How Google Voice Makes Conference Calls (Free & Easy)

Google Voice Makes CallsWhen you have to or want to talk to various people at a time. However, Google Voice is the best free option. Simply by using Google voice, you are also able to concurrently talk on the phone at the conference. With simply an overall of 4 people (you plus three further.) Simply it is free and added with your regular Google Voice account. Now we will explain to you that how Google Voice Makes Conference Calls (Free & Easy).

However, the Conference calls also have become the requirement of the hour with furthermore companies. Simply having remote employees and also outsourcing manpower just from another form of meeting. Similarly, no issue whether you are working from home, own a business. Or like to keep in touch with peers and family. So you are also able to take the advantage of free services present in the marketplace.

How Google Voice Makes Conference Calls (Free & Easy)

Whether you are amazed that which free service you have to use, so then the answer will be Google Voice. However, when you have to talk to a number of people at a time. Even a single person so then the Google Voice Conference Call is the best option. As you may know that Google Voice is quite easy and simple to configure and also run an audio conference call simply with this program. Similarly, it is even advantageous for business causes though where you have to conduct a meeting with more than just one person.

To Setup a Google Conference Call

In order to start a Google Conference call, so then the things that you must have are a Google account, computer, smartphone, or tablet. Although which must has the Google Voice App installed. Whether you have an Android or iOS device. You are able to easily install the application and also for a PC, so you can then use it via the web.

Whether you have a Gmail account, so you can easily begin utilizing the GOOGLE voice right away.

Getting Started with Google Voice.


  • First of all, you have to head to the Google Voice website and also you have to tap on one out of the present options. The options are For Personal or For Business.
  • After tapping on the For Personal will then ask you to select from the next three choices Android, iOS, or Web. Whether you are using it on your phone so then you will be directed towards the application link additionally towards the Google Voice Sign Up page.
  • Now you have to tap on the For Business. Then you will be directed towards the Get Started Page.
  • After tapping on the Web for Personal use, you have to now press Continue whether you agree with the terms of service and also the privacy policy.
  • Guys! Now on the next page, you have to enter a city to get a phone number of that region.
  • Simply go through the present numbers and also then you must select one for you as your Google Voice number, tap on Select.
  • Verify your existing phone number, however, by using the Verify button.
  • Now at this point, you must enter a number for linking to your Google Voice account where your incoming calls will be simply directed then you should press Send Code.
  • Similarly, enter the code which you have obtained on your phone and also click verify for confirmation.
  • Tap here on Claim for making sure the call forwarding to that number and press the Finish button in order to do the setup method of Google Voice.
  • Finally, you have to again tap Finish to head to your Google Voice account.

Way to Start an Audio Conference Call?

Follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  • First of all, you have to Log in to your Google Voice Account and then tap on the button make a call which is given on the left side.
  • Now in the call section, you should have to enter a name or number, and also you have to hit enter the green phone icon in order to allow Google to dial the number.
  • However, guys! Google Voice will call the number and also connect you to it in a simple way.
  • You are also able to use Google Voice in order to make free computer to phone calls simply by installing the free Google Voice and also the Video Chat Plugin. That id is also known by the name of Hangout Plugin
To make a Conference call through Google Voice

To make a Conference call through Google Voice so here is the way, you have to simply perform this:

Confirm to inform all the participants in advance simply that they have to call you at the pre-decided time. However, the First step is to just make a call via Google Voice to any of the people to allow them to call you.

Similarly, at a time when the call is active, you have to start including the further participants when they dial the number. though now you will receive an alert for the incoming call and also accept the call. Simply now you must have to press 5 after listening to the message about making a conference call.

Yes, Guys! You are able to also record a conference call, like whether it is for business reasons. But you must have to enable the option simply from the setting under the incoming calls option.

Finally, now all participants will then included in the call. Press 4 in order to start recording the call and then all the participants will alert when the recording begins and also finalized.

Participants Restriction for Google Voice Conference Call

Alright, guys! As you may not know that just 10 participants are permitted with a free Google Voice account. Whilst with a paid Google Voice account, so you are able to include more than 25 people in your Call.

Here you have to keep in your mind that there is a restriction that free calls. Using Google Voice is also able to create to just three hours at a stretch. However, after that, it will be normally disconnected. So you will then have to call the number again.

That’s all done!

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Simply by using Google voice, you are also able to concurrently talk on the phone in the conference. With simply an overall of 4 people (you plus three further.) Simply it is free and added with your regular Google Voice account. Well, now I hope that you will all understand the way that How Google Voice Makes Conference Calls (Free & Easy). If you have any questions so then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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