Change Your Network Profile to Public or Private in Windows

Two sets of default security and sharing settings are there in Windows 10. When you connect to a wired or wireless network: public and private. The names of these two settings are obviously straightforward. Private networks are in your home or office. Change Your Network Profile to Public or Private in Windows

That is clear. But how does Windows 10 treat public networks and private networks are different from each other? And how do you switch from one to the other? That is precisely what we will be covering in this article.Network Profile to Public or Private

Set Your Network Profile in Windows 10 to Private or Public

However, when you first connect to a network, at that time the Windows will ask you what kind of network it is and what settings you like to use. Whether you do not recall doing this. Or you turned your mind about the way that you like to treat a network, then you are also able to switch it.

Public vs. Private Networks in Windows 10

Normally speaking, that when you set a network profile to “public”. However, the settings are more prohibitory. Your computer won’t be visible to other devices on the same network. Similarly, other devices won’t access your files or printers on the network.

Although on a “private” network, Windows 10 imagines that you are on a trusted network. So that just you and your family members have access to. Now your device will be discoverable on the network (others are also able to view it). Whether you are using Homegroups, so then you can share printers and files with other PCs on the network.

Public and private networks also have different firewall settings. Similarly, by default, both public and private networks have confining firewall settings. But you are also able to set your firewall settings to be different depending on what type of connection you are on.

Change a Wireless Network to Private or Public

In order to change from a public network to a private network for vice versa start by connecting to your network. However, you are also able to perform this by heading to the available Network icon in the Notification area. You have to choose the network, then connect to it. After connecting, choose it and then you have to tap Properties.

You are also able to turn your Network profile to Public or Private. Select the one that best suits your environment.

Change a Wired Network to Public or Private

  • Whether you like to turn the network profile for a wired network.
  • You have to head to Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Ethernet then tap your network adapter.
  • Now you have to select the profile that you like.

Setup the Public and Private Network Settings

You are also able to change the settings for your public or private networks. For instance, whether you liked to make your PC discoverable on public networks (not recommended) or turn off file or printer sharing on a private network, you could.

  • Here you should head to Start > Settings > Network & Internet. Beneath Change your network settings, tap Sharing options.

Expand Private or public, select the radio box for the wished options like enab network discovery, file and printer sharing, or accessing homegroup connections.

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Change Your Network Profile to Public or Private in Windows, this post will help you a lot. If in case of any queries you can ask us in the comments below.

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