How To Password Protect Word Document 2010

Do you want to password protect word document 2010? There is a built-in encryption feature in Microsoft Office 2010 Suite of apps including Word 2010, Powerpoint 2010, and Excel 2010. However, the feature is the best improvement over password protecting docs under Microsoft Office 2007 since it is also password protected. If you like to password protect and encrypt MS office 2010 docs then dive down below!

How To Password Protect Word Document Via Built-in Office Encryption:

Password Protect

Follow the steps to password protect and encrypt MS office 2010 docs:

  • Tap the File tab. Then tap Info. Now form the menu to the right tap Protect Document and then tap Encrypt with Password.
  • Then Encrypt Document dialog appears. Just input a strong password and then tap OK to finish.

Please note – It’s difficult to use a passphrase or strong password step #2. However, you don’t need to get crazy using $ymb0ls and upper/lower case letters. Due to this, you’ll forget in 10 minutes. However, try to use a simple dictionary word that will let anyone with a $100 password cracking app to take access to your docs. If you use a long passphrase with more than 10 characters will increase the encryption strength of the docs. This technique will reduce the likelihood that someone can break the encryption and take access to your docs.

How To Erase Password From MS Office Doc:

If you like to erase the password of an Office doc (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint), use these instructions:

  1. Head over to the Word (Excel or PowerPoint) document.
  2. Input the recent password to access the file.
  3. Tap the OK button.
  4. Then tap on File.
  5. Tap on Info.
  6. On the right side, tap the Protect document menu.
  7. Choose the Encrypt with Password option
  8. Wipe the current password.
  9. Tap the OK button.


I hope you understand how to password protect your Microsoft documents. If you want to share anything else then let us know below!

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