Noobs And Nerds Repo For Kodi _Few Alternatives

Noobs And Nerds

In this guide, you will also learn about Noobs And Nerds Repo For Kodi. The is another Kodi add-on repository that has been taken down in recent weeks. Then following last year’s will also purge many of the most popular repos. Now, the latest casualty of the takedown is the Noobs and Nerds repository. This was one of the most

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Reduce “System” Storage Size on iPhone or iPad

Reduce "System" Storage Size

Whether you guys have ever toured the iOS Storage section of the Settings app just on an iPhone or iPad. You probably have noticed that the “System” storage section is sometimes quite large & able to also take up a significant amount of storage capacity. However, just for the extra-large storage capacity devices this probably not be a too great

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Private Torrenting Sites Where You Need Tracker Invite forums

Private Torrenting Sites

In this guide, you will learn about Private Torrenting Sites. These are the safest torrent sites that are with the best catalogs. Now, they will almost require an invite and then to join just by an existing member of the private filesharing community. In case, if you are not sure where to start gaining access and to the private torrent

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Uninstall Apps from iPhone XS, XR, XS Max, X & 3D Touch iPhone Models

Uninstall apps from iPhone

Would you guys want to uninstall Apps from iPhone XS, XR, XS Max, X & 3D Touch iPhone Models? So please read this till the end. Well, Guys! Uninstalling the apps from an iPhone or iPad also has constantly been an easy endeavor. You guys can also easily remove any iOS app from a device in just seconds. Definitely, the

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On Mac Use the Windows PC Keyboard by Remapping Command & Option Keys

"Couldn't Unmount Disk"

Well, the Macs can use almost all keyboards that are simply built for Windows PC. If they are USB or Bluetooth, but you probably notice that the layout of some of the accessor keys is different on a Mac keyboard just from the layout of a Windows keyboard. Particularly, the WINDOWS & as well as the ALT key of a

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Troubleshoot Messages in MacOS: iMessage Not Working on Mac?

iMessage Not Working

Well, Guys! The Messages application on Mac permits you to send iMessage simply to & also from the PC to any other iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iPod touch. Though that is also using the iMessage protocol. However, the Messages normally work well, but occassioanlly there can be problems simply encountered that stop the iMessage feature just from working in macOS.

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Linux For Kodi: Best Distros To Use For Kodi

Linux For Kodi

In this article, you will learn about Linux For Kodi. Most people know that the Kodi media center and is a widely available program. You have to install on almost any Linux distribution. Although, many Linux users will look to build a home theater PC loathe. You have to set it up manually and then prefer something ready to go. In

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How To Watch NFL On Kodi? Add-ons for Live Stream

NFL On Kodi

In this guide, you will learn about NFL On Kodi. A Kodi is an ecosystem of add-ons that is constantly changing. Then it can also get hard to keep up this is with which that can still work to stream NFL games. So, We have done the hard work for you. By testing each out before making our recommendation A

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Way to Crop / Zoom a Video in iMovie for iPhone or iPad

Video in iMovie

Would you guys want to crop a video or movie in iMovie on the iPhone or iPad? However, Cropping a video in iMovie permits you to necessarily zoom in on a movie. Either to crop out unnecessary elements, to consider the video just to put emphasis on something else, or to zoom into what you would inspite the video highlight.

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Way to Remove Duplicate Files on Mac with Smart Folders

Remove Duplicate Files

Just relying on your line of work you probably wrap up in a scenario though where you guys also have a variety of duplicate files on a Mac. Occasionally this goes unnoticed, but sometimes the Mac will also run low on storage space & you probably like to clear space by finding & clearing those duplicate files from the Mac.

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