Best Music Sync App for Multiple Devices

Imagine you decided to have a party along with your friends and nobody has speakers loud enough in order to put the music on. Well, what kind of party is that without music? Fortunately, today you guys can find many apps in order to sync music on multiple phones and amplify the volume, you just need your friends for that. Streaming music to multiple devices simultaneously you can enjoy the loud sound wherever you are actually. Let’s now Best Music Sync App for Multiple Devices.

Music sync apps can definitely help you in different situations. If you have many devices. That you can collect all your tracks in one place actually. With a large variety of services, for example, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Deezer, Spotify, and so on, it’s much more convenient to have each and everything in one just app.

Most of them go on different platforms, both for Android and iOS so that you can share the sound. Along with your friends even if you have different device preferences. So, let’s now take a look at the best music syncing apps for any situation actually.

Best Music Sync App for Multiple Devices

Well, thankfully, there are a handful of apps on the Play Store that will definitely help you sync. And also stream music all across a number of mobile devices, to amplify the effect actually. However, most of these music syncing apps for Android and iOS are either filled with ads or don’t work at all. Don’t worry, as we did the hard work for you and found the best apps in order to turn a few phones into a sound system.


Rave is also another cross-platform app to enjoy music together along with your friends and other folks from all around the globe. So, with this app, you can easily turn your devices into a portable instant speaker system actually. You can also share tracks from your library or from different streaming services, also including YouTube. You can mix the tracks and folks will be able to enjoy your own sound everywhere as well.

music sync app

It is important to note that Rave is created to stream videos. You can also watch TV series from Netflix or videos from YouTube with other folks even if they are not nearby. Nevertheless, the app is perfect to share music, too. You can also text and talk to your friends when you are listening or watching. So that you can always stay in touch and feel each other around too.

Rave basically comes with a contacts section so that you can send invites to friends who are not on the platform yet. It also supports Vimeo in case, if you use that to stream music.

Download (Android | iOS)


JQBX will definitely help you in order to discover the best music in the world together along with your friends, enjoy the music together, and also always have access to it 24/7 actually. The JQBX also hooks into your Spotify account and is 100% free to use as well.

music sync app

The idea of this app is that you can create a new room (or join the one that already exists). Then create a playlist and then invite your friends in order to join. The rooms can be public or private as well, it depends on you. It is also possible to chat in that room actually. Well, JQBX used to be available for iOS as well. But nowadays, unfortunately, it is available for Android only.

Each and every room has a dedicated chat box where you guys can share your thoughts about music, life, or anything else. You can single out a single person in the room through pressing the ‘@’ button and picking them from the list as well. In other words, JQBX is a really great app that helps to keep all the music organized and share it easily as well.

Download (Android | iOS | Web | Mac)


AmpMe is also another best Android app on the list that you can use to sync music across other devices. The best thing about AmpMe is that it can stream music from many music streaming apps. Such as YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc. But, you have to sign in with Google or Facebook account in order to connect with your friends. The app is also available on the Google Play Store, and it received lots of positive ratings too. So, AmpMe is another best app that you can use to sync music across multiple devices actually.

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The famous music sync app is totally free along with no ads to annoy you. Just open the app and then start amplifying. It actually uses a proprietary tech called “server-centric proprietary audio matching technology”. That’s a rather long name however, no need for Bluetooth or LAN actually.

You can start your own Live Party and any person can join it too. Being a DJ, you can also control what your friends are listening to and they can suggest their tracks.

Download (Android | iOS)


SoundSeeder is one of the most famous music sync apps that you can use right now. The best thing about SoundSeeder is that it basically offers a Party Mode. That plays music simultaneously and in sync along with your friends to boost the volume. The app depends on the WiFi network to sync music among different devices.


The app is really popular among Android users, and it’s right now used via thousands of users from all across the globe. So, SoundSeeder is another best music sync app that you guys can use on your Android smartphone as well.

You can also control music, playback, and song selection from the host device without even having to touch the other devices. There is also a sync button on the top right in case you feel sync is not perfect actually. That resyncs automatically in the background and you guys can set its frequency.

The app is also ad-supported and the free version will permit you to connect more than 2 devices for a max duration of 15 minutes. The pro version will actually cost you $4.49 and is totally worth it.

Download (Android)


Chorus is also another fun app to sync music for all Android users. That permits for reliable synchronization of the audio stream on multiple devices at just the same time. Bluetooth is also a synchronization tool. At the beginning of use, the user must create a personal account in the system and invite the owners of other phones in order to connect to the stream.


When you do that you can then start music from the device’s library or online services. The sound will be heard from the speakers of all connected devices at the same time and without any delay actually. This is a completely free app that basically lets you sync music and does not bother with advertising at the same time as well.

In simple, it’s an awesome app. Keep in mind that the song will restart and play from the beginning when you resync manually. The only drawback is that it works along with locally saved files only.

Download (Android)

Vertigo Music

Well, this app is for iOS users who don’t like listening to music alone. You guys can share your playlists with thousands of folks all around the globe, exchange opinions on different pieces of music too. You can sync with different music services, like Spotify or Apple Music.

vertigo music

With Vertigo Music you can’t really play music on multiple devices simultaneously. However, you still can sync up with others and experience different kinds of music as well. It is a social network, so you have to sign up.

You can use it to listen to the same track, sync music, and stream it either in the same room or in different corners of the world too. It is completely free along with no ads.

Download (iOS)

DoubleTwist Music & Podcast Player with Sync

Nice and convenient music sync app because it permits you to have a player and a music sync app in the same place. With doubleTwist, you can connect to any streaming service and finally do not get dozens of connections and apps just to play music together along with your friends.

music sync app

What is more, you guys can even save the music in the app to listen offline and it is absolutely legal. Another cool thing that you guys can find here is podcasts. You can also subscribe to the podcast channels if you want to. Of course, it is really useless for the music sync app, but it is still a nice bonus.

There is actually also the ability to download album covers, convenient playlists. The ability to subscribe to podcasts along with automatic downloads, and the connection of external devices in order to stream music. This sync up music app is available for free, however, some features need the purchase of a premium version.

Download (Android)


AllConnect is actually the last music sync app on the list which permits users to sync music across multiple devices. The great thing about AllConnect is that it actually has support for a really wide range of devices and services. Not just that, but AllConnect is also available on the iOS app store. That means you can also now sync music over iOS devices as well. So, AllConnect is another best music sync apps for Android that you guys can use right now.

Well, a broadcast audio stream is available on an infinite number of devices. And the quality of the sound display relies solely on the state of the speakers of the phones as well. This is a really great way to arrange a noisy disco in any convenient place actually.


You are good to go. If you have any queries and issues related to this article then let us know in the comments section below.

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