How to Amazfit Bip Music Control and Camera Control

Amazfit Bip is actually the most favorite smartwatch of iPhone and Android users. You guys can do a lot of things with it, from simply tracking your activities in order to control your phone. You guys can actually control your Google Home speaker via Amazfit Bip or Bip S easily. Let’s now discuss How to Amazfit Bip Music Control and Camera Control.

Well, unfortunately, this workaround only works with Android. So if you are looking for Amazfit Bip Camera Control along with iPhone or even music control, then this article is not for you as well.

How to Amazfit Bip Music Control and Camera Control

Amazfit Bip Camera Control

In order to control the camera, we actually have to remap the button on Amazfit Bip. After a lot of exploration, I finally, found the ideal app to do this – Mi Band 2/3 & Amazfit Selfie. This basically lets you remap the single tap of the button action to click a photo. But, the caveat is that it only works along with a selected number of third-party camera applications. Below is the camera apps that it works with.

Well, pairing the app with the Amazfit Bip is really easy. You need to have Mi-Fit installed and the band that is connected to the Mi-Fit app. Now, just install the Mi Band 2/3 & Amazfit Selfie app and just open it. The app will auto-discover the MAC Address of the Amazfit Bip if it is connected along with Mi-Fit.

In case the app fails to identify the watch, you can then manually enter the MAC Address in the text box as well. If you want to find the MAC Address of the Bip, then open the Mi-Fit app and head to the Profile section, and click on the Amazfit Bip under “My Device” actually.

Whenever you are on the Amazfit Bip page, then just scroll down to the bottom of the page. There, you guys will also find “Bluetooth Address” which in turn is the MAC Address of Amazfit Bip as well. Then, after you guys have entered the MAC Address, click on the Connect button at the bottom as well.

What’s more

Amazfit Bip Music Control

After you guys tap on the connect button, wait for a few seconds and the app will establish a connection along with the watch. As soon as it does, the Connect button at the bottom will then change to Disconnect.

When the app has successfully connected with the watch, launch the camera app. Well, in my case, I have installed the Bacon Camera app. Now, I just have to open the camera app and single press the button on Amazfit Bip. It will then trigger the camera shutter and click a photo. The band vibrates mildly that indicating it has clicked a picture.

This is actually a handy utility whenever you want to take a group photo or if you have the camera mounted on a tripod actually. Although, it would have been better if it worked along with all of the camera apps. This was not much of a problem to me because I was already actually using Bacon Camera.

Another drawback is the single tap on works as the back button in Amazfit Bip. Thus, when you have the Mi Band 2/3 & Amazfit Selfie connected to the watch, the back button features cease to function as well. The only way in order to combat then this is to connect the Mi Band 2/3 & Amazfit Selfie app-only whenever you have to take a photo.

Amazfit Bip Music Control

Well, unfortunately, there is not a single app that basically lets you control both the music player and camera. For a music player, we would have another third-party app that is called “Amazfit BIP Assistant“. This is actually one of those apps along with poor UI however, extremely useful functionalities. Anyways, When you have the app installed, then just open it and it will ask you to enter the MAC Address manually. In case, if you don’t know how to do that, follow these steps mentioned above.

Once you guys connect the band to the app, then you will have a screen to customize the watch button actions. In case it looks confusing, we are actually on the same plane. I have kept the action to “2 Pause 3 Next” which basically means two times tap would pause or play the song and 3 times click would move to the next song as well.

Amazfit Bip Music Control

You also get a slider that basically lets you customize the interval between the clicks. The default value of 600 ms is fine and would work for most of you too.

You guys also have the option to map the long press of the button to either turn on Google Assistant on the volume control. But, please make sure that you do not have other actions assigned to long press. In my case, the long press was mapped to start the Outdoor that is Running activity. In these types of scenarios, you will have conflicts and the actions won’t work as wished.


You are good to go. If you have any queries and issues related to this article then let us know in the comments section below.

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