Cydia Impactor & ReProvision Allegedly is Working again for Users

Cydia Impactor & ReProvisionIn a somewhat fantastic turn of events, though it appears that famous jailbreak-centric utilities just including the likes of Cydia Impactor & ReProvision that have to begin working again for some users.

Cydia Impactor & ReProvision Allegedly is Working again for Users

However, the news came first by way of ReProvision lead enhancer Matt Clarke. Who make sure with us through email that ReProvision was basically alive. And well again beginning Sunday evening. Though the Tweets shared openly disclose that the tool was updated over the weekend. To bypass the ‘that’s all guys’ text that denoted the tool’s EOL (end of life). And also that the tool wouldn’t be updated furthermore whether it broke a second time:Cydia Impactor & ReProvision

However, just for those who do not already know. ReProvision permits for the on-device signing of side-loaded applications. Just like the uncover the jailbreak. Though just with it, users are able to also use their Apple ID linked to a free enhancer account to sign any side-loaded application for seven days. It comes too difficult when users are unable to get to a PC. After an accidental restart when the unc0ver application is no longer sign on the device in question.

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Just as of now, the current version of ReProvision is 0.5.2~EOL. That is still scientifically and end-of-life build after all we do not basically know how long this sudden miracle will continue. As always, the tool is available through the incendo repository from your package manager of choice. Though the complete repository URL is as follows:

Additionally just to ReProvision, lots of users of Cydia Impactor also have Tweeted about the PC-based signing tool starting to work again:


In personal I have so far to get Cydia Impactor to work as I get an error telling me to update to Xcode 7.3 or recent. But it also seems that this error is not affecting everybody. Specifically, those who have enabled two-factor authentication. And the app-specific passwords. With remembering this, it probably is worth trying Cydia Impactor. Whether you are not so far ready to use the alternative installation solutions just like the AltStore.


Well, we hope that our this post which was about the “Cydia Impactor & ReProvision Allegedly is Working again for Users” you must like it.

Have you managed to receive Cydia Impactor and/or ReProvision to work again just after this weekend? Discuss in the comments section below.

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