Cast Local Videos From Windows 10 To Chromecast

Do you want to cast local videos from Windows 10 to Chromecast? Recently, the most popular or famous free media player, VLC was updated to variant 3.0 and it gets some amazing notable features in addition to some slight design tweaks. One amazing and helpful feature is Chromecast support. This lets you cast compatible media files saved on your local Windows PC to Chromecast, so you can enjoy it with your family or friends on the big screen.

How To Cast Videos – From Windows 10 To Chromecast

Cast Local Videos

Keep in mind that you have the desktop variant of VLC 3.0 or above installed on your computer— this works with Windows 7. Also, it loads it up using the video or other compatible media file (i.e. FLAC or APE) you like to play. From the VLC toolbar head over to Playback > Renderer and select your Chromecast device. If you don’t view it mentioned on the menu, tap Scan to find it.

Remember that your mileage might vary with this. However the feature is available, I’ve had combine results in my examination. I’ve tested it using two different Chromecast devices or 2 Windows 10 systems, and different video or audio formats – also physical discs. The results are random and certainly the video or audio can’t play to the Chromecast. Make sure that the first time you try it, you might receive a message from your Windows firewall asking for permission to send a signal through.

Cast Local Videos From Android

Also, you can stream from VLC 3.0 on Android as well. It looks similar since it’s all Google, and you can also cast anything using your mobile device to Chromecast. But, we know that VLC can play virtually any kind of media file format you throw at it, the ability comes quite handy if you have a local file on your mobile you want to play. Just choose media content and click the “cast” button located at the top and select the Chromecast you like to send it to. After it’s playing you can then swipe down on the notification shade and then control playback from there, too.


If you’re not a VLC user, there are different methods to beam your local files from Windows to your Chromecast. One that I prefer free utilities for it is Videostream. And, we’ve covered some amazing tricks using the Chrome browser on Windows 10. So, share your thoughts with us!

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