Ways To Encrypt USB Drive Windows 10 _Guide

Encrypt USB Drive Windows

To Encrypt USB Drive Windows 10 or the Flash drives and SD cards help you to protect your data. This is a convenient tool. You can easily transfer data by using these tools. Although, this is with the convenience and then the portability. It can also come with a security risk. So, that is where you can encrypt and then

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How To Turn Off Kindle Or Put It To Sleep _ Kindle Battery Life

Turn Off Kindle

  Are You Confused that should I turn Off Kindle or put it to sleep? Then the Amazon Kindle also exclude it from this device. Then there are the other E-Ink readers that are often touted for that there is epic battery life. Now, there is the new Kindle Paperwhite that is being advertised within the eight-week battery life on

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Sync The Clock Windows 10: How You Can Sync with Internet

Sync The Clock

  In Windows 10 you can easily perform the clock sync with the internet and with the atomic time.  Also, the clock on your Windows PC can sync. This does not just tell you the time. By using Windows the clock is to record it when you create or modify files. Normally when the Windows clock can synchronize with the

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Mac Address: How You Can Change Mac Address Windows 10

Change Mac Address

In this article, you will learn how to change your Mac Address. Also, some of the detail about What is Mac Address. So, let’s have a look! By using Windows 10 it can also include the ability in order to edit the physical address (MAC) for your network adapters. You also have to Find out how to do it. Also

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What To Do IF Computer Can’t Find Wireless Printer?

computer can't find wireless printer

  In this article, you will learn what to do if the computer can’t find a wireless Printer. Some of the things that are more frustrating. Then if you want to print a document. This is also your wireless printer that is in an error state. Also, they can give you the silent treatment. Without this, if you have tried

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Ways To Get Amazon Price Change Refund On Purchases

Amazon Price Change Refund

The Amazon Price Change Refund feature is now applicable on amazon purchases. If you also buy products from amazon then this is the time. This is that time of the year in which so many of us are purchasing items from Amazon. Also, we can think that it would be a good idea in order to help make things easier.

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Ways To Access the Router Remotely _Tips And Tricks

Access the Router Remotely

Some of the Tips and tricks that will help you to access the router remotely. You can access it by your home router from inside the network. This is very easy and simply type in your router’s IP address that can usually or in the web browser. This is how you can about to access the router remotely.

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