How To Fix Battery Not Charging Issues On Windows 10

Do you want to fix the battery not charging issues on Windows 10? Your laptops are useless without a working battery. When it is fully charged you can use it very smoothly. So in this guide, we have explained some tips or tricks for managing your battery in Windows 10, like using a battery saver. adjust battery warning level, generate battery report, or using some latest features like Power Throttling in the recent model of Windows 10.

But one of the common problems we all face is what to do when your battery is not fully charged or stops charge at all. There can be different reasons why this culprit happens. Let’s take a look at them and try some fixes to get you mobile again.

Resolve Problems Securing Your Battery From Charging in Windows 10

There are different factors why your laptop’s battery suddenly stops charging or won’t fully charge your system. These can include, health, age, and possible firmware or hardware problems. One of the simplest things you can do is switch off your PC, plug it in, and allow it to charge overnight. If you don’t view any differences, try some of the following tricks below.

Fix Battery Not Charging Issues -> Execute Battery Diagnostics

Battery Diagnostics

If your battery won’t charge properly, then you must try the Battery troubleshooter in Windows 10.

Step 1:

Head over to the Start > Settings > Update & security > Troubleshoot

Step 2:

Move down then tap Power

Step 3:

Tap Run the troubleshooter

Complete your wizard then restart your system to view if the problem is fixed.

Most laptop PC’s have their own factory diagnostics utilities, too. So you must try those to test your battery. After accessing the diagnostics will vary by the developer, so, consult the documentation that came with your PC. Before you execute a test, you might want to fully charge the device to 99-100 percent, then disconnect the AC adapter, boot into diagnostic utility then execute the test.

Check When Your AC Power Supply Is Connected Properly

Certainly, the power cable is connected to your AC power supply brick might be loose. Check to ensure that it is properly fitted.

Try a Different Wall Socket & Check Low Voltage or Electrical Problem

The other day, my house had some critical electrical issues going on. You would be surprised by how much voltage issues can affect your system performance. Connecting in my laptop into a socket within my room dimmed the light, while the socket in the living room caused it to wink.

Another room remained constant but charging was quite slow. This meant I had a low voltage problem. So, I ended hiring an electrician to sort out the electricity problem. After resolving it up, my laptop started normally charging.

Fix Battery Not Charging Issues -> Try Another Charger

try charger

I earlier mentioned the AC power adapter. Maybe the issue caused because of your charger. So, all you need is to borrow one from your friend if you don’t have any. If you don’t have access to another charger, try yours on another laptop to check if it successfully charges the device.

If you are matching or mixing laptop power adapters, don’t forget to select the exact power supply.

Erase All External Devices

If you keep external devices like a mobile, a USB external drive, printer, mouse, and anything else connected to your laptop while charging, it can’t take any time for your battery to reach 100%. Don’t forget to disconnect all of those devices so your PC won’t be competing with all the other electronics.

Check Your Connectors for Damage Or Dirt

If your PC has a modular battery, erase it then check for any damage or to view if it needs wiping around the contacts and in the battery compartment. Also, view if there are any dirt particles in the charging port that probably securing the battery from charging.

Fix Battery Not Charging Issues -> Check BIOS & Chipset Driver Updates

Certainly, your laptop might be overdue for an update for components like your Chipset or BIOS. Updates can also help to fix bugs that might be securing the battery from charging efficiently.

Hit & Release Power Button Reset

no charging

Certainly unknown issues can secure the battery from charging. An easy way to resolve it is to power down your PC, hold down the power button for a few seconds, then plug it in the AC adapter, then initiate the PC.

Turn Off Apps & Check Battery Usage in Windows 10

Moving back to Windows 10 a bit, I check my Surface Pro was taking and a long time to charge and the fans begin to rev up. Also, I notice the issue was on my Taskbar all. However, Slack’s Windows client was waiting and try to attempt and connect to the Internet. So, checking your apps to consider what’s executing in the background can help you not only consume battery life but restrict what prevents it from charging faster.

There are different ways to do that. Head over to Start > Settings > Privacy > Background apps. Move down then toggle off the apps that probably securing your device from reaching a full charge.

Still in Settings, head over to the System > Battery > Battery usage by app. This will explains to you which apps are using the battery and you can then make a decision on what to do, whether to allow Windows decide if it should execute in the background while not consuming battery life.

Buy New Charger or Battery Module

Ultimately, if you don’t notice any improvements after trying all the fixes mentioned above, then you replace or buy either the charger or battery itself. This will need to contact your laptop developer and placing an order. Chargers and the batteries are not necessarily inexpensive, especially if its an older PC. But, if you have no option, its something you will just have to do to get your PC back in working order.

Also, these simple tips can get your battery working properly. If not, then try to contact the manufacturer about getting the charger or battery replaced.


I hope you find all the above tips and tricks helpful. Do you have any questions or queries? if you want to share any other helpful tips for our readers then let us know below!

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