Different Ways To Change Messenger Notification Sound

Do you want to change or modify the notification sound for messenger? Many Facebook Messenger users face strange problems and are complaining about it. The app keeps modifying notification sounds automatically. That can be frustrating or irritating because, after some time, you get normal to the tune. Many of us use custom notification sounds as they really like it, sounds better, and it helps them to differentiate between various messaging app notifications.

Today, we will view where this error comes from, how to resolve messenger keeps modifying notification sound problem. Also, we check how to modify the sound notification in Messenger to the one you want. Let’s start.

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How To Modify FB Messenger Notification Sound In-App

 Messenger Notification Sound

Head over to the Messenger on your mobile. Then click on Profile pic > Notifications & Sounds. You will then click on Notification sound here to modify the message tone and the Ringtone option to modify the calling tune.

That’s all. Well, Messenger offers no way to choose custom notification sounds. However, what it does is simply pull or fetch system notification sounds. We know from experience that no two mobiles are alike and each developer likes to ship smartphones with their own customized sounds. That’s the reason, whenever you open the list, you will then view various sound files than what I am viewing on my Mi phone.

Notification sounds will vary from mobile to mobile. There is no way to choose a sound file that you installed from the web here. Also, there is no way to choose various notification sounds on Messenger for Android for group texts either. When we talk about notification then Messenger is not so good or flexible

If you are using an iOS mobile or tablet, you can’t modify the default notification sound either. This goes for both call alert or message tones. What you can do is turn off the notifications under In-app sound option. That will turn off the sound when you have the application open on your smartphone.

Another chocie is Do Not Disturb. That will turn off all Messenger sound notifications even when the application is not open or the mobile is locked.

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How To Modify Messenger Notification Sound Via Settings

So many users reporting or complaining about how the Messenger app is modifying the notification sound automatically on their mobile. Some of these users say that a file name ‘2131755087’ is set as the default tone but they don’t have this file installed.

Are you curious about this?

It happens with Android users only however, it is visible across lots of mobile manufacturers with various OEMs. I found an easy solution to fix this error for good.

Forget the Messenger app. Head over to the Android Settings and move to Notifications & status bar > App notifications > Messenger.

Now you can easily customize various notification sounds for various types of Messenger messages. Click on Chat and calls and then Ringtone to select a tone when you get a message or a call.

Modify Messenger Notification Sound Via Settings

You can also modify the notification sounds for group chat messages and mentions. This setting is unavailable in the Messenger app, as we earlier discussed.

In fact, there is another separate notification sound setting for calls, stories in progress, location sharing, and chat heads. Just click to open every setting and then choose the Ringtone option to select your favorite sound. Clicking on the sound will play it once, so you can simply judge whether or not you want it.

Lots of other options added the ability to control whether or not you like to view notifications, listen to any sound, or just mute it. Also, you can feel the vibration, and LED light.

Also, note that the Android settings will take precedence over Messenger application sound notifications. It means when the app is acting weirdly and modify the notification file randomly, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Just set it and forget it.

What’s More?

There are two methods to modify the Messenger notification sound, mentioned-above. The very first method is to do it from in-app which is very limited and not working for many users. Some users have also reported an error where the notification sound for Messengers modifies automatically without their consent or permission. The way is quite better and works from the Android settings area.


These were some of the best methods to change the messenger notification sound. As always, if you like to share another way to do it, let us know in the comments below. Also, if you find it helpful then share it with your friends. Waiting for your valuable feedback!

Till then! Stay Happy

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