Make sure If Your Computer Can Run Windows 10

Computer Can Run Windows

In order to make sure that your computer can run Windows 10 so you must follow the guide in which we are trying to explain to you the way. However, Windows 10 also pushed out the Windows 10 upgrade app to all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. This utility permits you to reserve your Windows 10 upgrade. But first,

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Make Programs Run Automatically During Startup On Windows 7

Startup On Windows 7

Well, Guys! It’s best to have programs that you continuously use in Windows 7 available when Windows starts. Here’s the way to add programs to the Startup folder. In this guide, the topic is to Make Programs Run Automatically During Startup On Windows 7. Make Programs Run Automatically During Startup On Windows 7 First of all, you have to head

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Bluetooth Windows 8: Ways To Turn On Or Off in Windows 8.1

Bluetooth Windows 8

In this case, Microsoft also includes the most recent version of the Bluetooth windows 8 wireless protocol. So, let’s get started! It can also allow you in order to connect to the other Bluetooth enabled devices. If it is turned on then it can constantly check for the new devices. This is which it can also end up draining a

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How To Find The Windows Accessories Folder in Windows 10?

windows accessories

So, the Windows Accessories folder also contains the traditional apps just like Paint, Notepad, Sticky Notes, Steps Recorder, Snipping Tool. And some of the other things in Windows 10. This also has a new look and then it can take a lot of new features. So, that it is with more on the way. Although, if you have recently upgraded from Windows 7

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Ways to Take a Screenshot in Windows 8 (Keyboard Shortcut)

Take a Screenshot

In older versions of Windows, you are also able to take a screenshot simply by pressing the PrtScn on your keyboard. However, this copies it to the Clipboard & then you must have to paste it into Word or an image editing program in order to save it. Many situations are there where you like to capture a screenshot of

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Change the Name of Your Windows Computer: Guide

Change the Name

Lots of causes are there to change the name of your PC especially whether you bought it directly from an enhancer and it’s named something generic such as the “windows-user-pc” or “TUF000445811EE”. Whether you like to connect PCs via a homegroup. Or just be able in order to recognize that PCs are on your network, turning your PC’s name to

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How to Use Windows Key + R To Set-up Apps As Administrator

Apps As Administrator

Would you want to Set-up Apps As Administrator? If yes so then you have to read out the guide below. However, the command prompt (aka CMD), regedit, and also the further core Windows apps usually need to run with Administrator access. How to Use Windows Key + R To Set-up Apps As Administrator Simply by default, Windows organizes these applications

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Join a Windows 10 PC to a Domain: Tutorial Guide

Join Windows 10 PC

A Domain-based network is able to offer centralized administration of an entire network simply from a single PC which is known as a server. However, domains also give a single user log-on from any networked PC within the network perimeter. The users can easily access resources for which they have specific permission. Whilst I do not like to head into

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Where is the Location of Startup Folder in Windows 8?

Startup Folder

However, in Windows 8 the Metro Start screen there is not a Startup folder anywhere to be seen. You are also able to still run Startup items through the Task Manager. But whether you like the old-school All Programs Startup menu. So then here we will have to dig a little deeper. Similarly, the main purpose is that I also

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Ways To Turn Off Or Change Windows 10 Notification Sound

Windows 10 Notification Sound

Most of the users irritated by the notification sounds of the device but you can now turn it off on windows 10 notification sound. So, that it can then apply to Windows 10 it also has a feature. Then it can also provide you a notification that is for different apps that can call as the Toast Notifications. In this

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