How To Fix Size Mismatch Cydia Error In Installing Tweak

Size Mismatch Cydia

So, the Size mismatch Cydia errors are something that seems to disturb me every once in a blue moon. If I try to install a jailbreak tweak. Then after an update is released, or after Cydia refreshes its sources. Also, this issue can occur when Cydia tries to fully refresh its sources. Then at the time of repository sync, I am sure that some of you have probably stumbled upon it. Also, this has the same error one time or another.

In case, if you ever do get a size mismatch error in Cydia. Then we will be explaining in this short tutorial that how you can fix the problem. You can also install the jailbreak tweak if you want to download it once and for all.

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Reasons: Why did I get a size mismatch Cydia error?

In this case, if you are also getting a size mismatch Cydia error. The reason is that you may have left Cydia running in the background during a refresh. You have to refresh the sources at the same time a repository was being synced. Now, it could be that if you refreshed your sources. It is just because of the package that was being updated on the repository. This is also being hosted from, or it could have just been a network fluke.

So, whatever the reason was, your Cydia app now has a corrupted cache. Also, you have to live with it until Cydia can refresh the cache. This is which can take up to 24 hours until the repo refreshes once again.

Now, you can actually remove and re-add the affected repository to your list of Cydia sources. Then this will force Cydia to remove and re-add everything related to that repository. It also includes in the cache, immediately. Now, this will also give you a refreshed Cydia cache, and then it can fix a size mismatch error.

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Ways to fix it:

Also, if you get a size mismatch error then it is just like I got this morning from the BigBoss repository. Then after trying to install a free tweak that was just updated. Now, you can easily fix the problem by removing the affected repository from your list of Cydia sources. You can also add it back to your device so your device can re-load it.

The reason is that BigBoss is one of the default repositories in Cydia and not a third-party. This has one that you have added by yourself then it cannot be added to Cydia. It is just like most other third-party repositories are. Apart from these, there is another process to re-add it.

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So, here are the steps to remove and re-add a default repository like BigBoss in Cydia:

1) You have to Launch the Cydia app from your Home screen and then you have to open the Sources tab.

2) Now, Tap on the Edit button in the navigation bar to enter source editing mode.

3) Then click on the red button that is available to the left of the repository giving you the issues. In most cases, if the tweak was from the BigBoss repository.

Size Mismatch Cydia4) Now, click on the red Delete button that appears to the right of the repository. Then Cydia will then say “Reloading Data” and will remove the repository from your list of sources.

5) You have to Tap on the Done button in the navigation bar. Then exit to the editing mode, and then tap on the Cydia tab to return to the Cydia home page.

Size Mismatch Cydia

6) Then scroll down slightly and then tap on the More Package Sources button.

7) Click on the BigBoss repository that is under the Default Sources section. You have to tap on the OK when prompted.


So, Cydia will re-add the repository and display a “Reloading Data” alert. Then tap on the Return to Cydia button when it appears. Now, you will be able to see that the BigBoss repository is back in your list of sources once more.

So, This is all about it! In case, if a tweak in any of the default repositories is giving you a size mismatch error. Then you can also remove the affected repository and re-add it so that the cache for that tweak is refreshed. Most of the time this is a necessary step, as simply refreshing your sources. This doesn’t seem to solve the size mismatch error once you’ve received it.

Also, most tweaks come from default repositories like BigBoss, ModMyi, and MacCiti. Here are some of the steps for troubleshooting a size mismatch error. Then this will be the same for each, as shown above.

The Third-Party Repositories Size Mismatch Cydia error:

This is for third-party repositories that present you with a size mismatch error for a specific jailbreak tweak. Then you will have to follow these steps to delete and then re-add the repository to Cydia to refresh its cache:

1) You have to Launch Cydia and then head over to the Sources tab.

2) Then Tap on the Edit button in the navigation bar. You have to enter source editing mode.

3) Now, click on the red – button to the left of the third-party repository. If you wish to remove it. Then we will pick on Ryan Petrich’s beta repository.

4) After that, Tap on the red Delete button that appears to the right of the third-party repository and Cydia. So, this will also remove the source and prompt you that it is “Reloading Data.”

5) When you finish it then by reloading everything you have to tap on the blue Add button in the navigation bar.

fix it


6) So, in the pop-up menu that appears you have to type in the URL of the third-party repository. If you wish to add, and then tap on the blue Add Source button.

7) Now, Cydia will now begin adding the source and a “Reloading Data” prompt will reappear. When it is done, you have to tap on the Return to Cydia button and then you will be taken back to your sources list.

So, That is all about it! If you know how to delete and then re-add a third-party repository to solve size mismatch errors. This is as well as the default Cydia repositories.

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The Size mismatch errors can happen at any time. Most people are lucky and never experience them. Then others will experience them all the time. Now, this method also works for me and cleared up my size mismatch error. Then it should work for you too.

So, Do you solve your size mismatch errors on your jailbroken device? Share in the comments section below!

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