Guest Mode App: 6 Guest Apps for Android

Guest Mode App

In this article, you will learn the six different guest mode app for android. The thing that I noticed when I give my Android phone to others. It is just like that the more often than not they venture into other parts of the device. Just like the gallery, call logs, etc. By using it is just their curiosity so that it can be a bit awkward so that they can see something. Also, You don’t want them to see. This has happened especially true for personal and financial stuff. If you want to avoid these kinds of situations then you can enable guest mode in Android. Whenever you are going to handing over the device. So, here are some of the best guest mode app for Android.

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Some of the Best Guest Mode App for Android

1. The Built-in Guest Mode App:

By using Lollipop (v5.0) the Android has a built-in guest mode app. By using that built-in guest mode it will create another space parallel to your current user account. From the guest mode, that is a completely separate space. So, the user data like the install apps. Then the app data are not shared in the guest mode. The users can’t even make phone calls.

If you, unlike the regular user profiles then you can create on Android. In the guest mode, it is a temporary space. When you enter the guest mode so that it can make some changes. Then you can switch to the actual user profile and then the changes made are preserved. Although when you launch the guest mode again. The Android will ask whether you would like to resume the previous session or start over it again. In case, if you select start over, then the previous session will be completely erased. But you will be greeted with the brand-new screen.

How to enable guest mode on Android?

When the guest mode is built into the OS then it is very easy to turn it on. If you are wondering then you can also enable the guest mode. First of all, you just have to open the Settings > Users and accounts > Users > Guest. It Depends on the version of Android that you are using. In the guest mode, the option placement can be a bit different. If you having an On stock or near Stock Android like OnePlus or Pixel phones you can enable guest mode by the:

  • Move down the notifications tray.
  • Click on your avatar icon on the notification tray.
  • By clicking on the Add guest option.

Guest Mode App

When the user is done you can use your phone. Now tap on the User icon. Click on the Remove Guest > Remove. If the downside of the built-in guest mode app it is that almost featureless. And if you cannot choose what apps to run or what apps to block. Then you just have to give you a brand-new installation. Still,  if you don’t want to install yet another app. It is the lack of features so, then you give the built-in guest mode a try.

2. The Safe guest mode app: Protect Your Privacy

The safe guest mode can protect your privacy. It is a very simple, lightweight, and easy to use this application. So, that it can create a kind of temporary guest space. By using the apps of your choice. You just have to enable the guest mode app. It is other than the apps you give permission to any other app is out-right blocked. Now, when the guest mode is enabled then the users cannot even access the home screen.

This Safe special is that it is stupidly simple to use. You just have to open the app then go to guest mode. After that select the apps you want to allow and set the pin. In the Next step, to toggle the switch on the home screen and lock your device. By this now users can only use the selected apps. In this case, if you want to use other apps then you need to enter the PIN you set up earlier.

After that, you can see the app is pretty simple to use. Now if you are looking for a simple and straightforward guest mode app for Android then Safe is for you. The safe app is free and has no ads.

Guest Mode App

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3. The SwitchMe Multiple Accounts Guest Mode app:

The SwitchMe Multiple Accounts is a very useful app so that it can create advanced user profiles with different permissions. You just have to like it on your computer. Guest mode SwitchMe app is special because of its granular control that is offered when setting up a user profile. In this case, if you are giving your phone to a friend. Then you might not want them to access your phone log or WhatsApp. Now you can create a specific profile to meet those specific needs. Now each and every profile can be password protected for extra security.

You can now consider that how much control the app gives you while creating a user profile. This has a root only. This simply means that you cannot install the app if your device is not rooted. You can use this app for free and contains ads. But many of the advanced features are locked behind the in-app purchases.

Guest Mode App

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4. The Kiosk Lockdown LimaxLock

The Kiosk app turns your Android phone into a Kiosk. If you know the Kiosk then there is nothing but a very restrictive machine. The aim of the machines while running a select few apps to fulfill a specific purpose. Now you can generally see a kiosk machine in fast food chains. The railway stations, airports, unmanned ticket booking counters, etc. If you can install and enable the app then it acts as a guest mode app with very restrictive access.

If this application replaces the default launcher then they can restrict the user from all apps. Rather than the explicitly permitted ones. If you are done with the guest mode then you can simply enter a password and the app restores the normal user environment. If you can add to the kiosk mode then the app also comes with location tracking and support for multiple devices.

The main thing is that unlike SwitchMe is there no root requirement. Then you can try this and can see how it works for you. Now the base app is free and has no ads. Although, if some features like real-time monitoring and multi-app kiosk are locks behind in-app purchases.

5. The Double Screen App:

The Double Screen app, allows you to create multiple modes. Also the profiles with just a few clicks. When you created, these modes then you can easily switch between as and when needed. In each of the modes, you can have its own allowed apps and blocked apps. But if you want to enable the application with a particular guest mode. Then the entire home screen will change to the use of a custom launcher. You can choose the apps according to your want. It is one of the best things about the Double Screen app. So that it is the home screen and has its own widgets. Just like the clock and whether to make it more usable and not feel restricted.

But the good thing is that you can use the app to not only create a custom guest mode. You can use it to create other profiles like work and personal. From which you can easily switch between different profiles with just a couple of clicks. By using these modes they are quite useful. In case, if you are looking for an app so that does more than it. They just have to give you access to guest mode then give Double Screen a try. This app is also free has ads.

6. The Kids Place

In case, if you are looking for a guest mode app for your kids. Now, this is the best bet. Also, Kids Place is a parental control app that works as a guest mode for kids. When you install the app then you need to enter a 4-digit PIN and then provide your email. In order to regain access to the app. Then you have to forget your PIN. the Next step, you can allow the apps that you want your kids to use.

This process is just like other guest mode apps. You can restrict its access to certain features, apps, and functionality on the device. Although, if you can unlike others on the list then you can even set a limit on your children’s phone usage. But the only problem with the app is that the kids can bypass it by restarting the phone.

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The guest mode will hide your stuff if you don’t want to share it with others. In case, if you want to hide some of the data from the outsider. Then enable the guest mode. This has happened especially true for personal and financial stuff. If you want to avoid these kinds of situations then you can enable guest mode in Android.

Hope you liked this article. If you have any questions let us know in the comment section.

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