The WinX MediaTrans Review: Speedy iTunes & iOS Video

WinX MediaTrans

So, the WinX MediaTrans is a new iPhone/iPad manager for Windows 10/8/7. This can also be made by the fine folks who brought you WinX. Also, the WinX DVD Ripper and then Digiarty. Then the iTunes has the alternative and then the WinX MediaTrans that can also promise this as a faster. Also, the more it is intuitive and then

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The Best Music Apps That Don’t Use WiFi

best music apps

If you are riding in an underground metro or traveling to a remote area. Then there are instances where you guys will find yourself either without even Internet coverage or stuck along with slow speed. For me, well, it’s my Gym actually. It is in the basement and I have a really hard time getting any signals actually. Let’s now

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How Do I Convert Voice Recording to Text on Computer

convert voice recording to text

So, the best speech to text software actually used to be specifically only for desktops. The development of mobile devices and the explosion of easily accessible apps means that transcription can also now also be carried out on a smartphone or tablet as well. Let’s now discuss How Do I Convert Voice Recording to Text on Computer. Let’s start! This

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Video Converter For Android – Review

Video Converter For Android

Are you looking for the best video converter for Android? When we talk about converting a video to various format, some of us uses Handbrake on our PC or some online service. But as mobile devices are becoming robust by the day. You can easily convert any video from one format to another format using just a few clicks. But

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Alternatives To Wireshark For Android – Review

Wireshark For Android

In this guide, you’ll learn alternatives to Wireshark for android. Wireshark is the most popular or top-rated open-source or free packet analyzer. It can view all the network communication moving in and out of all the PCs in the network. It means those who use Wireshark can view anything on your network that’s not encrypted. But unfortunately, it is unavailable

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Comparison Between HDD Raid Or SSD Raid

HDD Raid Or SSD Raid

In this article, you’ll learn a major difference between HDD Raid or SSD Raid. The PC storage system has always been the slowest component. Your CPU offers a fast cache memory, which interacts with RAM slowly, and then we have your systems disks, which are again very slow. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks. Raid is used to

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Snipping Tool Shortcut Keys in Windows 10

Snipping tool shortcut keys

Well, using keyboard shortcuts along with either the Snipping Tool or Snip and Sketch just makes life easier. Both Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch, which you can use in order to take screenshots of the computer screen, are already part of your Windows 10 as well. Let’s now discuss Snipping Tool Shortcut Keys in Windows 10. Let’s start We

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Feedly VS Inoreader – Comparison

Feedly VS Inoreader - Comaprison

What do you know about Feedly vs Inoreader? Feedly is a very popular or top-rated RSS readers out there. Many of us feel that are consuming content via RSS feeds. Well, I love Feedly also I use it to stay updated with everything. However, the competition is very tough. I downloaded Inoreader to search out what all the fret was about,

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Different Ways To Edit PSD Files Without Photoshop

Edit PSD Files Without Photoshop

Do you want to edit PSD files without photoshop? Your friend created the best logo and sent you a PSD file, but unfortunately, you are out of the city without your work PC. And you like to open a PSD file without Photoshop for whatever reason. So, if you don’t know what to do then don’t fret we are here

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How to Use Your Tablet As Monitor

tablet as monitor

Well having a second monitor apart from your PC is advantageous because it will provide you more space to work on.  But, setting up another screen can be really tiresome or expensive and not all operating system actually supports this dual display. In today’s time, where interconnectivity between devices is actually a thing, sending your computer to your phone is

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