Can I Unlink My YouTube & Google Accounts

YouTube & Google AccountsAs you all know that YouTube (normally YouTube Spotlight) is YouTube’s official YouTube channel for spotlighting videos and also the events/circumstances on the program. However, the events displayed on the channel which add the YouTube Comedy Week and also the YouTube Music Awards. On the other hand, the channel uploads the final installments of YouTube Rewind. Similarly, for a short period in late 2013, simply the channel just classified as the most-subscribed on the platform. Thus in this guide, you will learn that: Can I Unlink My YouTube & Google Accounts.

Can I Unlink My YouTube & Google Accounts

However, YouTube has simply two options for logging in, you are easily able to use either a YouTube account or a Google account (the same one used for Gmail and other Google services). Moreover, whether you log in from a real YouTube-only account, Google will practically force-feed you the option order to link your existing YouTube account to a Google Account. Although the issue henceforward is, that they now tie together, and whether you ever remove either account both will be removed.  So let’s unlink these accounts, here is the way!

Steps to Unlink My YouTube & Google Accounts

Important Note: This guide just applies to YouTube accounts that were pre-existing before being connected/attached to a Google account. Whether you log in to YouTube simply by using a Google account you will not view the option in order to unlink it.

Step 1

Firstly you have to head to and then sign in to it with your Google account, as seen below.

Step 2

Although after logging in, now you have to must on the top right side of the page, tap the arrow next to your username, and, also in the menu that pops below, tap Account.

Step 3

Similarly, in this step in the screen that simply comes up, you should tap “Manage Account” on the left. Then “Manage Youtube and Google accounts”. Next, you have to make sure that’s what you desire. Below there is the way to do it.

Step 4

Therefore we are nearly there. Now you should be on screen. However, the system makes sure that the YouTube and also the Google accounts that you are unlinking. Only type the code in the picture into the box and also hit “Unlink My Accounts”.

Step 5

Well, guys! here you will be asked in order to make sure that you are unlinking the accounts. Tap OK whether you are going via with the breakup of your two accounts. Amazingly that was quite a few confirmations, but no less, it stops accidents.

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Unlink My YouTube & Google Accounts-Conclusion

That’s all now done! However, guys now your accounts are unlinked. So that you will be forthwith prompted to link the YouTube account to another Google account, as view below. Whether you like to link it to another one of your Google account yours. Simply proceed just by signing in to that account. Or you are also able to organize a new Google account to use with that YouTube account. It’s up to you.

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