How You Can Adding & Removing Windows 10 icon _ Guide

Removing Windows 10 icon

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you to Add and Removing the Windows 10 icon on the screen. So, let’s get started! This is for several years so that the users that can have liked this in order to change the system desktop icons that are on the Windows desktop. So, that it can also provide you

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Ways To Set One Wallpaper On Dual Monitors

Set One Wallpaper On Dual Monitors

Windows also provide you the facility to set one wallpaper on dual monitors. This is from this Microsoft that can also release in Windows 8.1. So, that this has the ability to add a second monitor to your PC that is much easier. In order to get the same thing that can hold true for Windows 10, too. Also, this

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Bing Images: How To Set Your Windows 10 Lock Screen

Bing Images

So, Microsoft also provides Bing Images to changes its homepage image daily. This is with having amazing photography. Let’s get started! It is from Getty Images and then the other top photographers that are around the globe. Then Microsoft also allows you in order to download the Bing images. This is for the free and then this is as well

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Way to Make a Bootable Windows 8 Flash Drive

Windows 8 Flash Drive

It is the simplest route in order to install Windows 8 is from a USB flash drive. However, it is simpler in order to carry a tiny thumb drive than mess around with a DVD. Here is the simplest method in order to make a bootable USB flash drive for Windows 8. Way to Make a Bootable Windows 8 Flash

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In Windows: Add a Slider to Change Your Display Brightness

Add a Slider

Windows 10 Microsoft is recently moving all system setting from the classic Control Panel to its new Settings app. With each new release, you are finding further more system configuration settings close there. And whist that is creating some settings simpler in order to access. Recently there is not a simple route in order to run the brightness of your

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How to Scroll Inactive Windows by Hovering Over Them

Scroll Inactive Windows

Windows 10 adds a current feature that permits you to scroll via the documents or web pages without the focus being on the window. Similarly, it is not turned on by default but is also able to easily enabled in Settings. Here is we will tell you the way to turn on it, and why it is advantageous. Here you

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Ways To Remove OS From Windows 7 Dual Boot _Guide

Windows 7 Dual Boot

If you want to install or uninstall the Windows 7 Dual Boot. Then you have probably should not install Windows 10 on your primary PC.  In case, if you are going to then you should at least install it in a dual-boot configuration. Then you can also then reboot in order to switch between that your installed versions of Windows.

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Windows 10 No Hibernate Option _Fix It!

Windows 10 No Hibernate Option

Are you facing the issue of Windows 10 No Hibernate Option available? Then this is by using the Start menu that can return to Windows 10. This can also contain a power button that is in clear view. It is unlike Windows 8  in which this had the power button and then this having the other features that are hidden.

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How To Enable Hibernate Windows 7 _Guide

Enable Hibernate Windows 7

Here is the complete guideline about Enable Hibernate Windows 7. So, Windows 7 does not have a Hibernate option that is out of the box. It is also possible that you might have noticed. Although, if you can also bring it out in order to get of hiding and then make it an option. This is for that you if

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Ways To Reinstall Windows 10 Without Disc _ Steps

Reinstall Windows 10 Without Disc

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you to reinstall windows 10 without a disc. So, there is an advanced recovery environment. Then in Windows 10, it is also used in order to diagnose and then fix the issues with your Windows installation. After that, this can also include performing a clean Windows 10 install, too. Now, there

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