How to Fix If Your PC Won’t Shut Down

Unless you guys have an issue on your PC, your Windows computer should shut down along with the tap of an option. If Windows won’t shut down in spite of repeated attempts, then there’s probably a problematic element on your machine actually. Let’s now discuss How to Fix If Your PC Won’t Shut Down.

Most of the time it’s a bit tricky to find out exactly what is causing the Windows shut down issue on your PC. It may also be an app, a system issue, or something else as well. Regardless, there are multiple methods that you can try and apply and also one of these should likely fix the issue for you actually.

How to Fix If Your PC Won’t Shut Down

Although it is a really frustrating and common problem, it is mostly not difficult to solve actually. Before you guys start, you first, have to check out if Windows 10 won’t shut down is caused by the update process.

Usually, a Windows update can take a few minutes or even hours. So, you are suggested to wait for almost 3 hours around when Windows update is the main cause for your issue actually.

If time is up and Windows 10 still hangs at shutting down, or also your Windows 10 is not processing any update at all, then you should try these following solutions.

Force Shut Down

If the normal Start Menu shut down option does not work for you and also Windows won’t shut down. Then you may have to use the force shutdown method. It forces your computer in order to turn off regardless of what state it is in.

On most of the computers, all you guys have to do to force shut down the computer is to tap and hold down the Power button for a few seconds. Keep it held down until you guys see your machine powering off.

When you do that, you can then tap on the same Power key in order to turn your machine back on. Windows gives you multiple ways in order to shut down a computer. If the one that you normally use does not work, you can then always try a different method to turn your computer off actually.

Use Command Prompt To Shut Down Windows PC

One of the common ways, in order to shut down a Windows PC, is to use a command in the Command Prompt utility. You have to execute a single-line command and it will then make sure to power your machine off.

  • Use the search box in order to search for Command Prompt and tap on it whenever it appears in the search results actually.
  • Whenever it opens, you then have type in the following command and tap Enter. Make sure that you have saved your work in your apps before even running the command.
    shutdown /s /f /t 0
  • Your computer will then immediately turn off as well.

Create a Batch File To Shut Down Your PC

If the above method successfully turned off your PC, you will then want to stick to it to shut down your machine whenever you want as well. You can actually save yourself from the hassle of typing in the command each and every time through creating a batch file.

You can then disable your computer with just a single click.


  • Use the Cortana search box in order to search for Notepad and tap on it whenever you see it.
  • You guys will use the same command that you used in the Command Prompt utility in Notepad. You have to type in the following command.
    shutdown /s /f /t 0
  • Tap on the File menu at the top and choose the Save option. You guys will be saving it as an executable batch file on your PC actually.

pc won't shut down

  • On the following screen, you should select your Desktop as the location in order to save the file. It will be easier for you in order to run the file from your Desktop than anywhere else.
  • You have to enter a name for your file followed by a dot and then bat. It will look something like shutdown.bat.
  • From the Save as type box, you need to select All Files as you don’t want to save it as a text file.
  • Then tap on the Save button in order to save the file.
  • You can right-tap on the file and choose Run as administrator in order to shut down your PC. This step can also be eliminated via setting the file to always run as admin.
  • Right-tap on the file and choose to Send it to followed by Desktop. It will then create a shortcut on your Desktop of that.
  • Then right-tap on the newly created shortcut and choose Properties.
  • Ensure that you are inside the Shortcut tab. Then find and tap on the Advanced button.
  • Now checkmark Run as administrator and tap on OK.

pc won't shut down

You can also double-tap on the file each time you want to turn off your PC.

Perform System Restore or System Image Recovery

If you guys have created a system restore point or system image backup along with Windows snap-­in tools. You can also try to use the restore point or image file in order to restore your computer.

System Restore

Here are simple steps for system restore:

  • In the start menu, search the control panel in order to open “Control Panel”.
  • Then type “recovery” and tap on “Recovery” in order to continue.
  • Now in this interface, please select “Open System Restore” to continue.
  • In the Restore system files and settings interface, you can tap on “Next” in order to continue.
  • Select the time to restore your computer to the state it was in before the selected event and tap on “Next” to continue.
  • You have to confirm the restore point and then tap “Finish”. After the system restore is finished, you then try to shut down your computer again.

Whenever the system restore process is finished, you can also reverse your computer to a previous state. And the system restores point can also help you in order to solve some system malfunctions or other problems as well.

System Image Recovery

If you guys do have a recent Windows 10 system backup, go back to the state whenever you were able to shut down your Windows 10. Here is how you can perform system image recovery.

  • In the “Start” menu, and tap on “shift” and click “restart” at the same time in order to enter the WinRE.
  • You guys should select “Troubleshoot” in “Choose an option”, and then select “Advanced options”.
  • Then you have to select “System Image Recovery” in “Advanced options” to get a new window.
  • Also, choose the latest system image or an image backup that turns on Windows 10 to shut down. And then just tap on“Next”.
  • Now, follow the guide to restore your PC. When a warning window to format pops up during the process, you then need to tap “Yes”.

Use The Run Box in order to To Shut Down Windows

You can also use the above command in the Run box as well.

  • Tap on the Windows + R keys at the same time.
  • Then type in the following command and then tap Enter.
    shutdown /s /f /t 0

pc won't shut down

Quit The Open Apps And also Kill Processes To Shut Down The Computer

Well, one of the possible reasons windows won’t shut down is because you have many apps open on your machine. Closing them all should likely fix the issue for you actually.

  • Right-tap on your taskbar at the bottom and then choose Task Manager.
  • Head to the Processes tab if you guys aren’t already there. Choose each and every process that you guys identify as an app and then tap on the End task button. You also have to do it for each and every process in the list.

It will close the app through killing its process. You can then use the standard shutdown method in order to shut down your PC.

Turn Off Fast Startup To Fix Windows Shutdown Issue

Fast Startup is basically one of the features involved with your computer’s boot-up process. Turning off it might resolve the issue for you.

  • Open Control Panel and choose the Power Options option.
  • Then choose what the power button does in the left sidebar.
  • Untick the option that basically says Turn on fast startup (recommended), and tap on Save changes at the bottom.

You may now try to shut down your PC to see if it works.

Reboot Your Windows Computer rather

If shutting down doesn’t really work, you can then try to reboot your computer rather. When it reboots, you can then try to shut down your machine.

  • Click on the Start Menu icon, select the power icon, and choose Restart.

Use the Troubleshooter Whenever Windows Won’t Shut Down

Lastly, if nothing really works, you can then troubleshoot the issue along with Windows Troubleshooter.

  • Open the Settings app and click on Update & Security.
  • Select Troubleshoot in the left sidebar, click on Power on the right-hand side pane, and then choose Run the troubleshooter.
  • Let the troubleshoot run, detect issues, and also offer you possible fixes to those issues as well.

Your Windows shutdown issue should be gone when you have applied the recommended fixes actually.

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