GPU Or CPU Bottlenecks: All You Need To Know

What do you know about CPU or GPU bottlenecks? If you have a graphics card then it is the best joys of owning a gaming or other high-performance computer.

Unfortunately, rather than being a major component of gaming performance, your GPU won’t work in isolation. However, it depends on the other major components within the PC to do their jobs efficiently. This is known as “bottlenecking” and is the main consideration while purchasing a new GPU. A bottleneck between your existing CPU or GPU is a major concern.

Hopefully, there are some online tools built to help you detect bottlenecks. Well, here is a list of some comprehensive tools found at

Before moving into the actual instruction involved in determining whether a bottleneck exists between your existing CPU and GPU. We want to reveal what a bottleneck is from a practical perspective.

What Is GPU-CPU Bottleneck?

GPU-CPU Bottleneck

While playing a video game, every component of your PC is working on some aspect of the system. However, your CPU is responsible for doing the calculations of physics. Also, it starts thinking for the game AI, executes the game logic, organizes animation, and so on. Your GPU offers all the visuals that you view. As it has all the geometric wireframes, textures, lighting, and shadows.

However, the GPU can’t provide a given frame of the game when the CPU can’t complete the calculations it requires. When your game character has thrown a knife at a goblin’s head, the GPU can’t give the impact of the CPU won’t tell it whether the knife hit the target. Also, the CPU starts its calculations, but the GPU can’t complete rendering the earlier frame.

When one component is waiting for another component to complete its job before moving on with its own work, you need a bottleneck. However, the whole system is very fast as the slowest component in the line.

Are Bottlenecks Universally Good & Bad?

Bottlenecks Universally Good & Bad

Well, there is almost always a bottleneck on any PC. It’s very rare for any PC to be perfectly balanced in every scenario, using every component vibrating along at its full potential. So the problem really is not whether some bottleneck exists, but the issue is slower components limit things.

If your CPU only allows you to get the advantage of 98% or 99% of your GPUs maximum performance, that’s an issue. If you’re just receiving 70% of your GPU’s potential due to slow CPU. Then you have just wasted money on the performance of the hardware you can’t access without another upgrade.

If your latest GPU is giving 100%, but your CPU is busy 50%. Then it means you can also hook up a faster card and enjoy the best performance.

So for other apps, you’ll still enjoy the pros of that free CPU capacity. You don’t need to mention having some room to execute extra background tasks without affecting the performance of the game. In short – GPU bottleneck is no doubt too good but CPU bottleneck is bad.

Factors That Affect Bottleneck Interpretation

Come let’s take a look at the factors that affect bottleneck interpretation:

Bottleneck Interpretation

A game that uses CPU functions will allow your GPU to fly at any frame rate it can manage. Simply load up a CPU-intensive strategy game or simulation alternatively, and suddenly your usually under-utilized CPU is tanking the frame rate instead.

The settings you use to play games affect this calculation. For instance, playing at higher resolutions games puts more load on the GPU. Also, it slowing it down as it takes too much time to consume higher pixel counts. Also, when the resolution becomes higher the less of a bottleneck the CPU becomes.

As it still doing the same work, but the GPU is doing too much. So if your CPU is restricting frame rates to 60 frames per second while playing at 1080p. Then you’ll receive 60fps at 1440p or 4K.

Factors That Create Bottlenecks

Inefficient time management

Time is an important and valuable resource. However, some leaders don’t use it effectively. You should examine your business flow metrics and identify time-wasting processes. Just compare your performance with industry standards to check here you fall. Then, leverage technology tools like machine learning or automation wherever possible.

Lack Of Money

When it comes to fixing bottlenecks, money is the main factor. It lets you pay for software programs and hire experts who can reduce your hurdles to profitability or growth. As the enterprise expands, you want to scale your tech. Also, invest in sales habilitation and direct resources to many other critical areas. You want money to achieve all of that.

Fortunately, there are different capital sources out there. If you like to venture capital funding, you can then apply for a loan. Then use these loans to buy new technology or build out your team with supply chain experts.

Noise Issue

Building and executing a startup can become too difficult when you’re trying to cut through the noise produced through marketing, social media, apps, and vendors.nThe good thing is to concentrate on the work and trust that attention will come.

Limited network

Being a first-time businessman is the biggest challenge to overcome. A powerful network is crucial to your enterprise growth. But robust networks are not built through flashy marketing or viral campaigns.

If you want to have worldwide appeal, you want to attend conferences and reach out internationally to learn how to grow into other markets.

Test Bottlenecks With GPU Check

Test Bottlenecks With GPU Check

  • Initially, head over to this page at GPU Check. Now, at the bottom of the first combination. Select the GPU you currently have or the CPU you currently have.
  • At the bottom of the desired quality setting, we are moving to leave this under ultra, since that’s what sets we like to use in games. If you want something lower, adjust according to your need.
  • Now from the second combination, select the GPU you like to buy. At last, tap ‘use same processor’.
  • Then tap Compare.

Let’s have a look at the outcomes and interpret them. The important number here is CPU Impact on FPS. This display number of CPU is holding back the GPU. Using the old card, the figure was 10%, which is OK although it should ideally be less.

Of course, in real terms, this latest GPU is between 36% or 39% than our recent combination. The Overall Combination score displays us how good this is the whole performance combination at ultra settings.

That’s all about it!


Here’s all about ‘GPU Or CPU Bottlenecks’. If you find it helpful then share it with others. Also, if you like to ask anything else then let us know below!

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