Dark Keyboard: Tweak Let You To Have A Dark Keyboard

Dark Keyboard

So, I think Apple is working on some sort of native dark mode & Dark Keyboard for iOS. This working helps you to extend the software keyboard. Also, we interact with every day, but until then. Now, we will need to rely on jailbreak tweaks to get what we want.

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About Dark Keyboard:

So, Dark Keyboard is also a subtly-named free jailbreak tweak by the iOS developer Thomaz. They force your iPhone or iPad to display the dark keyboard by default virtually. In every typing interface that you can also imagine on the iOS platform. Now, you will also notice that the dark keyboard also encompasses the Apple’s Predictive Keyboard. Also, this is possible in the supported interfaces, then rather having a nice touch on the developer’s part.

Dark Keyboard

When you install this that does not have any options to configure. This is not that when you would need any and then the tweak will also get to work immediately after installation. So, this is as long as appreciated in simple and add-ons like Dark Keyboard because they are short, sweet, and to the point.

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On the other hand, if you could pay money for a full-fledged dark mode tweak. They will also achieve a similar result albeit more inclusive of the rest of the iOS interface. So, this is also perfect for anyone on a budget.

In case, if you are also interested in having a darker-than-usual keyboard on your iPhone or iPad 100% of the time. So, you can also download This mode for free from Cydia’s Packix repository. Now, this tweak will also support all of the jailbroken devices running iOS 9 through 12.

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Also, we interact with every day, but until then. Now we will need to rely on jailbreak tweaks to get what we want. When you will be darkening your iOS device keyboard with Dark Keyboard? Then you will also Let us know what you think about the tweak in the comments section below. Hope you like it! Thank You For Reading this! Kindly share your reviews!

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