Different Ways To Use Windows Without User Password

Do you want to use Windows without a user password? If you trust your friends and those people around you, then you don’t want to protect your Windows PC with a password.

Input a Windows password on your login screen can be time-wasting. Maybe you won’t be able to log into Windows because you forgot your password.

So today, let’s check how to create a new password – or erase it completely.

Use Windows Without User Password

Use Windows Without Password

How To Use netplwiz.exe

A netplwiz executable file is a hidden tool that allows you to control the user accounts on your PC. Whenever you’re logged on under an administrator account, you can then made this happen in different ways. Just head over with the simplest method for you.

From the top of the list of the simplest ways to go about this is to convert your PC Command Prompt. After all, this program is made to turn on advanced administrative processes. That, and fix different Windows-related problem.

  • If you like to get begin, hit the Windows key to open the start menu, look for the Command Prompt, and launch it.
  • Once the program appears and executing, key in netplwiz.exe then hit enter to proceed.
  • You can also move to Run for this. Hit the Windows button, key in Run, then head over to the program.
  • There, input netplwiz.exe then tap OK.

Select Your User Account

  • As you ran the netplwiz.exe command, then the User Accounts window appears. There, choose the name of your user account.
  • In the case of various user accounts, choose one that you like to enter without using a password.

If you like to configure various user accounts to let you input without the use of a password, it’s not going to be an issue. Just repeat the whole process for each user account.

Select The Right Setting

  • Now if everything is ready with your user account, just press the Users tab.
  • Look for a section saying Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. After you view it, unmark the box beside it.
  • Tap Apply to confirm the change.
  • After doing this, it’ll open a window. It allows you to sue or set up your PC so that a user does not need to sign in with a user name and password.
  • Choose any user account or input your user name. Then leave the Password and Confirm Password fields blank. Then tap OK.
  • You will then move back to the User Accounts window. You can now finalize the modification you made. You can do this by pressing OK.

Control Panel

After using Command Prompt and execute programs with netplwiz.exe is quite easy. But there is another option.

  • Hit the Windows key, input Control Panel, and launch the program.
  • Choose User Accounts.
  • Choose the Change account type.
  • Also, pick a user account.
  • After you successfully load this user account, you will reach another window. There, choose the tab Create a password.
  • Now make sure to leave all fields empty when a new window opens. As it includes the field where you are asked to input a password hint. Then tap Create a password.

Create a Password Reset Disk

If you like, you can then work your way around this problem after resetting an old password with the help of a password reset disk.

This technique is very essential if you’ve forgotten your old password. If you can no longer input your PC the normal way, then this is the fix.

  • Initially, connect in a USB drive.
  • Hit the Windows key, then find and launch Control Panel.
  • Head over to User Accounts.
  • There, choose User Accounts once more.
  • When a new screen opens, concentrate on the left dashboard at the bottom of the Control Panel Home. There, select Create a password reset disk.
  • Then follow all directions. Once done, disconnect your USB drive and save it somewhere safe.


I hope you find it helpful. If yes, then share it with others. Also, if you want to share any other methods then let us know below!

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