How to Cast YouTube to Roku from Android

Well, watching videos on your phone may be fine whenever you guys are casually watching YouTube videos. However, it is not ideal whenever it comes to family movie nights actually. If you guys are looking for a simple way to mirror what you see on your phone to your TV, then no need to worry now — we’ve got you covered. If you have an Android or an iPhone, our experts created these steps in order to help you connect your phone to your TV to enhance your viewing experience as well. The best part is, you guys are not limited to just videos. Casting your phone to your TV will also let you browse the internet on a larger screen or also even share a digital slideshow of the pics on your device. Let’s discuss How to Cast YouTube to Roku from Android.

Whenever the Google Cast technology first came out you guys needed an Android device, as well as a Chromecast, that is plugged into your TV. Then eventually you started seeing the “Cast” button that shows up in apps on iPhone and iPad as well. But, not all apps on iOS include this button. And along with an Android device, you can also cast any media in order to Chromecast, regardless of the app.

cast youtube to roku

The technology has really come a long way as well. And along with YouTube being a Google-owned company actually, it is actually no surprise that the cast feature would continue to evolve as well. Now you guys can use the YouTube app on Android or iOS in order to beam your videos to more than just a Chromecast. You can also use it with Fire TV, Roku, and also even Xbox One.

How to Cast YouTube to Roku from Android

In order to learn how to cast Netflix and YouTube content to Roku. Then all you need is a smartphone or tablet, a Roku, an Internet connection, and a few minutes as well. The process is nearly entirely foolproof and needs only a few button presses in order to master. Is it really a feature you absolutely, positively need in your life? Not really actually. However, if you’re already watching something on your smartphone and want to transfer it to a TV with minimal fuss, then it’s really a good thing you can know.

Before you guys begin, you will first need a mobile device along with Netflix or YouTube installed a Roku player and an Internet connection for both of your devices. Both your phone or tablet and your Roku should be fully updated. And also your smartphone should have enough battery life for at least an hour or so of use. Nothing catastrophic will actually happen if your phone dies in the middle of this process. However, it does mean that you will have to revert to a remote control rather.

If you are ready to find out how can you cast Netflix and YouTube to Roku, then read on this guide on the subject.

Cast YouTube Videos from Android or iOS in order to Fire TV or Roku

Casting to Fire TV or Roku device from an Android device could not be easier actually. Open the YouTube app and start watching a video as well. When you guys are ready to send it to the big screen, press the “Cast” button on the video and then select the device you want to beam it to.

cast youtube to roku

On an iOS device, the process is the same as the interface is just a bit different. Open the YouTube app and start your video. Press the “Cast” button and select the device you want to watch on and it will start playing on the TV. To end a session, press the “Cast” button again and select “Disconnect” on the iOS or the “Stop Casting” option on Android.

When the video is playing on the big screen you’ll then get playback controls on your device. You can also click other videos and add them to a queue in order to create a playlist. And with the iPhone, you can also control playback from the lock screen, too.

Even though Amazon and Google can’t really work it out to have a proper YouTube app on Fire TV. You can also use this as an alternative. Not to mention here, that you can use the Silk or Firefox browser on Fire TV in order to browse YouTube. If you’re a cord cutter or not, then it’s always nice to have more streaming options.

It’s really nice to see Google is going with a more universal approach to its Google Cast feature along with the YouTube app anyway. If you need to show a video on the big screen, then you don’t need the device plugged into their TV. Google and Apple have not been able to agree on that arrangement yet actually.


You are good to go. If you have any queries and issues related to this article then let us know in the comments section below.

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