On Windows 10 Find Advanced Display Info of Your Monitor

Info of Your Monitor

However, when it appears to troubleshoot or also upgrading various hardware on your computer. So at that time, Windows 10 is also able to make it simple in order to access most of the under-the-hood details. Similarly, but what more about the monitor which you are utilizing? Although at some point, your mind is also able to search yourself in

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CrashPlan home _Home Users Crash Plan Is Shutting Down

CrashPlan home is basically the cloud-based backup services. These cloud-based services can provide by the developer by the Code42. Then the code 42 can recently announce that it will also no longer support Home subscriptions. Also, this will use this instead to move its focus to the small business and then the enterprise. Now, this was our favorite backup service

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GWX Update: Ways to Disable the Get Windows 10 Update

GWX Update

You can also disable the Get Windows 10 GWX Update by following the below guidelines and then the GWX Update app completely. So, from May 2015 Microsoft has been pushing out the Get Windows 10 app, or what also is known as the GWX app. In case, if you want to upgrade then this is a useful tool. So, that

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To Use Windows 10 Photos App to Resize Images

Resize Images

Whether you have to resize an image and you are running Windows 10, so at that time you have a few options. Whether you are a long-time Windows user, so then you will be excited in order to know that the classic Paint desktop program is still present. However, unlike further deleted or deprecated features. Or, you could go for

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On Windows Restore the Owner of a File, Folder. or Registry Key to TrustedInstaller


However. the trusted installer is an incorporated user account in all versions of Windows. Similarly which owns different system files adding some files in the Windows and also the Program Files folders. TrustedInstaller is also the owner of the Windows.old folder. However, that is made when you update to a recent version of Windows and also permits you to roll

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Turn On .NET Framework 2.0 & 3.5 in Windows 10 & 8.1

Info of Your Monitor

In Windows 8.1 & 10, .NET 3.5, 3.0, and 2.5 come with the OS, simply you just have to turn it on. However, this is amusing because you do not have to move and also download .NET 3.5 from the Microsoft website. However, in this post, here I will display to you the way to turn on the older versions

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In Windows 10: What is $Windows~BT Folder

$Windows~BT Folder

However, when you organize Windows 10 on your PC, however, it is a complicated method, if you are upgrading from an old version or performing a clean install. Luckily, most of the complex aspects of a Windows 10 setup occur automatically just behind the scenes. Similarly, this adds the creation of the $Windows~BT folder. Although the $Windows~BT folder stores just

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Windows 10: Manage Automatic Maintenance Tasks

Automatic Maintenance Tasks

Automatic Maintenance is a feature that is also able to help you to keep your PC well and optimized/advance just by joining and also managing all maintenance tasks without influencing performance or energy efficiency on Windows 7. Normally, the automated system optimization occurs at times a day, however, when you are not actively utilizing your device. Although, it is also

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Windows Update Service is Not Running on Windows 7 PC?

Service is Not Running

Lots of users of Windows are having problems with their Windows Update. Whether they check for updates on their Windows system. However, they receive an error notification that says “Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running“. They can not install updates for their system. However, this is a frustrating problem. And also trying in

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Ways To Downgrade Windows 10 And Upgrade Preinstalled

Downgrade Windows 10

Did You ever Downgrade the Windows 10 preinstalled and upgrade it? Now, Microsoft also hopes that in order to have Windows 10 running. So, there is have 1 billion of the systems within three years. Then the admirable goal is the one that does not take into account the requirements of the user. Also, Windows 10 also share a lot

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