How do I Disable Infinite Scroll for Certain Website (Chrome)

Do people love infinite scrolling on the websites that they visit or are they
feel fine with tapping on ‘Read more’ or ‘View more?’ Infinite scrolling abolishes
the requirements for pagination. That is the method of separating digital content into various pages. Hence here’s my view on infinite scrolling and why it is a recipe for disaster. This guide is about How do I Disable Infinite Scroll for Certain Website (Chrome).Disable Infinite Scroll

Like it or dislike it, increasingly blogs and even famous sites such as Facebook and also the Tumbler are using Infinite scrolling. However, for the ignorant, infinite scrolling is a technique appliance by the website owner to perpetually loads the next page as the user drops down the page.

Whilst the infinite scrolling does keep the visitors on the site leading to further page views. But it does not all the time offer a better user encounter. However, few issues are also there with the infinite scrolling.


  • Use to too much RAM
  • Impractical to reach static links (like About Us or Contact Us) at the footer
  • The user is left with a sense of deficiency of control

Disable Infinite Scroll Similarly, at this point, you are also able to always, disable your Internet to disable the infinite scroll. But it means that your active install running in the background would also stop. On the other hand, you are also able to use the extensions like Kill Infinite Scroll (Firefox). But whether you are just like me so then who doesn’t prefer to download lots of extensions, that one is off the list as well.

Luckily a simple/easy way is also there in order to stop infinite scrolling. And all you have to do is disable the javascript for those specific websites. The caution though is turning off the Javascript can also disable other sites’ functions.

However, that being said, various browsers have various ways. In order to turn off the Javascript. For this example, we will take Google Chrome, since it has the largest market share.

Turn Off the Javascript for Certain website 

  1. Tap on the padlock icon next to the URL of the website
  2. Now you should select the Site settings from the scroll-down menu
  3. The new window will open with Chrome settings,
  4. Here you have to tap on the scroll-down menu that is next to Javascript and also turn the permission to “Block”
  5. Thus here you must have to head back to the webpage and also refresh it.Disable Infinite Scroll

To Turn off Javascript on Google Chrome for Android, Tap on the menu button > Settings > “Site settings” > “JavaScript” > Uncheck Enable JavaScript. Unfortunately, this will turn off Javascript for all sites instead of a certain website.

Summing-up [Disable Infinite Scroll for Certain Website (Chrome)]

Whilst the infinite scrolling has benefits for some websites (such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook). However, that produces the personalized content dynamically, other blogs which use it to receive further page views. So then you should think twice before using it. Or the least these blogs are also able to do is not put static links (instance, About Us or Contact Us) at the footer.

Although whether you are a webmaster, so you must consider using pagination or even slide display rather than using infinite scrolling. And whether you are using, you are also able to either select to turn off the Javascript on that website. Or even better, drop feedback to the site owner.

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Disable Infinite Scroll for Certain Website (Chrome)-Conclusion

Whether you still linger on if to use infinite scrolling or not. So the just thing that we would like to ask you is this- Does using infinite scrolling on your website put you at the best benefit face to face the usual interface with pagination? Whether the answer to the question is ‘Yes’, then please go ahead and use it.

Whether not, so then you do remember that a lot of designing and application development challenges are there, that are associated with this. So the developments in technology are the best thing. But whether it doesn’t work for your advantage, so then you have to ignore them. Thus the Infinite scrolling can be a good thing whether it aligns with your website goals and also the user expectations. Additionally, it is a big ‘No.’ 

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