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Are you looking for the best text editor for android? If you are the one who deals with long codes, then you must know the joy of using a good code editor. The reason behind this, it offers auto-completion, syntax highlighting, etc., and makes your life a tab quite simpler or easier for you. For regular PCs, you have many code editors to select from like Sublime Text, Atom, Notepad++, Brackets, VS Code Editor, etc.

If you have a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, you can then use the mobile code editors to do some editing on mobile. Using the given apps, you can simply edit and manage your code anywhere and any time you want right on your mobile device. If you like to get begin, here are some of the amazing Android text editors for programming that you must give a try.

HTML Text Editor For Android

HTML Text Editor for android


If your goal is blog development then this is one is an ideal editor for you.

It is a minimal open-source text code editor and it supports different languages. It can allow you to edit any type of source file such as CSS, python, PHP, Java, etc. However, it is only able to execute Markdown, HTML, and Javascript files. You can also view website previews and console messages.

Also, ACode is compatible with keyboard controls such as Esc, Shift, etc. The app contains no ads and also supports syncing projects from GitHub through the Git utility

anWriter HTML Editor

If you are just searching for an editor to edit HTML and lots of other related techs such as jQuery, Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS, and AngularJS with the support of autocompletion then anWriter is the best choice for you. It provides built-in support for FTP to download, browse, and upload files to a server. While working with CSS, HTML, and JS you can also preview web pages in the internal viewer which offers a handy Javascript error console. Rather than web technologies, the editor also supports syntax highlighting for other languages. Like PHP, Python, C++, LaTeX, C, and Java.


If we talk about its features then anWriter offers lots of features.

  • Infinite undo
  • Hardware keyboard support
  • Line numbering
  • Search and replace with regex support
  • It can edit and move between various source files
  • etc

Price: anWriter contains ads but it is free of cost. If you want to get rid of ads and take proper access to extra features such as support for line wrap, autocompletion support for PHP and SQL, syntax color settings, infinite redo, etc., you want to buy its pro version which costs $5.

Download: anWriter HTML Editor

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Web Development Text Editor For Android

Web Development Text Editor


AWDs stands for Android Web Developer. It is a code editor and IDE that is compatible with web technologies such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, JSON, and PHP. So, if you are the one that heavily works using this web tech then you must give it a try to AWD. However, AWD can perform error checking during or after editing the source files. Not just this, but also it enables you to preview files within the app. AWD can also join with your web server and connect to it in different ways such as FTPS, FTP, WebDev, SFTP, etc.


  • Auto code completion
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Compatible with keybindings or hardware keyboard
  • Search and replace via regex support
  • Auto-saving
  • Support for code beautification with a single click
  • GIT integration
  • Infinite undo and redo

If you work with many HTML, JSON, JS, PHP, and CSS then this one is a perfect choice as it can also act as an IDE and display errors.

Price: The app is free of cost with feature limitations and contains ads. If you want to erase ads and unlock premium features, you want to upgrade to the pro version after paying $6. The pro version provides access to features such as code formatting, compatibility for the hardware keyboard, color picket, auto-saving, git integration, ability to execute PHP code, etc.

Download: AWD for Android

Multi-Language Editor For Android

Multi-Language Editor


QuickEdit as its name speaks is an instant lightweight text editor and source editor for smartphones. It is compatible with 50+ different languages. It includes lots of popular languages such as C, Python, C3, C++, HTML, Swift, Java, Javascript, CSS, PHP, XML, Perl, etc. QuickEdit also compatible with Markdown so that you can instantly create HTML docs through Markdown syntax. During editing CSS, HTML, or Markdown files, you can simply preview them using your favorite browser with a single click.

The app also provides compatibility for tabs so that you can simply open various files and toggle between them easily. The best thing about QuickEdit is that there is no limit for redoing or undoing. However, you can also connect to servers through the built-in cloud services or FTP or like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.


If we talk about its other features then it includes:

  • Customizable indentation
  • Word wrap
  • Modify fonts and font size
  • Clean or smooth scrolling
  • Compatible for handling large files
  • Basic search and replace functionality
  • It can edit Android system files whenever you have root access
  • etc.

If you are searching for a small but responsive editor that compatible a huge range of languages then QucikEdit is for you.

Code Editor

Code Editor is another amazing programming app from QuickEdit’s developer. Rather than that it offers a similar layout, there’s one big difference and minor tweaks in the application. Code Editor, out of this whole code editor list completely compatible with a physical keyboard. You can also press Ctrl+S to save a file, Ctrl+W to quit the current file, and Ctrl+F uses for search. It is also compatible with auto intend.

Just like QuickEdit, Code Editor also compatible with the syntax of popular or top-rated languages such as C, Python, C3, C++, HTML, Swift, Java, Javascript, CSS, PHP, XML, Perl, etc.

  • Price: Free with ads. You can also erase ads after purchasing its pro version.
  • Download: Code Editor

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Compiler & IDE

Compiler And IDE


Dcoder is a minimal yet robust code editor for handsets. Well, I like the black-cmd-looking interface with a console font. It is compatible with lots of programming languages and frameworks such as Dart, Assembly, C++, Django, NodeJS, Django, Java, Swift, Kotlin, etc.

The best feature about Dcoder is that it offers a Dcoder keyboard with the app. The keyboard is well optimized for coding also it has copy-paste, Tab, and preview keys. Not just this but also it offers you 300 MB of cloud storage to save your files. You need to sign-in for the cloud storage and henceforth, you can also access your files from any device through Dcoder. Well, Dcoder also provides native support for Git. So, if you are working with GitHub, you can then clone the project and easily import it within Dcoder.

Price: Dcoder is free of cost but it doesn’t contain any ads for code editing. However, after compiling a project, you’ll receive only 200 compilations/month. If you like to erase these limits and also get additional cloud storage, you can then subscribe at $1/month.

Download: Dcoder Compiler IDE for Android

CppDroid — C/C++ IDE

CppDroid is a very simple but robust C/C++ IDE that brings the GCC compiler to Android. It lets you edit, code, compile, and execute C/C++ programs on your mobile device without any difficulty. Its goal is on learning libraries or programming languages.


  • Smart syntax highlighting
  • Real-time diagnostics and fixes
  • Auto-pairing or auto-indentation
  • Compile C/C++ code
  • Works offline
  • Add-ons manager and auto-updates
  • Dropbox support

Download: CppDroid — C/C++ IDE


Well, I recommend Dcoder as it offers everything you need in a basic text editor to a compiler for Android. It’s free and contains no ads. If you want to share anything regarding this guide then let us know below!

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