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Well, the Bing Bar is actually a bit larger and it demands more resources than the previous MSN and Live toolbars as well. However, it packs a larger set of features as well. Let’s have a look at how to set it up and then take a tour of some of these Bingtastic features. Let’s talk about How to via Bing Bar.

How can you Download And Install The Bing Tool Bar |

In order to find the Bing Toolbar download was not easy. When searching Google and Bing for it, there was actually no direct download link to find anywhere! If you manually navigate the Bing site then you can eventually find it at

  • Tap on the FREE Download button and then run the newly downloaded setup file as well.
  • Choose your installation options and language. I actually recommend you to turn off the Improve my experience option. Because it does not add anything special. Leaving it turned on will allow Microsoft in order to track all of your visited websites and personal information.

Merger or Sale of Assets actually makes sense.  After all, why would someone buy an online service if the members or users of the service do not go with it? As I said before, Microsoft Privacy Policy is one of the best out there.  A far leap from the “Do No Evil” terms of service, however, that is an old soapbox we do not need to discuss now actually.

  • Instead of being a full-blown packaged installer, the Bing Bar setup file downloads all of the installation files later actually. You will have to wait through the download in order to install the process; it can actually take a few minutes.

Alright, now the Bing Bar should now be installed! Also keep in mind that if you have both Firefox and Internet Explorer on your PC then it will automatically install Bing Bar on both of the browsers. You can also easily turn off the Toolbar for either browser, however, it’s rather annoying it does not ask which to install to actually.

Things you should Know About Microsoft’s New Bing Bar (Toolbar) |

The first thing you have to do to take full benefit of all of Bing’s features is sign in to your Windows Live account.  You will then find the sign-in button at the right side of the Bing Bar as well.

Along with Bing Bar you guys can easily check the 5-day forecast for your area. This is my favorite tool on the Bing Bar as if you tap Options it will also bring up a City or Zip search for new cities as well. Bing Bar will also remember your location searches and you can easily revisit them and quickly see the weather for multiple areas. Notice that the background on the weather forecast will also change to a starry sky background when it is night-time actually.

The news tab will now pull up a huge assortment of different news in RSS style. It will also give you brief excerpts of each and every story. And through tapping Read More then it will take you directly to the news story page. It also makes a good newspaper replacement, however, you can’t wrap your glass dishes in it when you are moving residences actually.

The Hotmail bar is capable; it will also alert you whenever you have new mail and it will also give you the sender name and subject of each and every mail.  Windows Live toolbar previously had this same feature, however, the new Hotmail icon will now glow and show the exact number of new mail sitting in your inbox.

Well, there is also a much larger assortment of buttons packaged with Bing Bar than the previous Microsoft toolbars. Also new is the ability in order to drag and drop these buttons to and from the bar itself.

What’s more |

Well, with Bing Bar are a few security features as well. There is also a Pop-up blocker that so far successfully blocked every single annoying pop-up during my test runs actually. Phishing protection is turned on by default. It basically helps protect and secure you from fake sites and the Safe site icon that tells you when you are visiting a dangerous website.

Private Browsing is also available with the Bing Bar. However, it was not hard to turn on before, the Bing Bar actually takes the extra Click or two out of the process to get into Private mode.

Along with the Windows Live button, you guys can easily access all of your online Windows Live services. Although it is really nice to have them all organized in just one spot. The old Windows Live toolbar had a button with a drop-menu dedicated to Skydrive as well. If you guys use the other features from Windows Live then this is really great, but Skydrive is still far deserving of its own button. And also for some reason, they decided to take that away.

The search actually box remains relatively the same, it is just HUGE! Seeing this will definitely take some getting used to, especially for Firefox users actually. However, using Firefox, the Bing Bar does not really look as good as with Internet Explorer so even though it is the same size (BIG!). It still appears to be even larger. From the options menu, you can turn on pre-load searching. In order to speed up the load time for top search results.

Further |

If you guys want to make the Bing Bar look pretty then tap on the wrench icon. There are a few colors to select from and you can also even Enable tints to add secondary colors as well. The scenes are really fun. Notice with the Winter Scene it also adds a snowy background near the search box as well.

However, overall the new Bing Bar is an improvement over previous Microsoft Toolbars as well. Being a recent release, I also find a few bugs like occasional performance issues along with your browser. However, overall, it is not too dingy. The arsenal of new features exceeds many other toolbars currently available, however. If you are someone that does not like Toolbars then it may not impress you enough to embrace it actually.

The biggest issue that I see with Bing Bar is that they delete the dedicated Skydrive button. That was really my only reason for using any Microsoft Toolbar, to begin with.  Then again the weather button and many other tabs attempt in order to make up for the difference as well.


You are good to go. If you have any queries and issues related to this” article then let us know in the comments section below.

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