How to Fix Audio Crackling in Windows 10

Well, crackling, popping, and many other sound problems can happen for a variety of reasons actually. You guys may be able to fix the problem through adjusting your audio device settings. As well as updating your sound driver too, or pinning down another hardware device that’s interfering. Here are some things to try. Let’s now discuss How to Fix Audio Crackling in Windows 10.

Before you guys start messing with settings, it is worth checking your hardware itself actually. If a cable connection is loose, this can also cause some sound problems. Make sure all of your audio cables are connected securely. If the problem persists, then here are a few potential solutions too.

How to Fix Audio Crackling in Windows 10

The speaker volume of your Windows 10 PC plays a really important role in your day-to-day activities. Such as listening to music, audio files, video sites, creating visuals, and much more than that. You guys just simply want it to work fine at all times. However, even the volume control actually comes with its issues. For instance, you guys may suddenly hear a crackling sound or an irritating background distortion sound too.

You guys also fix this issue easily. Let’s see how you can fix the crackling sound of your Windows 10 laptop and computer as well.

Change Your Audio Format

Well, changing the audio quality on your output device can actually solve some of your problems. In order to check your audio quality, just right-tap on the speaker icon in the notification area. That is next to your clock and choose “Playback Devices”.

  • Double-tap on the default playback device, that has a green checkmark on its icon actually.

audio crackling in Windows

  • Tap on the “Advanced” tab and use the Default Format box to choose your sound quality level. Try to set your audio quality in order to “16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality)”.
  • Tap on “OK” afterward and then see if the crackling or other audio problems continue or not. This change can fix some of your audio problems.

If it is set to CD quality and you guys experience problems, then try to change to another audio format level and then see what happens actually.

Plug Your Device Back In | audio crackling in Windows

This is the easiest step you can try and can work more often than you’d expect. Most of the time your audio device may not be plugged all of the ways in. And that can cause Windows 10 audio crackling issues along with your audio. Most of the time, there may be driver issues that will actually solve themselves through simply unplugging and plugging your audio device back in.

audio crackling in Windows

When you plug your audio device back in, ensure it’s plugged in all of the way, especially if your device uses an audio jack as well.

Test Your Audio Equipment On Another Device

Before we continue along with the next troubleshooting step. Then you should try your audio equipment on another device as well. Plug your speakers or headphones into a laptop, phone, or then spare computer in order to test if they still have issues actually.

If you guys still experience audio crackling then the issue is related to the audio equipment itself actually. In this case, you guys may have to take a look at the cable in order to see if there is any damage. You guys can try to get in touch along with your manufacturer to see if they offer any sort of service under warranty in case of damage actually.

Turn Off Exclusive Mode

Some of the sound drivers seem to have issues along with the “Exclusive Mode” option. That permits applications to take exclusive control of your sound card actually. This should not normally be a problem actually: Blame bad sound drivers if it is causing issues on your system or not.

You guys will find this setting on the same window where the “Default Format” option is. You just have to turn off the “Allow applications in order to take exclusive control of this device” the option is under “Exclusive Mode”. Just tap on “OK” and see if this solved your problem or not.

audio crackling in Windows

Well, this option normally is not a problem, so you guys should probably re-enable it. If turning off it does not solve the problem actually. When again test your sound device in order to see if the audio crackling is gone. If not, then just follow the steps below.

Test Another Headphone Port

If you guys have a Windows 10 PC, you will mostly have a headphone port at the front and the back of your PC. You should unplug your audio equipment from whatever headphone port you are currently using, and then try it with the other headphone port as well.

Well, it may be that your headphone port is faulty, and in this case, then simply using another port may fix your issue actually. If you guys only have a single headphone port, then you can purchase a USB to headphone jack adapter, that may resolve your Windows 10 audio crackling issue actually. But, we’d suggest you try the other troubleshooting steps below first. Because it may save you from investing in hardware that you do not need.

Update Your Sound Drivers

Some of the problems may be fixed in newer sound drivers actually. If you guys are using older sound drivers, then you may have to update them to fix many bugs. Windows 10 automatically attempts to keep your drivers up to date, however, even then it may not always offer the latest sound drivers as well.

audio crackling in Windows

If you want to uninstall your sound drivers, first open the start menu and then search for Device Manager. Tap on the result that appears.

  • In Device Manager, just tap to expand Audio inputs and outputs.
  • Press the speaker button in the bottom right of your taskbar in order to see your audio device name.
  • You have to find the corresponding audio device in the device manager.
  • Right-tap on the audio device and tap on Uninstall device.
  • Now Restart your Windows 10 PC as well.

When your Windows 10 PC turns on, it should then automatically search for and also install new drivers for your audio device. If it does not, then just unplug your audio device and plug it back in to prompt Windows 10 in order to look for new drivers.

Check Your DPC Latency

This problem may also be caused via the DPC latency. DPC basically stands for “Deferred Procedure Call”. This is actually the part of Windows that handles hardware drivers. If a driver takes too long to do something, it can avoid other drivers just like your sound driver from doing the work they have to do in a timely fashion. This can actually lead to audio problems such as clicks, pops, dropouts, and many other issues.

DPC Latency

In order to check your DPC latency, download and run LatencyMon actually. Tap on the “Start” button and then let it run in the background for a while. It will then monitor your system’s hardware drivers and give recommendations, that inform you which hardware driver seems to be the problem. If a particular hardware driver is basically causing problems. Then you can try to update the device’s driver, disabling the device, and removing it from your system, or replacing it.

Even if you guys see some latency issues here, they are not necessarily a problem on a typical PC. There you just have to listen to music, watch videos, and also play video games. If the tool warns you about a problem, however, you can’t hear one, then you don’t have to turn off any hardware. This is more essential for professional use cases where you guys really do need real-time audio. However, if you do hear a problem, then the tool might indicate a hardware driver at fault actually.

Disable Spatial Sound

Windows 10 spatial sound can be really distorting your audio quality. You guys can easily turn this off so it’s worth trying to see if this can solve your issue actually.

If you want to turn off audio enhancements on Windows 10. Then first open the start menu, search for Control Panel, and also look for the Sound option. After that, follow the steps below.

audio crackling in Windows

  • Scroll down and then find your active sound device.
  • Right-click on your device and tap Properties.
  • Then tap on the Spatial sound tab.
  • Tap on the dropdown box and choose Off.
  • After that, just click OK.

Then, test your audio again in order to see if the audio crackling has stopped. If not, then just move onto the next suggestion below.

Change Power Settings

It is also possible that in some cases specific power settings can also be causing issues along with your audio device. This is easy to fix and you can resolve via following the steps listed below.

power settings

  • Just open the Control Panel from within the Start menu.
  • Tap on View by Large Icons.
  • Then click on Power Options.
  • Press Change plan settings on the setting that is currently being used as well.
  • Tap on Change advanced power settings.
  • Then click in order to open the Processor Power Management option.
  • Press the Minimum processor state option.
  • Tap on the Setting x% option and then type 100.
  • After that, you have to click Apply and then OK.


You are good to go. If you have any queries and issues related to this “audio crackling in Windows” article then let us know in the comments section below.

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