How to Fix the issue: Siri not talking back to you?

 Siri not talkingWell, Guys! I recently started using Siri. And now I use Siri all the time to search for directions, the current news, text, or call my family & friends. And also a bunch of further things! So when Siri is not working, so then it is a real issue for my day-to-day living. In this guide, you will learn the way to fix the issue: Siri not talking back to you?


How to Fix the issue: Siri not talking back to you?

After currently upgrading my iPhone to an iPhone 11 Pro & also spare a lot of time setting Siri up & also training/teaching her. Therefore guys the next day I discovered that Siri was not working at all!

So what occurs with Siri?

However, I know very well that I am not alone. Enormous readers let us know that Siri does not all the time work on their iPhones & other devices.

However, Some of these Siri issues start occurring on their own out of the blue whilst others encounter the issues just after an iOS upgrade on their device.

Quick instructions to Fix the issue: Siri not talking back to you?

Abide by these Quick Tips To Fix Siri Not Talking back to you?

  • First of all, you have to clarify your device has the best internet connection
  • Reset the network settings
  • Check for any obstructions on microphones & speakers
  • Force Reboot your device
  • Turn on the Siri in Settings
  • Toggle on the Settings for Hey Siri & then must Press Side (or Home) Button for Siri (or off and on)
  • Toggle off Type to Siri in your accessibility settings
  • Turn off the Low Power Mode
  • Toggle Airplane Mode on and then toggle off
  • Alter the Siri’s language temporarily
  • Check that you turned off any Restrictions for Siri
  • Disable the VPNs
  • Reset all your personalized feature settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings)
  • Enable the Location Services for Siri

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Is Siri Telling You To Try Again?

Alright guys it is most essential order to remember that 90% of Siri’s magic occurs in the Apple Servers and not your local device.

Whether Siri says that something like sorry, I’m having trouble connecting to the network or try again in a little whilst. So then your device’s internet connection probably be the cause!

However, it is, so, fundamental that you have a reliable WiFi or cellular signal when trying to receive Siri working on your iPhone.

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Siri needs The Internet!

Recently, no offline mode for Siri is there. 

However, guys the Siri works by sending data to Apple’s Servers. Simply your device & Apple Servers also change your audio into text–this is what we call speech recognition.

Next, the Servers examine that text for intent–this is known as Natural Language Processing. At a time when it determines the intent, so then those servers then send the results to revert to your iPhone.

Yes, it is a bit handy! And interesting thing is that all this info exchange takes place nearly in an instant (for us!)

Examine the Siri’s Servers

Whether your internet connection is well & also it works with other applications. So then it is possible that the issue is on Apple’s side of the fence.

You have to head to the Apple System Status Site & view whether there are any reported problems with Siri & Spotlight Suggestions.

Any service with an issue displays the yellow yield-like icon. Click the issue to see details and any updates.

Is Siri Not Displaying on Lock Screen?

It is normally a setting that is not enabled, often caused by a current iOS update.

First of all, you should check Settings > Face ID (or Touch ID) & Passcode. Then drop down to ‘Allow Access When Locked’ and confirm ‘Siri’ is enabled.

Another way to enable this feature is to head to the Settings > Siri & Search > and toggle ON Allow Siri When Locked.

Whether it does not work instantly, so then you have to just restart your device and try again.

For iOS 10 and below, head to the Settings > Siri > and toggle on Access When Locked.

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Is Hey, Siri Not Talking? 

Confirm your iPhone supports Hey, Siri

  • Whether you guys also have an iPhone 6s or later, or an iPad Pro (except iPad Pro 12.9-inch 1st generation does not support it), utilize the “Hey Siri” whenever
  • But for guys with an iPhone 6 or earlier, or another iPad or iPod touch model, plug into power first of all. The give Hey, Siri a try

Check that Hey Siri is Enabled

  1. And on iOS 11 and above, head to the Settings > Siri & Search
  2. Then verify that you turned on the Listen for Hey Siri
  3. Just on the iOS 10 and below you have to just choose the Settings > Siri or General > Siri and toggle Siri on also the Allow Hey Siri

Confirm that your device is face-up

  • Well, resetting your device facedown turns off the “Hey Siri”
  • Smart covers turn off the Hey Siri when closed

Hey, Siri not Talking/working on your AirPods?

  • Well, guys also on the AirPods (2nd generation) & AirPods Pro as well confirm that you toggle on “Hey Siri” on the iDevice that your AirPods connect to
  • For the guys that are using the AirPods 1st generation, double-click your AirPods stem to engage Siri

Clear & Clean Your Microphones & Speakers

You guys must confirm your microphones & speakers are clean & also not covered.

However, guys the Dirt, lint, dust, & more are able to also get into your microphones or speakers. So it is a good idea to verify these.

Whether you guys see something, simply use an interdental brush, super soft toothbrush, hearing aid cleaning kits, or a specialized port cleaning tool & also remove away that debris.

Though just when using compressed air, confirm you hold it at least 12 inches away from the port as any closer could make the issue too bad by pushing it further inside your device!

Occasionally, the cases cover microphones/speakers, as well as whether you are not using the right case for your model iPhone or iPad.

Reset Your Network Settings

Occasionally, all it takes is a refresh of your network simply just to get Siri up & running.

Just before you reset your networks, you must have to confirm that the passcodes to re-enter

  1. First of all, you have to head to the Settings > General > Reset
  2. Select the Reset Network Settings 
  3. Now you have to must enter your device passcode, whether requested
  4. At the prompt, select the Reset Network Settings
  5. At a time when your device restarts, just to reconnect to your networks again. And then must enter the passcodes

Force Restart Your iDevice

  • Just on an iPhone 8 or later & iPad without a Home Button: You have to simply Press & quickly disclose the Volume Up button. Now you have to press & instantly reveals the Volume Down button. Next press & also hold the Power/Side/Top button until you view the Apple Logo & the device reboots
  • Well, on an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus or 7th generation iPod touch: Press & hold both the Side & Volume Down buttons for maximum of 10 seconds, until you view the Apple logo
  • Just on an iPhone 6s & earlier, iPad with a Home Button, or iPod touch: Here you should Press & also hold both the Home. And the Top (or Side) buttons for at least 10 seconds until you view the Apple logo

Disable Type to Siri

  1. Head to the Settings  > Accessibility > Siri > toggle off Type to Siri

It is also possible that Type to Siri is also causing issues with interacting with Siri. So let’s see whether toggling it off supports.

Turn off the Low Power Mode

In addition to whether you guys must have Low Power Mode turned on, Apple turns off Hey Siri for power-saving purposes.

Whether possible, disable low power mode 
  • Use Control Center or head to the Settings > Battery and power off Low Power Mode
  • An interesting reader instruction that works is disabling your iDevice’s Battery Percentage. Head to the Settings > Battery and toggle off Battery Percentage
  • Whether not possible, charge up, & Siri turns on automatically when your iDevice reaches enough charge

Way to Get Siri To Talk Again

Try Airplane Mode 

  • Enabling the Airplane Mode, waiting 20-30 seconds, & then toggling it back off often supports Siri reset
  • In order to get to Airplane Mode, head to Control Center or also head to the Settings > Airplane Mode 
  • Toggle it on, wait about 30 seconds, so then turn off it again.
  • Now check whether Siri begins responding and displaying your results!

Look At & Possibly Change Siri’s Language

  • Here you must confirm that Siri is set to the correct language (Settings > General > Siri > Language)
  • For iOS 11 and above, you have to just search this in Settings > Siri & Search (or Siri) > Language 

A reader shared this instruction! Alter Siri’s language temporarily, next change it back

Way To clarify Siri’s language

  1. First of all, you have to head to the Settings > Siri & Search
  2. Click Language, underneath the Ask Siri heading
  3. Alter to another language or a regional version of your recent language (like English (Canada) rather than the English (UK)
    1. At the time when you guys change Siri’s language, it disables the “Hey Siri” until you re-train Siri to your voice
  4. At a time when Siri updates to the new language, reboot your device
  5. Now you have to Return back to Siri’s settings. Alter once more to your normal language
  6. At a time when the Hey Siri is off, toggle it on and go via the steps to train Siri to your voice

Verify For Any Restrictions on Siri to Fix the issue: Siri not talking back to you?

Whether you guys are unable to enable Siri on your iDevice, confirm that you haven’t turned off the Siri in Restrictions.

  • On iOS 12 or later, head to the Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps
  • Now confirm that Siri & Dictation is toggled on
  • For iOS 11 or earlier, now you have to head to the Settings > General > Restrictions and check whether Siri is off

Permit Siri To Access Your Location

  • Well, guys, some of the Siri aspects need you to use Location Services
  • Now head to the Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Siri & Dictation > choose While Using the App

Power On/Off Dictation

  • However, the Settings > General > Keyboards > Toggle Turn Dictation off & on
  • However, this setting is the last setting on the screen. So you must have to drop down to the bottom of the screen to access this

Turn off Siri

  1. Click the Settings > Siri & Search (for older iOS, Settings > Siri or Settings > General > Siri)
  2. Now you must Toggle Siri off, whether possible
  3. For iOS 11 & above, toggle off the following:
    1. Now you have to listen for “Hey Siri”
    2. Simply you should Press the Side Button for Siri
    3. Permit Siri When Locked
  4. Disable your iPhone & on and re-enable Siri again

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Disable Your VPN to Fix the issue: Siri not talking back to you?

Whether you guys are using the VPN, some end up blocking Siri & your device’s access to Apple Servers. Specifically, people report viewing the error message ‘Connection not available’ at the time when trying to access Siri on their cellular connection.

Whether you are facing this problem, look at your VPN settings. Whether you guys must have a VPN though just that you no longer use or need, remove the VPN profile in your iPhone settings by clicking on Settings > General > VPN.

At a time when you remove the VPN Profile, give it a try.

However, the current versions of iOS often do not look to work with some of the previous VPN installs on your iPhone.

Reset All Your Settings

Whether nothing is supporting thus far, so guys let’s try & reset your device’s personalized settings. And return them to Apple’s defaults.

When you select to reset all settings, so then you are removing all of your iDevice’s saved settings (stuff just like the wallpapers, accessibility settings, brightness, and display settings) and returning them to factory defaults.

In order to Reset All iPhone Settings

  • First of all, you have to head to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings 
  • Now you should enter your passcode and click Reset All Settings to confirm
  • Your iPhone resets its settings & reboots

Unable to Hear Siri?

Well, here a reader noticed that Siri’s volume is individualistic of your device’s set volume.

Whilst Siri is responding to a question so push the volume button to enlarge the volume! Immediate sound!!!

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Siri does not talk after iOS Updates?

Alright, guys just before anything, try a forced restart–see tricks above.

Siri talking/Working on Cellular Data Only?

Lots of users also have found that their Siri on their mobile device also works just at the time when connected to their WiFi. But does not work when they are on a cellular connection away from their home or office.

This issue is normally caused by their VPN.

Remove or turn off your VPN and see whether it makes a difference.

Is Siri Cutting You Off Mid-Sentence?

One new iOS problem is that it also looks that Siri basically cuts you off before you complete the command!

However, the things that have gotten so bad that when you begin asking. Or typing in a search for “why does Siri…” the auto-complete suggestion is “…cut me off!”

Here is the way in which we got Siri to prevent interrupting and listen to everything we say!

Update your iOS.

Whether it is still an issue, so then try the following suggestions.

The “Easy” Siri Fix

Confirm that you are holding your side or home button for the complete time that you are asking Siri a question.

  • Do not wait in order to hear the familiar chime
  • Rather than you have to press & hold the Side or Home Button. So start talking right away
  • Simply you have to just keep holding the button until you complete speaking

As expected, at a time when you release the button, Siri begins replying to you or perform the essential action.

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Disable the Siri to Fix the issue: Siri not talking back to you?

Another simple fix just for Siri acting weird is to enable and also disable the functionality.

  1. First of all head to the Settings
  2. Drop down and select Siri & Search
  3. Toggle off the following:
    1. Simply listen for “Hey Siri”
    2. Now Press the Side Button for Siri
    3. Permits the Siri When Locked
  4. At a time when completed, so then a pop-up visible making sure that you like to disable the Siri completely
  5. Click Turn Off Siri
  6. Restart your iPhone
  7. At the time when the phone turns back on, now go back into Settings and enable the Siri back
  8. Go via the on-screen tips and tricks to train Siri to your voice once more

Contact Apple 

Whether all else fails so then you have to must make an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar for service.

Offer Feedback On Siri’s Performance

However, When navigating Apple’s Product Feedback page, you will find that there is no option for Siri.

Rather, you have to just choose your iPhone or whatever device also has the Siri issue. And then fill out the appropriate form.

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How to Fix the issue: Siri not talking back to you?-Conclusion

Alright, Guys! We also hope that the instructions & the resources offered above worked for you. And you guys are able to also get your Siri working on your device once more. So please let us know in the comments whether there are further issues that you guys are facing with Siri. So guys you have to be sure to let us know whether you have found another fix that isn’t explained here!

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