How to Fix: Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed in the App Store

Purchase in the App StoreWell, guys have you ever tried in order to make a purchase on your iPhone or iPad, just for a current application or in-app purchase, & received an error notification that your purchase could not be completed in the App Store app?

How to Fix: Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed in the App Store

Particularly, the error reads “Your purchase could not complete. For assistance, contact iTunes Support at” However, the message displays a website to visit. But no further support regarding why the purchase did not experience.

Here we will list some possible purposes why your purchase could not do and how to resolve the condition.

The item is not available in your country

The most common reasons you are unable to make a purchase is that the application or item is not available in your country.

Usually, you will receive an error message announcing this; though, that not guarantee. So go to the App Store online, enhancer’s website, or perform a little bit of research in order to see whether the item is also able to purchase in the country in which you reside. You probably even search various versions of the application available to you.

Your Apple ID is turned off or locked

For your security, whether your password or other account info enter wrongly several times, Apple impulsively locks your Apple ID. Clearly, this is to protect you from unapproved users accessing & using your account.

However, just with two-factor authentication, use a “trusted” device. Or phone number in order to reset the password for your Apple ID. Whether you do not have a trusted device or number. And also have security questions launch for your Apple ID, go to the forgot password page and abide by the prompts.

Whether you are unable to do either, you can head straight to Apple Support to help sort out this issue

Your payment procedure is unable to be charged

You probably have a credit card on file that was diminishing, has to be updated because of the elapsing date, or has the incorrect billing info. So you should view a message that explains the issue with your payment procedure.

Fortunately, you are also able to easily run your payment methods on almost any device. However, just for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, & Mac, visit this page in order to turn, add, or delete an Apple ID payment method. And for non-Apple devices such as the Android, PC, or Chromebook, you have to also visit this page for turning an Apple ID payment method just without an Apple device.

Then, you have to must review your payment methods and info, make any important changes. And also try your purchase once more. You probably also consider adding another payment procedure to your account whether you have only one.

Your Apple ID is linked to too many payment methods

Otherwise just having only one payment method attached to your Apple ID is also having too many. So the Apple also finds this to be dubious activity. And it probably results in your Apple ID being lock.

You will also find that this is a somewhat usual issue that has been brought up again and again in the Apple Community Forum. Though the answer is normally to contact Apple Support. So whether you receive a message that you have lots of credit cards attach to your Apple ID. Or believe you probably, contacting Apple Support is a better way in order to fix this issue.

Screen Time settings are Stopping the purchase

Whether you use Screen Time for yourself or a child who is sharing your device. So then you probably have restricted purchases within those settings. So guys just for checking this quickly, you have to abide by these steps.

  • First of all head to your Settings and select Screen Time.
  • Now select the Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Whether this setting is turned on, you have to click iTunes & App Store Purchases.
  • Whether In-app Purchases is set to Do not Allow, click & change it to Allow.

Important Note: Whether you have a Screen Time passcode organize, so then you will ask in order to enter it as you go through the above steps.

The other way to check is in the exact area, Content & Privacy Restrictions. Tap Allowed Apps and confirm that the iTunes Store (and Book Store whether essential) is changing.

Other things you are able to also try

Whether you are still telling that “Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed” If nothing above looks to the reason for your incapacity, here are other things you can also try.

  • Confirm you are using the correct Apple ID: Did you make an Apple ID without a credit card? Whether so, you probably are using the wrong one for making your purchase.
  • Sign out of your Apple ID & back in again: Occasionally just logging out & back in can solve the simplest of issues.
  • Reboot your device: Your device probably be having a momentary snag, so rebooting it could fix the problem.

When all else fails, contact Apple Support to Fix: Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed in the App Store

  • Go to the Apple’s Support.
  • Choose Billing & Subscriptions.
  • Tap Subscriptions & Purchases.
  • Select Unable to purchase.

Next decide how you would like help; chat, a phone call now, or schedule a call.

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Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed in the App Store – Conclusion

It’s never fun when you try to buy an app, purchase a subscription, or make an in-app purchase and aren’t allowed. Hopefully one of the above reasons and fixes solves your problem. If not and you found a different one for why your purchase could not be completed in the App Store, please share in the comments below!

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