How to Fix the Error “Instruction at Referenced Memory Could Not Be Read”

It is rare these days, but occasionally you are still run into a cryptic error notification. Whilst using your PC. So the Cryptic errors are ones that do not really explain themselves. Whether you are lucky, that you will receive an error reference number you are able to lookup. But in the case of the “Instruction at Referenced Memory Could Not Be Read” error, you are no lucky.Memory Could Not Be Read"

However, this specific error is able to strike at any time, often without any clear purpose. So whether you are happy doing your thing on a computer and suddenly encounter a software crash along with this issue. However, this guide will set you on the path to recovery.

What Is This Error? “Instruction at Referenced Memory Could Not Be Read”

Although the real text of the error is pretty self-explanatory. The Information in RAM is stored at a specific address. An when the software in question requires the information stored at a specific address, so then it asks for it. Occasionally for whatever cause, this method goes incorrect. Because this error tells us that the address is invalid for some cause.

What are the purposes of This Issue?

Now we get to the actual issue. However, as we know that an invalid memory address is involved, and we also have no idea why the memory address was invalid.

Similarly, this is one of the causes this specific error causes so much sorrow. So it could be hardware, software, or the phase of the moon. However, the good news is that, with a little deduction and logic, tracking down the gremlin liable for your memory issue woes is capable.

Perform Some Detective WorkMemory Could Not Be Read

However, before we see the main fixes that are also able to address this issue. Simply you have to do a little preparation. After all, trying in a simple manner everything is more likely in order to cause new issues and won’t essentially point you towards the true purpose of the problem.

However, the most necessary thing that you have to do is to note when and how the error occurs. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did it begin occurring after a hardware or software change?
  • Does it just occur with one specific application?
  • Either it happens regardless of what you are doing?
  • Does it happen randomly, or at set intervals?

Whether you are also able to bring together some circumstantial evidence. However, it probably gives a clue as to that fixes are more likely to work. And whether only one specific program gets this error, for instance, then you are better off hitting up their technical support page. Then messing around with your own PC willy-nilly.

So you have to keep the specifics of your error’s context in mind as we go over the various ways to make this error nothing but a distant memory.


Since lots of possible purposes are there for an invalid memory address to cause a little mild havoc. However, it makes sense to round up the most sensible fixes. There are quite a few of them, so beginning with the ones most likely to be related to your specific error is the way to go.

Although whether you perform a fix that makes a turn to your PC. You have to keep in mind to undo it if it didn’t take the issue away. Whether you don’t, then you are introducing new variables that making eliminating possibilities harder.

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The Simplest Fix: Ignore It!

However, this is by far the simplest method to fix the issue, but ignoring the error that just works. Whether the cause of the problem is not systematic. PCs and the software that makes them useful is very tough. Occasionally things go wrong just at a time or very rarely.

And whether you view this error once and never again, so don’t worry about it. If you view it at a time every few weeks or months. So then it is also might not worth the effort of addressing.

Although whether the memory error is disrupting mission-critical work or occurs so often that it substantially hurts your user encounter. And also then, of course, you should investigate other solutions. Similarly, the point is not to freak out about what probably be a very rare or might even once-off bug.

Moreover, virtual memory is a private part of your hard drive. Similarly, that acts as an overflow for when your physical RAM chips are full. So often when memory-hungry apps run out of RAM and also have nowhere to put the additional info, it receives lost. So then when a program asks for its information back, similarly, it is not there. Thus that leads to a crash or serious malfunction.

Although the memory management in operating systems is the best indeed and also the quality software products are also made to work efficiently with the present RAM. So the virtual memory is never required. However, the programs with bad memory management or a too-small virtual memory allocation for your system is also able to lead to memory errors.

You are also able to add more physical RAM of course, but a fast (and free!) solution is to optimize your virtual memory paging file.

Close all the Background Applications

The other side from that you can tackle the same issue is decreasing the amount of memory-hungry applications.

Now your internet browser is the largest culprit. Every tab that you open up in a browser such as Google Chrome eats up a big chunk of RAM. It’s usual for someone to load up a game and also leave the browser or office suite software head in the background. Whether you are short on memory, and also closing some tabs, or saving your work and closing your development apps can be a big support.

Probably you do not have programs running in the background. However, at least not the ones you know of. It is a good idea in order to detect how much of your PC’s memory is in use when it’s idle. Doing this could not be easier.

In Windows 10, 8, or 7 simply press CRTL+ALT+DEL and then click Task Manager.

Whether your Task Manager seems like this

Next, you must have to tap More Details to expand it.

Beneath the Processes tab, you must have to tap on the Memory column. In order to adjust processes by memory use. See any processes that are using a large amount of memory. And whether they are not critical, so you are also able to end them by right-clicking on a method and choosing End Task.

Now you are only be warned that whether you don’t know what a method is, you should Google it first. Whether probably be pretty important!

File a Complaint With Customer Help

Although when an “instruction at referenced memory could not be read” error is obviously the result of a glitch of software. So there probably be just one course of action that will work – contacting the developers.

Bugs occur and whether the game or software package is regularly crashing with this issue, so then it probably not be something. That you can perform anything about. So pop an email to customer support, you must have to hit up the official forums. And get some advice on if you are missing something clear or whether it really is a snag in the Matrix.

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“Instruction at Referenced Memory Could Not Be Read”-Conclusion

you are lucky, that you will receive an error reference number you are able to lookup. But in the case of the “Instruction at Referenced Memory Could Not Be Read” error, you are no lucky. But in this guide, you learn the way to fix this issue.

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