How To Increase Steam Download Speed

Do you want to increase Steam Download Speed? Steam is the biggest distribution platform for desktop games, with a huge library of 30,000 games, that are regularly added.

Whether you’re searching for the new indie gem, or monster hits such as CS:GO, Steam has it all. Using some games taking up minimum storage space, however, waiting for the latest game to install can be a pretty boring process.

If you like to improve Steam download speeds, you can (if you know how). Here’s what you’ll want to do.

Increase Steam Download Speed


There are few settings that you can tweak in the Steam client to boost up your download speeds a little.

  1. If you like to start, head over to Steam and hit Steam > Settings.
  2. Hit the Downloads option located on the left-hand menu.
  3. Now set your nearest Download region located in the drop-down menu.
  4. After the setting is set too far using your current location, your download speeds might be slower than you would expect. After modifying the download region to servers closer to you, it should help to boost your whole Steam download speeds.
  5. You must try to select the nearest server to your location. But in case, if this is slower than you’d like, examine a little. Whenever you don’t stray too far, you might search that another location is used frequently.
  6. During experimentation, you must be able to check the best setting for maximum download speed. You’ll also want to ensure Steam is not restricted your bandwidth usage, however.
  7. If you like to do this, you must know that the Limit bandwidth setting is set to No limit. Note: It’ll ensure that Steam doesn’t try to smoother your connection, providing Steam full access to use your maximum speeds to download games instantly.
  8. You should restart Steam for the new settings to take the whole effect. Hopefully, you will also check the download speeds using these settings, but it is not guaranteed.


Steam Speed

There are many other things you must try if you like to boost download speeds on Steam. You might want to try some of the suggestions below and view if they have any impact.

Don’t Try To Share Your Bandwidth

Your downloading speeds will never be as good as we required. However, if Steam is fighting for bandwidth with other apps or devices on your network.

If you like to help Steam to get the job done, quit any other apps like your browsers that might be trying to take over the connection. You should also disable any other devices that are internet-enabled that are trying to use your connection at the same time.

If you like to stream, remember that no one else can stream the content from Netflix or other sources while Steam is installing/downloading.

You must know that lots of your bandwidth are devoted to installing your other game.

How To Prioritize Steam Traffic

Some routers provide you the choice to prioritize traffic to a particular device. They might also allow you to prioritize some traffic across your network.

It means that lots of bandwidth will be given to your PC helping to boost up your downloads. If you have a router that provides this option, then you must try to prioritize Steam traffic, as this should boost things up.

You should consult the manual for your router or modem to do this properly.

Move to Ethernet

Your internet connection might be pretty good, but make sure an annoy ethernet connection will always be a good choice.

Laying ethernet cable in your home is not the choice for some users. You should consider using a mesh network or else setting up a node that you try to connect to your PC through ethernet.

You might use powerline extenders, which lets you route ethernet traffic over your electricity cables. Any of these workarounds might help you to gain a little bit of additional speed and performance of your network connection for good Steam speeds.

Install Games on Steam

Boosting up your Steam download speeds can help you to download large games quickly—useful for the latest games or big game updates.


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