Ways To Fix Kodi Update Failed _Error

Kodi Update Failed

Here are some of the guidelines about how to Fix the Kodi Update Failed error. Also, Anyone who uses the regularly unofficial Kodi add-ons. That will also see the dread “Update Failed” error. This will be unsettling to know something that is gone wrong. So, there are ways of rooting out the problem that you don’t require advanced technical knowledge

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Chromecast VS Firestick Which One Should You Buy _Review

Chromecast VS Firestick

Today you will learn about Chromecast VS Firestick. In case, if you have a shop around at all. So, you have already heard about both Chromecast and Firestick. What do you think which one is the best. Also, how can you get the most out of your streaming device?. In case, if you are in the market for a reliable

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Dark Keyboard: Tweak Let You To Have A Dark Keyboard

Dark Keyboard

So, I think Apple is working on some sort of native dark mode & Dark Keyboard for iOS. This working helps you to extend the software keyboard. Also, we interact with every day, but until then. Now, we will need to rely on jailbreak tweaks to get what we want. Also See: iOS 6.0 Jailbreak: Evasi0n iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak About

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Activate Links: Launch Predefined Links In Activator gestures

Activate Links

So, Activate Links is also a new jailbreak tweak that will allow you to launch predefined URLs using an Activator gesture. This is up to five different URLs that help you to customize this within the preferences for the tweak. You can also launch them using the Activator that will invoke the iOS default Safari browser. Now, this is a

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PwnageTool: Some Of The Guidelines About PwnageTool


This is just like the RedSn0w, PwnageTool is an application that is developed by the iPhone Dev Team. They will also allow you to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Also, unlike the RedSn0w, the PwnageTool creates the custom iOS firmware images to the user-defined specifications. So, let me know guys first that why would you want to use

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BigBoss Repo: Way To Add BigBoss Repository To Sileo

BigBoss Repo

  Do you guys have any idea about BigBoss Repo in sileo and how to add this? A CoolStar has also announced an upcoming Sileo update. This will also implement the official BigBoss repository out of the box, but why wait? Using this guide we will also show you how you can add the official BigBoss repository to your Sileo

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Ways To Add And Remove iPhone Trusted Device for Apple ID

iPhone Trusted Device

Here is how you can add and remove iPhone Trusted Device. So, Back in July, we also provide you with an overview of two-step verification. Now, this also has the security method that can also require at least two factors of authentication. Then the password and a trusted device in order to successfully access an account. Also See: Ways To Delete

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iPhone Controlled Toy: Some Of The iPhone Controlled Toys

iPhone Controlled Toy

In this article, there is a list of iPhone Controlled Toy. Now we are going to provide you the curated roundups of some of our favorite products. Then Throughout the year we can also cover and then test several devices and accessories. Also, we decide to use that experience to help those searching for the perfect present. Now, Today the

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SIM Card Removal Tools: Alternatives Of SIM Card Eject

SIM Card Removal Tool

So, SIM card removal tools are really useful for getting the SIM cards out of iPhones and iPad. Also, I would recommend everyone who owns it. This is one of these devices that can carry at least one of them at all times. Then whether this is in your wallet or on a key ring. Then there are always those

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Ways To Encrypt USB Drive Windows 10 _Guide

Encrypt USB Drive Windows

To Encrypt USB Drive Windows 10 or the Flash drives and SD cards help you to protect your data. This is a convenient tool. You can easily transfer data by using these tools. Although, this is with the convenience and then the portability. It can also come with a security risk. So, that is where you can encrypt and then

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