyboard apps on your iPad in order to get these features. I have compiled a list of the best keyboard apps for iPad. Let’s now check them out.

Do You Guys Know?

The stock keyboard app on your iPad (except 12.9 in iPad Pro) has also a Hidden feature called, Flick Gestures. That allow you to swipe down for the alternative symbols on that key actually. Useful, if you really hate toggling between numbers and letters on the keyboard actually. You can then activate it through going to Settings > General > Keyboard > Enable Flick Keys.

Grammarly Keyboard

  • Spellings and Grammer Check
  • Keyboard Clicks
  • Emoji
  • Auto-correction

Get rid of all the basic grammatical errors and type messages correctly via Grammarly Keyboard. Along with the smart grammar checker, it also lets you instantly find out the mistakes and delete them. The advanced punctuation correction and vocabulary enhancements help you type with more confidence too.

ipad keyboard app

The precise and clear explanations make sure that you can understand the correction easily. The keyboard app lets you know whenever it auto-corrects. So that you learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them. Well, not just that, but Grammarly Keyboard also corrects the grammatical errors, and it displays a brief explanation of each and every correction.

Download – Grammarly Keyboard 


  • One-Handed Keyboard
  • GIFs, stickers
  • Cursor control
  • Number row
  • Word predictions

Flesky is actually the only keyboard in this list that permits you to use extensions, in order to make typing a hassle-free task. You can take the benefit from these extensions to browse things such as YouTube, Spotify, and much more. Heck, you can also do an instant web search and pull out relevant links without even having to leave the app you are in. Fleksy, just like other keyboards in the list, has a ton of options such as GIF support, Stickers, Memes, and much more.

ipad keyboard app

Fleksy also lets you tap and hold the space bar button in order to move your cursor and make changes. The ability in order to use the space bar as a cursor was only introduced recently in the stock iOS keyboard. The Fleksy app also offers a lot of customization options. Such as the ability to change the keyboard size, themes, and much more.

Download – Fleksy

Blink Keyboard

  • Split keyboard
  • Customizable layouts
  • Quick gestures

Now, next up, Blink. This keyboard app unlike other apps in this list focuses on ease of typing instead of themes. You can also change the Keyboard layout and select from QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, German, Spanish, and JKLC as well.

ipad keyboard app

If you guys are using the smaller iPhone 11 Pro or the new iPhone SE, then chances are that you value one-handed usability more than anything actually. Well then, let me suggest the perfect keyboard for you as well. Blink is actually one of the best keyboard apps for one-handed users. The app also lets you easily resize the keyboard for one-handed use. It also features a powerful auto-correct feature that learns from your typing pattern and also corrects the words whenever you type.

It also lets you enter customizable keyboard shortcuts. Such as, you can set keyboard shortcuts for most typed things like email addresses, phone numbers, and much more. And finally, it also offers a good selection of themes that lets you customize the look and feel of the keyboard. Overall, it’s actually a great third-party keyboard app for iPhone and iPad and you guys are going to enjoy using it.

Download – Blink Keyboard


  • Native and local language
  • GIFs and Emojis
  • Usage stats
  • Clipboard
  • Swipe typing.

Swiftkey is one of the most famous keyboard apps for both Android and iOS. And what makes it famous is support for more than 150 native languages.

With Artificial Intelligence, the keyboard automatically learns your writing style, the emojis that you like using a lot, and the words you prefer. Thus, the app gives more suitable words and emojis whenever your type. Swipe type gesture basically makes typing incredibly easy!

ipad keyboard app

The support of bilingual autocorrects across more than 90 languages further enhances SwiftKey’s reputation as a highly user-friendly keyboard app. You guys can also customize it along with dozens of themes to choose from. Of course, it also supports emojis and GIFs too.

You guys can also see saved keystrokes, typos corrected, words typed, words predicted, distance flowed, as well. If you sync the app along with your social media accounts. It would then recognize your typing patterns and most of the time would finish your sentences for you.

Download – SwiftKey


  • Cursor control
  • Search integration
  • Glide typing
  • Multiple layout support
  • Choice input
  • Custom Stickers

You can’t really ignore Gboard when you talk of mobile Keyboards, Gboard (earlier known as Google keyboard) is one of the smartest keyboard apps out there actually. Well, the biggest selling point of Gboard is the Google search integration right on the keyboard actually. You guys can not only search from the keyboard itself, however, also send links directly.


Also, apart from the standard layouts, Gboard also supports lesser-known niche layouts such as DVORAK and COLEMAN. You can select more than three languages at a time which makes switching easier. Gboard also offers glide typing (swiping your finger across letters) and also an offensive word blocker. Something that’s is actually missing from the iOS stock keyboard app.

Gboard has also a collection of stickers and you can create custom stickers within the app and then add it to your keyboard. All of the themes just like the rest of the app is absolutely free and you gusy can replace your stock keyboard with it. Additionally, it has voice input so that’s great.

Download – Gboard


  • Inbuilt app integration
  • Theme builder
  • Text shortcuts

Enjoy enhanced multitasking along with the collection of  27 mini-apps that basically comes with this keyboard. For instance, you guys can use the Clipboard mini-app in order to save any copied text, or search for and send images from the web when chatting.

ipad keyboard app

Some of the other mini-apps also include Calculator, Calendar, Todoist, Dropbox, Reminders, Wikipedia, Slack, OneDrive, Dictionary lookup, local music search, fun emoji search, and also even more!

The most essential feature of this app is the app integration with other applications and services. There are around 27 different apps and services and you can turn them on or off them as per your convenience. Some of the services also include YouTube search, web search, clipboard, contacts, translator, Wunderlist, calculator, Google Drive, Slack, etc. You guys can use all of these apps right from the keyboard that makes it so much more convenient.

Download – Reboard


  • Quick swipe gestures
  • Quick emoji
  • Support for Apple Watch
  • Speak back when you type

Well, this one is not just a keyboard for iPhone and iPad, however, for Apple Watch too. It can help you type more than three times faster than usual. Deep customization, emoji, and text shortcuts create a fun and fluid typing experience, even on the small screen of your watch too.

This app especially stands out for its accessibility features that basically help visually-impaired individuals. There are also options for large keys, high-contrast colors, prominent visuals, and even VoiceOver feedback as well. Impressive indeed!


Swipe gestures are used to type efficiently rather than the spacebar and enter keys. When you type, your letters don’t appear and the keyboard shows password field dots instead. This feature basically helps you focus your attention on the text instead of the keyboard. The dots form a sentence when you swipe right, even if you tap on a wrong key, it is auto-corrected by the keyboard.

Another unique feature of Flicktype is the eyes-free typing, that speaks back to you when you type. So, if you know someone along with a Visual impairment, well, you guys should recommend this, to them.

Download – Flicktype

GO Keyboard

This is actually a multipurpose keyboard app that includes and everything from stickers and emojis to custom keyboards and themes. That basically takes your typing experience to the next level. It also supports swipe typing, auto-correction, and predictive text as well.


Further, there’s also an Aging Shutter that basically uses facial analysis to let you see what you would like when older. Create emoji avatars that just look just like you and have a blast on social media apps. Available in more than 40 languages.

Price: Absolutely Free (In-app Purchases start from $5.99)

Download – GO Keyboard


You are good to go. If you have any queries and issues related to this “iPad keyboard app” article then let us know in the comments section below.

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